February 16, 2018

The Breakers

On Sunday I snuck away with my #1 boy to The Breakers in West Palm Beach.  He had a National Conference and spouses were invited - they even extended an invite to Winnie since she was the star of the show last time.  They didn't realize Winnie is now 10 months old and does not just chill in her carrier or sleep quietly during dinner meetings.  I did not realize she was going to be sick the days leading up to the conference.  I decided to get everyone and everything ready for my departure but to not get my hopes up, if any of my babes were sick I was gonna stay home.  But everything aligned up perfectly and healthy and we rolled out.  The kids had a fun time with an awesome tag team of grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends - they said everyone was just perfect.  The best thing about this trip, Winnie slept through the night for them.  (She has never done this for me, I am not exaggerating.  I think - hope - pray - they sleep trained my baby!)  Charlie and I had a great time at the conference, learning more about all the great things that Jersey Mike's does and how to take over the world one sub and good deed at a time.  I am a really proud wife and love being part of this franchise.
Theo - probably praying for his parents.

Third year in a row for the Globetrotters with Aunt Nat!  Jackson claimed this was the funniest one yet!

Ice cream so good, you can lick it off the couch.

A well fed and rested Winnie girl!

The only picture I took.  Whoops.  A morning walk on the beach all by myself.  Literally, no one out there, and it wasn't that early.  Kinda cool, kinda weird.  I texted this picture to Charlie, incase I went missing.

February 15, 2018


Two of my sweet Valentine's.  I love a good thigh roll and apparently a cheesy heart dress.

February 9, 2018

Tar heels

I had a real good ticket to a real good game but then my real good girl was sick.  I stayed home and snuggled and ate ice cream with my babes and we cheered hard in our pjs.  The Tarheels pulled out the win against Duke and I didn't have to sit in traffic and it is looking like we are on the mends?! Looking on the bright side over here and forward to Spring.

Her first 'sick' visit to the doctor.  I am impressed she has made it this long.  An ear infection and a nasty cold.  Sick babies are the worst.

February 8, 2018


Sweet cousin Brooklyn invited Theo to a gymnastics class with her at the Little Gym.  I figured, sure we can let him go once if he wants to...  Ya'll, he was so freaking pumped up.  Thankfully I only told him an hour before go time because he could not stop talking about his 'gymnastics team.' He changed outfits 3 times, told his big brothers all about it, listened to 'We Will Rock You' on the way there and the best part about it, he was not disappointed.  It was so sweet and a little bit sad all at the same time.  He really is a good sport getting dragged to his brothers stuff every single day.  I have to put him on some sort of 'team' and he kind of rocked it at gymnastics?!

Contemplating which of his brothers old jerseys to wear.  I say he goes shirt less, hello 3 year old abs.

Went with the jersey and Brooklyn in her leotard.  Everyone else in school clothes, obviously they dominated.

Also, I took him, by myself. I just sat there watching him and mindlessly scrolling through my phone (lets be honest) and it was amazing.

February 6, 2018


Charlie has never been so proud...

'This is actually really fun.' -Jackson 'Yeah, and it is late!' -Nash
'Can we watch a show?' -Theo

February 5, 2018

Lil' sister

I love watching Winnie watch her big brothers.  At the young age of 9 months, she already adores them.  Any attention they give her and she lights up with a big grin.  They get all up in her face and yell 'winnie lou, my best girl ever,' I say scoot back, she lets out a belly giggle.  She waves her arm when she sees them and crawls over to get right in the action of whatever they are doing.  May she always know just how lucky she is, even when she is in high school...

Afternoon snacks and watching my brothers play football.

Basketball gamesssss, go Nash!!

It can be exhausting, go Jackson!

February 1, 2018

Bop it!

We bopping into February like what...

January 29, 2018

Hand-me-down goodness

A Winnie and a mommy in a sweet red dress made by my Nana.  I think someone looks a little bit like their mama! :)
Thanks to my mama for this picture and for hoarding away all my hand-made dresses for 35 years, just incase...

Winslow Louise Farris - 9 months!

Rebekah Noel Winslow - 9ish ? months!