December 20, 2014


We went to Southern Season this afternoon for gingerbread cookie decorating and to 'look' at Santa.  Success!  Nash didn't sit in Santa's lap or touch him but Ms. Clause knew how to real him in… chocolate!



December 19, 2014

7 months

Happy 7 months sweet Theo.  You enjoyed your day with a trip to Marbles museum with your cousins where you gnawed on everything you could get your hands on, because that is what you like to do these days.  You love sitting up by yourself and watching your big brothers.  You like pretty much all fruit and veggies and have just started to figure out how to put 'puffs' in your mouth.  You take 2 - 3 short naps a day.  I would love it if we could have 2 longer ones but I don't think we are ever in a quiet spot long enough for that to happen.  You are only getting up about once a night and really it is around 5am.  I can feed you and you will go back to sleep.  Like I said on last month post… we need to work on putting a stop to that.  You are starting to really like your mom.  And I can't put you down.  You are the happiest little fellow I know!

What's that?

December 18, 2014


It took a little longer than expected, what house project doesn't, but our house has been resided.  I am in love with how everything turned out.  Minus light fixtures, screens and new glass doors we are done!  I never knew how much we used our garage before this project.  Home sweet home…

Before, I didn't get a close up, it wasn't pretty.

During. Rise and shine!

Almost there, except they forgot to take the porta-potty...

Taa-Daa!!  New siding (Hardie Plank, Woodstock Brown), shutters, red front door, whitentrim etc.  Pictures don't do it justice. So, come see us!

December 14, 2014

Sunday night meltdowns...

Sometimes we forget we have 3 young kids that still need naps and bedtimes and real food.  Sunday around 7pm...

This weekend the two older boys got to have a sleepover at Grandmama and Granddaddy's house with their cousins! (insert meltdown, where is grandmama? why isn't she here yet? when are we going?) They did the Christmas Train, Breakfast with Santa, made cookies, watched movies, stayed up late and got up early.  Charlie and I were going to get a baby-sitter and make a night of it, but when I suggested take-out, champagne, and a movie in our pj's he was all for it.  Sometimes that is just what I need.  Saturday I baked up some Christmas 'bark' and did a little decorating with Theo as workers finished up on the outside of our house (whoop whoop).  I picked up the big guys. (insert meltdown for obvious reasons, who ever wants to leave grandparents house) We all went to a Christmas cocktail aka cookie party at our neighbors that afternoon and had a great time.  Such a great time that we missed the neighborhood caroling (insert meltdown, how did we miss it? why did we miss it? where is everyone? who are the worst parents ever?).  Sunday cousins came up this way and went to the basketball game while I went to the musical Annie with my niece and sister-in-law!  Girls day!  (insert meltdown, why can't boys go?)  Then we were going to meet my parents and cousin Brooklyn for dinner but I knew it might not go so well so everyone came here for hibachi and football.  Then we made them take baths.  (insert meltdown, how could we?)  I love these maniacs so much.  Thank goodness.

December 12, 2014

Jolly Old Elf

We visited Santa at University Mall this past week.  I highly recommend it.  The Santa was great and no one else was in the entire mall.  So you can take your sweet time, which is exactly what we did.  

Sweet Jackson wants a baseball stadium.  Fair enough.

Sweet Nash is wondering if he really wants anything bad enough to actually go tell Santa.  His mean mama won't even go get a candy cane for him.

He took matters into his own hands.  Thanks for the candy cane Santa.  See ya sucka!

Hey! This big guy seems pretty nice to me!  Let me see that beard!

December 9, 2014

Christmas Program

Ahhh, the pre-school Christmas program.  Every outgoing goofy child's dream come true (Jackson) and every shy non-attention wanting child's nightmare (Nash).  No surprises this year, Jackson sang all the songs, smiled and did a lot of yawing, can we say relaxed?  Nash sat at the very bottom and stared.  He did not cry or get up the whole time!  Ten minutes later it was over and we were off to brunch, what everyone was really waiting for.

Handsome Shepherd

Handsome 'I am not gonna sing.' Nash. (oh, we know)

Handsome little bro and pretty Nanny Nat!

December 7, 2014

All I want for Christmas..

is my two front teeth!  Those tiny little pearly whites have been spotted coming in on the bottom.  What is happening to my tiny little baby!

Gimme dat apple!
(aghhh, his hair, whoops, we gotta work on that trim.  I am reminded daily why God gave me boys.)

December 5, 2014

O' Christmas Tree

I showed Jackson a picture of some friends who had gone to the mountains to pick out their own tree and cut it down.  Isn't that pretty cool I asked him.  He replied, good thing we don't have to do that, we have Christmas trees right by our house!  He got every single ounce of his mama's practicality gene.  Let's be real, I will never drive to the mountains for a tree.  Bah-humbug, I know.  But we found a good one and everyone was excited…
'OHHH YEAHHH, LOOK AT THIS ONE, OHHH YEAHHH!' This was said about every single tree.  We are easy to please.

The lighting of the tree!  Everyone was really pumped
(Hey Greta!  Although she doesn't get much press, she is still here, all up in EVERYTHING.)

Jackson was all about WHEN CAN WE DECORATE THE TREE.  Until it came time to actually decorate the tree.  

Nash likes to pick his limb and really focus in it.