October 28, 2014

Nanny Nat!

I know I have mentioned this before, but my sister lives down the street from us.  Yep, we bought a condo and she is renting it from us.  That way if she even thinks of moving we can show her the signed lease where in teeny tiny print it says 'you cannot move until your nephews are 10, 12 &14.'  A deal is a deal.  This past weekend we convinced her to stay over night with all 3 of them while we went to a wedding in Wilmington.  She did it .  And sent me a text at 8:14pm 'everyone is snoozing away.'  This has never happened before in the Farris house hold.  She is a rock star.  I am going to give her a few weeks before I ask her to do it again.  Hopefully she will forget the middle of the night awakenings…

Thanks for taking us to the neighborhood Halloween Carnival!

I'm bringing sexy back!

We dressed up nice and fancy in the church parking lot minutes before the wedding and didn't even take a single picture.  Photo Booth comes through!

October 26, 2014

The Patch

A few weeks ago I mentioned to the boys that we have to find a time to go to the pumpkin patch.  I started thinking that our 'pumpkin picking' may just have to occur in the Harris Teeter parking lot but Jackson was not going to let me even think about getting away with that.  'Remember that place we went last year with the corn, lets go there.  It is gonna be so fun!'  The boy remembers EVERYTHING.  So on Friday morning I drank 6 cups of coffee, loaded everyone and everything up and 3 hours later we made it to Ganyard Hill Farms which is about 20 minutes from our house.  It really was a lot of fun, not easy, but fun.  Thankfully no one got a picture of me dragging the stroller full of 3 huge pumpkins, Theo dangling in the Bjorn, Nash thrown over my shoulder crying and Jackson yelling 'mom i can see your butt-crack' as we made our way back to the car.  

Annual picture.  Sorry Theo!

What is all of this pumpkin picking you speak of?

Children of the Corn...

I'm driving to the baseball field mom! -Farmer Nash

October 22, 2014


Today Jackson, Nash and I met Will and Tat for our annual NC State Fair trip.  The fried Oreos were as good as ever.  I order some to share with everyone and then when we leave I order my own and do not share one single one.  I hide them from the boys and eat them quietly in the car on the ride home.  There I said it.  I don't regret it.  I am in a food coma but still want more Oreos.

What do ya'll want to do right when we get there?  
Maybe we can get a hot dog? -Nash
Maybe they even have Diet Coke there! -Jackson
I am digging the low expectations.  The Fair, where dreams are made.

Roller Coaster Selfie! Jackson loved every single bit of every single ride and was a little ticked off when he wasn't tall enough to ride certain things.  He also made sure we were buckled in tight! ;)

Spooky ride with Tat-Tat.

Finally beat Will on the slides!

Sitting front and center on the roller coaster by himself!
Whoa! I might not do that again. -Jackson

And then there was Nash.  He wanted to ride the rides but then he didn't want to ride them.  He wanted to see the games but then he didn't want to hear them.  He did appreciate his fried oreo and hotdog.  

Down the fun house slide with mom! Thanks for the encouragement Jackson!

October 20, 2014

5 months!

Happy 5 months Mr. Theo!  You love putting everything in your mouth.  You like to hang out with mom and everyone else in the baby bjorn and groove in your bouncy seat that we borrowed from cousin Brooklyn. Laughing at your big brothers is how you spend most of your mornings after they sneak into your crib.  You aren't as interested in them hovering over you and 'showing' you your eyes and nose.  I can't blame ya bud.  We love you 'buddy'!

Gimme dat phone mom!

5 month pics.  Ain't nobody got time for dat!

Live video footage by Jackson Farris.  He eats!

October 16, 2014

Mr. Adorable

This cheesy 4-year-old-hand-me-down onesie speaks the truth. That is all.  

October 13, 2014

Lucky #7

Seven years later and I still fall for this guy every single day.  Thanks for all you do for me, our family, friends and all those that are lucky enough to come across your path.  I am your #1 fan.

October 12, 2014

The one, the only...

The countdown was over.  The day finally arrived.  It was time to head to Great Wolf Lodge with cousin Farris, Grand-mama and Grand-daddy and Nash got to join in this year.  It was everything Jackson has talked about for the past year and more.  I think I need to check this place out for myself!

The big HUGEEE bucket!

Coolest cousin ever and did you know… he is FIVE!

Poster boys.  

And if Great Wolf wasn't enough, they stopped at Chuckee-Cheese for lunch on the way back.  Grandmama is the coolest or just a little bit crazy.  

October 10, 2014


Theo is ready for something to eat besides breast milk.  Everything I put in my mouth he reaches for and everything he can get his hands on he puts in his mouth.  I remember when the doctor gave me the go ahead for 'solid' foods with Jackson.  I rushed to the store to get my rice cereal, started cooking and pureeing sweet potatoes, got all the soft spoons and pretty bibs out with excited anticipation.  When I got the go ahead for Theo at his 4 month appointment I thought, really? already?  For one thing this is just going by way to fast and for another, I don't have the time to feed him.  The thought of trying to shovel rice cereal down his throat with the help of his 2 older brothers is a little terrifying.  Sorry sweet boy, we are gonna give it a little bit longer.

Brushin' dem teef!