July 5, 2015

Happy 4th!

I love America everyday, especially on the 4th, celebrating with my people, in my 'hood.  We had our annual neighborhood parade and cookout,  relaxed a little while watching the hot dog eaten contest, then headed to the pool with some friends and got home just in time for some fireworks.  USA!

My loyal 4th of July helper.  He did most of the set-up and all of the talking.

Geared up for the parade.

My patriotic crew.

The balloon toss, I am sure you can guess how this went down.

Worn out swimming maniac.


July 3, 2015

Myrtle Beach!

My grandparents have a condo in Garden City, just south of Myrtle Beach.  It is far enough away that we have never taken all 3 boys.  This Saturday we were in Wilmington for a big reunion and decided it would be the perfect time to head down there for a few nights.  Rarely do we go anywhere without extended family so I wasn't sure if the boys would get bored and I would miss the help.  We really had a great time as a family of five!  FIVE, still so weird.

The pool is right below the condo.  We did more pool time than beach time.  It is just easier than gearing up for the beach.  And it has been prime time shark attack around here lately!

Another bonus, Theo's monitor reaches the pool.  He can snooze in the peace and QUIET and we can play board games in the sunshine.

During nap time the big guys were also introduced to Putt-Putt.  Big fans. And yes Charlie stayed with Theo, the monitor didn't reach.  ;)

One night we ventured out to eat.  I have given up all hopes of keeping him or myself clean ever again.

This is 'the look.'  I asked, 'Nash can I please have a bite of your ice cream?'  I already had my own.  He gets it from his mama.

Jackson let me lick the edges.  

Day 2 we hit up a water park in the afternoon.  Everyone had a blast in the kids area, Jackson and I did some racing down some pretty tall slides (I would never tell him but I was nervous for him, and me) and they did some tube slides with dad.

Theo took a nap on my chest and I documented it.  This never happens.  We were a big sweaty ball of snuggles. Love.

July 1, 2015


A big pile of dirt in your neighbor's driveway basically means free child care.  It is worth every ounce of dirt they will bring in the house.  Because our house is so clean anyways.  

June 27, 2015

YMCA Campers!

The boys had their first ever summer 'camp' this week.  They went to the YMCA 'First Camp.'  It was from 9-1 filled with pool time, games, crafts and lunch.  The camp was for ages 3-5 so I wasn't sure if Jackson would be bored or if Nash would want to stay home.  I am happy to report no tears were shed and everyone was all smiles when I picked them up.  Good thing, because I signed them up for 2 more weeks!
SMILE! Or show your muscles whatever you prefer.

Sooo hungry after camp.  Snacks with mom.  Teaching them the art of the Oreo dunk.  Someone has to do it.

June 25, 2015


Theo's big brothers have had camp every morning this week.  I was excited to have mornings with just 1 guy and made a big list of different things to get done.  That is what I do.  I make list and look at them and get all hot and bothered when absolutely nothing gets done.  I am not sure what I was thinking.  One year olds don't play by themselves and they can't watch a show or color or ride a scooter.  I had a reality check on just how much I relied on Jackson (& Nash…) to help out with Theo.  This one year old is a crazy mess.  After Monday morning, I embraced the fact that I wasn't going to get much done and did some playing.  We have dug in the dirt, thrown everything in the pond, taken morning baths, had lots of snacks and tons of slobbery snotty kisses.  Theo has started to form his own little flirty personality.  He loves for someone to 'chase' him and play peek-a-boo.  He loves to throw a ball or any other toys.  :)  He loves to be outside and wave to trucks and cars.  And he really loves for his MAAMM to hold him.  My right bicep is a beast. When he is tired he nestles right against my shoulder and rubs my hair.  Sometimes he will even take a nice little nap before we pick up his brothers.  For right now we are best friends forever and it is pretty awesome.

A hunk of burning love - and his stink face.  

June 24, 2015

Beach Bums

Last week we headed down to Atlantic Beach for some fun in the sun with the Farris family.  Cousins make the best of friends! We had an awesome time and have been catching up on sleep ever since we got home! Our days usually went something like this - 

Morning Beach Time!

Morning Chill Time!
Popsicle Time!

Pool Porch Time!

More chill time for the ultimate chiller!

Afternoon Beach Time!


Afternoon chill time.

Afternoon pool time.  

Baby loving time. 


And…post shower naked sword fight.  
Then we sleep, but not for long...

Cousins Beach Trip - 2015 

June 22, 2015


The sweetest soul I have ever know went to heaven last week.  Julia Josephine Jackson Frederick, my Nana, went to be with her Lord.  She lived 85 glorious years.  Lucky for me I got to spend 32 of those years with her.  My best childhood memories usually involved Nana.  Every summer I would go and spend a few nights at she and Papa's house.  We never did anything extravagant.  We went to the 'curb market,' church, beauty parlor, Frederick's music store and if all went well, The Dollar Store.  I got to pick out anything I wanted.  :)  In the afternoon she let me help cook dinner, usually my choice, spaghetti, for everyone.  Someone was always coming over to eat.  For dessert we made fudge and I got to eat as much as I wanted.  At night she painted my nails and did my make-up and put my hair up in pink foam rollers.  I would stay up late and make lists on a note pad of what we needed to do the next day.  We always did some sort of craft - make a pillow, paint something, sew up a doll.  She was your story book grandmother.  As I grew older she would call and check in every few weeks.  Always asking about Charlie, Jackson, Nash and Theo.  She loved and cared for so many in her life.  May I grow to be more like my Nana.  Proverbs 31:10-31

Nana, my mom and sisters.  

Jo Jackson' s Senior picture.  They same year she caught my Papa's eye.  High School sweethearts and married for 65 years.

I just love everything about this picture.  Papa had just returned from a trip on a singing tour in Japan.  My great-grandparents and Nana greeting him at the airport.  

June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Happiest of Father's Day to my best friend, handsome husband, and best dad ever.  I really hit the jack pot with you.  So thankful that we both learned from the best.  Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful dads out there.  Thanks for making this world a better place.  And please, if you have kids, watch this clip, People with no kids don't know.

THE BEACH!  We were all looking! ;)