November 24, 2015


Let the feasting begin!  Today we had a Thanksgiving 'feast' with Nash's pre-school class.  Everyone brought their favorite dishes including roasted duck, that Nash and Charlie got down on.  I preferred the cookie cake,  I am sure the Pilgrims brought cookie cake to share.  

November 22, 2015


Another awesome picture done by the one, the only, Chuck E. Cheese.  Maybe I will see if he can just do our Christmas card picture.  We might be able to fit everyone's chin in that frame.  Big heads ya'll.  This place is the hot spot for birthdays this year.  Party on, the new Friday night.

Saturday visit in Goldsboro at Papa's house.  A really terrible attempt at a picture, but I love it anyways.  

My cousin Casie got married!  Jackson left this 'Advice for the Newlyweds.'  It was not prompted.  'Kiss on the lips.'  Pretty solid if I say so myself.  

Theo, the dancing machine, taking a break with Tat & Will. 

Family shot! This is not the Christmas card picture I had hoped for.

November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast

Jackson's school had a 'Cafeteria Thanksgiving Feast' this past week and we were able to go.  This is the first time I have been able to eat with him at lunch and we were both pretty excited.  He was mainly pumped because he knew he was getting Jersey Mike's and so was I.  Charlie grubbed out on the cafeteria meal and not surprisingly wanted to lick his plate.  We will be back for more!

Dad, Jacksy, and Will

My big boy.  I got all my hair cut off before I went, whoops.

My dad was in town so he got to have 'cafeteria' feast with Miss Winslow!

November 19, 2015

Theo is 1 AND A HALF!

Theo-ba-beo is 1 1/2 today!  He is a wild, loud, busy, copy-cat, paci loving, monkey climbing, snuggle bug.  We are BFF, for now, so I am gonna soak it up while I can.  Things that are super cool about you - Every single night you remind us to say the blessing by holding your hands close to your face, smiling and saying 'Gah is geat.'  You are obsessed with telling people 'Byee-byeee, Byeeee, Bye-Bye' to anyone that walks by you or to anyone you want to leave you alone.  And you do it in the sweetest voice ever.  You twirl my hair and suck your paci just like your big brother Jackson.  You chase your brother Nash around the house yelling, 'BOOOO!' And you sleep better than your older brothers at night, the coolest thing you could ever do.
Stats -
Height - 33.07 inches (75%)
Weight - 27 lb. 10 oz. (89%)
Head - 19.49 inches (95%)
What MOM? Uno!

November 18, 2015

yard work

Wednesday's Wake and Rake…
I am not a big fan or early morning surprise risers, but if we can get this yard raked before school, cha-ching!  Sweet Greta is confused.

November 14, 2015

Bienvenidos a Miami

No one loves a good deal as much as Charlie.  Like when a cheap Thursday afternoon direct flight to Miami pops up and he suggest we go.  Of course we have to come back early Saturday morning for the  UNC football game, one of the thing he does love more than a good deal.  I usually want all the details and dates and say no we have kids to get taken care of  etc.  But then I remember we will only be gone 36 hours and we have awesome grandparents and aunts and uncles that live really close by and still actually like our kids!  Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami.  We did some serious dining, a good amount of walking and had a few drinks.  I would do it all over again next week, just saying.

85 and sunny with a nice little breeze.  My pale forehead got a little toasty on our walk.

Just kidding.  This was on the way to Joe's Stone Crab for dinner.  It was recommended by a lot of people but I was kind skeptical that it was a tourist trap.  It was not.  So good, worth the 1 1/2 wait.  I didn't take a single picture because it was that good.  Go there.

The next night we ate at The Bazaar. Ohhh Myyyy Goodddnessss.  It is fancy expensive delicious tapas.  If you like fancy delicious pricey food, go here.  This is a cocktail made with dry ice at your table, obviously.  I won't bore you with food pictures, but I did take them, and would order it all over again. 

S'Mores dessert 'bite.'  We look a little older and tired here, but we aren't, not at all.

While we were out, these dudes also grubbed.  Chic-fil-a, twice.  Dreamy.

And because this is too funny.  Rasheed Wallace was on our flight home.  Charlie was wearing his Sheed shirt 'Ball Don't Lie.'  I wanted a picture bad, but this had to do.  He seemed as friendly as you would imagine.  

November 12, 2015


Everyone in our neighborhood is going gaga for Gaga Ball these days.  Don't feel outdated, I had never heard of it either.  When they were putting the 'pit' in I actually thought is looked like a big muddy waste of money.  I was wrong (not about the muddy part).  From what I can tell it is like dodgeball except in an enclosed wooden pit, and you can only hit below the waste and the ball is much softer.  Jackson and Nash are usually the younger ones out there which makes it even cooler playing with the big kids.  The big kids are exceptionally patient I might add.  My boys love it.  Every day when Jackson gets home from school he heads out to the back porch to see if anyone is out there playing.  If so then we are headed over that way.  Sometimes I let Jackson and Nash head on over while I waste some time with Theo.  Poor little boy wants to get in there so bad.  Theo knows the drill, when he wakes up from his nap he points outside and says 'go-go-bollll.' 

I'm on the outside, I'm looking in...

November 10, 2015

Date Night

I have been pretty hard on Jackson the past few days.  I forget he is only 5 and has been at school all day and is usually pretty tired and equally annoyed with his younger brothers (and mother) all up in his ear when he gets home.  I expect a lot out of him because he is my sweet older boy.  So when freak outs of fighting and yelling happen he is usually the first to get punished.  On Monday I decided we needed a 'date' night.  He got to pick ANY restaurant to have dinner, then we were going to work on his reading homework (I know-I know, but it is hard to get this done at home, and he does enjoy it but we usually can't hear each other and yelling ensues…) and then get dessert.  He picked Jersey Mike's.  I could not persuade him otherwise, I even suggested KANKI for crying out loud.  'No MOM I said I just want some Jersey Mike's stop asking me.'  So I tried to talk him out of it one more time and then we went.  It was awesome.  He told me about people in his class, things they were doing at school, the football game on TV AND I got to listen.  Then he read his book with no fussing and we ate cookies and walked over to the toy store.  It wasn't exactly what I had hoped for (some wine) but it was perfect.

Snuck a picture.  Otherwise iPhone was put up.  I am guilty as charged with that thing.