November 20, 2017

Fall Football

We had some good football weather this year.  Maybe not the best football team, but alas, basketball season is upon us.  ;)  We did get a big W on Saturday.  The big boys went to a birthday party and the Duke game with grandparents, and these lucky ones got to stay with me and go to the UNC game.  Theo is still terrified of Ramses and loud noises - ironic.  We put earplugs in and covered his head with a tobagon and loaded him up with ice-cream, it helped for at least a quarter.  

She's not scared!  In fact it is kind of quiet out here!

Tar heel punk.

November 19, 2017

All dressed up!

Friday right after school we loaded up the car and headed to celebrate my cousin's wedding in Goldsboro.  This is no easy feat.  Only one person pee'd their pants and one forgot their shoes, otherwise the boys were looking good in their standard plaid and Winnie in a sweet hand me down.  We do all love a good wedding!

The pretty flower girl, and her admirers getting ready for the band to start.

My sweets.

All dressed up in our Target best!

November 15, 2017

Habitat for Humanity

This weekend we were lucky enough to be able to 'work' on our 96 year old neighbors house. We did it through Habitat for Humanity. I painted shutters in the quiet wooded back yard, it was such a pleasurable experience.  We got to talk with Ms. Gertrude who assured us good things come to those who wait (with a big ol smirk on her face) and credited everything to the higher power above (with a big ol smile on her face).  I love a good reminder of what a wonderful world this is.
Destruction crew.

Jennifer - the best neighbor and head of Habitat.

"Love everybody. Even if you don't agree with them, love them anyway." It was an honor to spend our afternoon with 96 year old town treasure, Gertrude Rogers Nunn.

November 14, 2017

7 months!

My girl! That looks just like my boys!  I love sending out a picture of Winnie and seeing all the different responses - 'oh wow, just like Theo!', 'A little Nash!', 'Goodness she is Jackson's twin.'  And for the record, she looks like my baby pictures! ;)  Check her brothers out - 


It is funny reading about what they were doing.  She is the exact same.  She has 2 bottom teeth, likes to eat everything, wakes up once a night, naps when she can and gives out the best wide open mouth smiles!

November 13, 2017

Another bike rider!

I yelled outside for Theo to come inside this weekend and the dude rode up on our neighbors bike, with no training wheels?!!  He has a balance bike that he is a circus speed demon on (I have to close my eyes sometimes) but we have never even attempted a regular bike.  I guess this makes up for all the lost time trying to get his big brothers to ride with no training wheels.  

November 10, 2017

November 9, 2017

Reason's my 3 year old is crying...

He wants to go to the pool.  It is 47 degrees and raining and November.  But he really want to go to the pool.

 He fell for my compromise.  A nice warm bubble bath.  Looks like we could have a long winter ahead of us.  Dark outside at 5:00 pm hits us hard around here.

November 8, 2017

Nash's World

We just living in it.  Or trying to figure it out.  Nash had to switch Kindergarten classes this past week.  They added an additional class at his school and he was a 'lucky' one who got to move.  His assistant teacher, that we love, also moved so that was a huge help.  I told him that she picked him to come to the brand new classroom with the brand new teacher.  He did great with it?!!  I had no idea his reaction because I never do, but he is rocking it.  I am proud of this loud, intense, crazy, emotional, cute to boot son of mine.

We got floor seats to the UNC basketball game.  Like first row, on the floor.  No one else wanted to go (haunted house and carnival) but Nash was all over it.  He won.

Next day, same thing.  Blue Zone seats to the football game.  No one else wanted to go, Nash all over it.  Winnie and I joined them for this one!

Kindergarten field trip!  You couldn't bring siblings along on this one.  Then the teacher sent a message that they really needed help.  I said we can 'help' but will have Theo and Winnie with us.  Theo was in heaven.