July 30, 2016

Huck Finn

Jackson and Nash went to camp last week at the Sun Star Farm.  They played in the creek, fed pigs, ran around in the hot-hot sun all morning long and did not complain about it one bit.   Everyday when I picked them up they were a filthy mess and even a little bit tired...

The dudes.

I just started putting Nash in his bathing suit.  I have no idea how he got completely soaked but can't blame him.

Handsome boy.  Sneaking in his pokey cards.  ;)

Doing a little farm work.  Theo is ready to be old enough to join in on some fun, but he loved being the only child for the week.  All the mama loving he can stand.  

July 27, 2016

Poke monsters

I know you have heard about Pokemon Go.  I refused to download it or tell my gaming addicted son (husband) about it or really learn what it is about.  I lost, they won.  Except for the learning about it part, I still have no idea or desire to figure it out.  Along with the rest of America, they are addicted.  It could be worse, they are outside and hanging out together and saving the world or whatever it is you are doing you poke monsters.

Jackson told me he was going to go ahead and get in his bed??!!  I walked in a few minutes later to find him sorting some Pokemon cards that he found.  

The boys had a cousin sleep over and we had a kid free night!  We had dinner AND a movie at Silverspot.  And... Pokemon... help me.  

New neighbors - 3 boys and a girl! - moved in across the street.  I couldn't find them for a while, should have known, out back, introducing them to Pokemon.

July 25, 2016


Monday has got me wanting to eat corn dogs in the nude while watching Ninja Warrior.

July 23, 2016


Jackson and Nash attended Vacation Bible School in the evenings this past week at a local church.  It is the same one they went to last year and again thoroughly enjoyed it.  This church goes all out and does a great job loving on our children.  This year they collected change for the 'Hope House' and its ministry of welcoming refugees who will be resettled in Durham.  They decided to have a lemonade and cookie stand to raise some money.  

Jackson was at a friends house for the morning.  Nash, Theo and I gladly did all the prep work.  

I spotted Nash outside doing some early morning marketing.  He had a hard time waiting until 4:00 to start our big sale and start making that money.  'I am gonna keep a little bit of the money too.' I thought we were going to give it to the refugees?' 'Yeah, well I am like a refugee.' 'Really?' 'Yeah, I have zero dollars.'  Bless him, he is almost getting it. 

Finally!  After this picture they ran off and played.  I awkwardly held up the sign and polished off all of the cookies.  Success.

The final program at VBS.  Work it boys.  

July 22, 2016


Jackson had his first sleep-over with the Lee family!  They went bowling, made ice cream Sundays, played game after game, and he got to choose anywhere he wanted for dinner - Jersey Mike's!  This makes me want to have a sleep over with just Jackson!

July 20, 2016

Cannon Ball!

While we were away, my parents hung out with these guys -

July 19, 2016

Hood River!

This past weekend Charlie and I headed to Hood River, Oregon for the most scenic wedding of my dear friend Mary.  Almost all of my best girl friends from college were there (we missed those currently having babies) it had been way too long!  The weather was gloriously chilly and sunny the entire time.  We ran, hiked, ate, partied, and did a lot of porch sitting.  I lacked in picture taking, but this trip goes down as one of the best ever.

Pizza - Keg - Party by the waterfront when everyone arrived on Thursday evening.

The wedding was Friday night at a gorgeous winery & farm, followed by cocktails and a dinner.  Seriously felt like we were in another country.  Oregon is beautiful in July.  (You couldn't pay me to be there in the the winter, grass is not always greener...)

UNC Teenies-Tappas Group shot with the bride!  Take me back!

I scored a hot date with the red shirt guy from Jersey Mike's! YEOW!

Hiking to some waterfalls before a big party on Saturday. 

July 14, 2016

Happy Campers!

These guys all had camp this week.  Jackson was at Lego camp and Nash & Theo at Superheroes camp at their pre-school in the morning.  Everyone had a blast.  

Lego Camp!

Super Heroes Camp!  Hulk Smash Nash!

Post Camp grubbing with sweet and very patient Eleanor.  Everyone (ME!) wants a turn to hold her.