August 24, 2016

The Dive

We headed over to 'The Farm' pool a few days ago and Jackson and Nash jumped off the diving board over and over and over.  We have some pretty stellar cannonballs.  The dives... still perfecting the technique.

Yeah, we are gonna give those a 1.5 for effort...

'Hey Mom.  This is funny.  People are talking to me and they don't know I'm sitting here butt naked.'

August 22, 2016

Monday Goodness

I spotted these at Trader Joe's the other day and got some for my boys, because I am a #1 mom.  Then I ate one while they were asleep and promptly hid them in the back of the freezer.  Some things are just too good to share.  Now when they are yelling and fighting about who knows what, I turn the fan on and eat one in the bathroom, because they are that good.  And it is the last week of summer.  And I deserve it.  Go get you some,  I won't tell.  

August 20, 2016


I wouldn't let Theo have waffle number 5 yesterday, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.  How much food will they eat when they are teenagers?!  Will they be able to survive off of subs, Doritos and cookies alone?  We will soon find out.  

August 16, 2016

Grand Opening!

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening for our third Jersey Mike's in Chapel Hill.  It is going to rock it, I have zero doubt.  First off, Jersey Mike's subs are the best subs money can buy, that is why we looked into the franchise in the first place.  Second, it is owned and operated and loved by the best people I know.  Third, it is right down the street from our house, like we could eat there every single day if needed, not that we would, but we could.

Group shot of my favorite boys.  Monday was 'Family & Friends' night and they rocked it.   

August 15, 2016

Weekend Vibes

August is in full heat mode around here.  We attempt to get outside first thing or hit up the pool because mid-day is some kind of hot.  We had a good weekend at home!!

Getting in a little early morning fishing.  Nash, surprisingly, really enjoys it, he is not the most patient 4 year old you have ever met. 

Tacos and a do-rag, because, well, it's Jackson and everyone in our family loves some tacos!  

Fancy little hand-me-down church outfit.  I tried to get a picture, Theo ain't got time for that!

Dixie Chicks Live in Concert!  Living out my high-school dream with my high-school sweet heart and my favorite chick.  

August 13, 2016


Today the mailman delivered a big box of wine.  Talk about a win-win for everybody.  Safety first ya'll!

August 10, 2016

Big Boy

I have gotten to spend a little extra time with my sweet sweaty six year old this week.  We have had some lunch dates without his #1 fans.  He has talked to me with no interruptions and I have actually been able to listen with no interruptions.  He is goofy and dorky and inquisitive and a big fat lover of life and all things except vegetables.  He still curls up to me and twirls my hair when I let him and always says 'I love you mom.'   Six years old is the best age yet.  It just keeps getting better ya'll.  

August 8, 2016


This weekend was full of celebrations!  First off, Grandmama and Grand-daddy have been married for 40 years!  They must have gotten married at the ripe age of 10.  ;)  We went to Soco Farms for dinner at the Chef's table on Friday night to celebrate.  If you are up for a little drive and some farm to table goodness then this place is a must!  To continue the celebration on Saturday night we let them baby-sitt the boys while we celebrated a beautiful friend's wedding.  Lindsey got married in Key West last weekend with her family and we all got to celebrate and swoon over her pictures this weekend.  She is an interior designer so as you can imagine everything was super chic and she was gorgeous.  A weekend full of love!
Adults do dinner!  

Adults do church!  Except we missed most of it.  It wasn't the best behaved morning for the Farris brothers...