September 27, 2016


Jackson loves playing catcher on his baseball team.  Lucky for him, most kids are still a little scared to play this position so he gets a lot of chances to load on all that gear and get to working on those squats.  He is also pretty good at it -yes, I am his mom and think he is pretty freaking great at everything!  And, it is a tough position for mom to watch without cringing every single pitch.

September 25, 2016


Saturday is officially game day around here.  We had a rainy week and my boys were all itching for some baseball action.  We started early with Nash and the Red Fireballs in a close 9-9 match-up...  Jackson and the Orioles did not play until 3, the same time as the Carolina Football game, how could South Durham Little League do that?! :)  So, Nash and I had a date to the football game, a last second WIN for the Tarheels.  We ate hotdogs and asked sooo many questions, I loved every minute of it.  Jackson and dad headed to a nail-biting Orioles game.  They won in the last inning!  We all met back at home and played more football until the sun went down.  Then, we sleep, sort of.

When can I play?!  I wan hit mommy!  Good job Nashy.  Good job Jackson.  Ok, I wan go home.

Jackson's fan club.  Theo and Brooklyn.

Go Tarheels!  'They have 7 refs mom, wow, that is a lot.'  'Hope we get some sacs.' 'It is so hot.' 'Let's go home.'

Heels house!

'Down, Set, Hut, Hut... Nope penalty, I didn't hike it yet.  5 yards.'  

September 21, 2016


Last week we had some pictures taken by our sweet friend, Amber Byrd.  She is amazing.  It was hot and the boys were being boys and I wasn't feeling that great. I thought about cancelling but I am so glad I did not!  She worked her magic in under 15 minutes and everyone was in a way better mood afterwards!  She has posted one sneak peak picture and it is all I could have ever wanted and more!

September 19, 2016


My amazing, patient, fun-loving, parents agreed to watch the boys AGAIN this past weekend while we were in Greensboro for a wedding.  One of Charlie's BFF got married and he was a groomsman.  We stayed in downtown Greensboro which was a happening little spot, ate good food, did some dancing and lots of toasting.  It was a great weekend by all!

Friday night was TarHeel Town in downtown Chapel Hill.  They came, they saw, they conquered.

Up and at em on Saturday morning for back-to-back baseball games.  Go Orioles!!

Go Red Fire Balls!  They won.  Nash got 4 outs and lots of hits and if you need any more details, he is happy to talk with you about it.  :)

Saturday night bowling for the boys!

And a date night for me with this handsome groomsman!

September 13, 2016

Last Hoorah!

The pool has closed, what shall we do to exhaust our kids now?
These boys closed down the neighborhood pool Sunday night, as we have most of the summer.  No one wanted to take a picture until we told them to yell out GO POKEMON!  Ahh, summer nerds unite.  

September 11, 2016

He is the Light!

Theo is obsessed with this Vacation Bible School CD that the boys got this summer.  Every.single.time. we get in the car he wants it turned on as soon as possible.  The first 600 times it was kind of cute, now I am going to need a come to Jesus moment myself if I have to listen to it much longer.  We also found it on youtube.  So now he can sing AND learn the dance moves.  We might have us a future leader on our hands, or just a ham boat.

September 8, 2016


The boys are back in school, the boys are back, the boys are back.  Let it be known that no one cried, everyone walked right in and I skipped right on out.  They even had donuts and coffee in the lobby to get my morning going.  I love you summer, but it was time.  I was really starting to get on their nerves, I am sure of it.  I can't wait to pick them up and hear all about it... 'It was good.'  Bless you pre-school teachers - my mom aka Tat aka Señora Winslow - and everyone else that loves on my babies and are blessed with all the patience.  We love Resurrection Pre-School. Nash is in 5 day 4's class with Mr. Joe and Señora Winslow.  Theo is in Tues/Thurs 2's class with Ms. Caroline and Ms. Yvonne.  Cheers to a good year boys!