May 27, 2016

Welcome Home!

'Best not be late!  Or your going down, dad!'

May 25, 2016

Birthday Boy!

Happy 6th birthday (yesterday!) to the best thing that ever happen to me!   In a quick 6 years you have taught me more than I have learned in my entire life.  You are the most caring big brother, teacher, friend and son.  This whole parenting thing has been a lot easier with you by my side.  I forgive you for crying and not sleeping the first year of your life, maybe it was me?!!?  You are such a joy to all those you encounter and I love your love for life.  Happy 6th Birthday Jackson! We love you!

Good Morning Birthday Donuts!  And Nash is still 4, FYI.

Birthday boy opening up some presents from us.

His big gift, a huge white board with all different color markers and a box to put them in! Ha, it is no iPad, but, oh well.

Jackson's 6 year old Favorites
TV Show - Blaze & Paw Patrol
Song - Now watch me whip and now watch me nay nay...
Foods - Spaghetti, pizza, chips, cupcakes, cake
Toys - Baseball and Football set
Book - Race for Treasure - I got it from my graduation from Ms. Warren
Activity - Flag football, pool, basketball, computer, reading

May 24, 2016

Birthday Bowling!

For Jackson's birthday he decided he wanted to go bowling.  He has been maybe 2 times and wasn't very good so I was a little surprised by his choice but pretty pumped to just pick up a cake and head to the bowling alley.  I tell you what, the b-day boy was on fire!  They put kids right into groups when you arrive.  Everyone plays and you even have your very own DJ.  He told Jackson to let him know any request.  After some prompting from his friends I heard him say, 'Can you please play Turn Down For What.'  So yeah, we were jamming.  After an hour of bowling we headed back for cake and to sing Happy Birthday to my boy.  We all had a blast.

Birthday boy and his number 1 fan, most of the time...

Collecting beads from the 'dj' booth.

Happy Birthday!

I love everything about this picture.  Pure joy!

May 23, 2016

Kindergarten Graduation!

My sweet first born has had all kinds of celebrations the past few days.  Today was his Kindergarten 'graduation.'  They all filed in, sang some songs and each student received their certificate and told us their favorites.  Jackson' favorite food is spaghetti, color is light blue and he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up.  I really could not have dreamed of a better year for him.  I am so impressed with everything that he has learned in such a short amount of time.  His reading - chapter books now, what what, his love for math and trying to stump his mom, and his admiration for his teachers and classmates are all so impressive for an ALMOST 6 year old.  He makes me so proud!

So big!  He wanted to dress up for his graduation.  Looks too much like a 12 year old in that collared shirt.  

'You know Tat is wearing tall shoes in this picture!'
He had lots of family come and watch his graduation.  He has been talking about it for-ev-er!  'Don't forget mom, Monday at 1:30, maybe you want to say 1:15 so you can get a good seat.  We just sing a song at first, so if you do miss that part it is ok.'  He is the sweetest.

May 22, 2016

Boys will be boys!

This weekend it was Charlie's turn for a bachelor party in New Orleans.  No one volunteered to take the youngest boys of the wedding party along for the ride so we had our own celebrations here.  All three were pretty well behaved and we stayed away for the ER!  They informed me dad promised a visit to Chuck-ee-cheese if they were good.  I reminded them of this often.

The Cardinals pulled off a monster Friday night victory!  

TGIF?!  They are all clean and in bed... 

Collecting worms to go fishing, turtle catching.

Only Theo remembered his shoes to the grocery store, so we all piled in.  Not much room for groceries equals a quick trip.

Peanut & Chip Party!!

May 20, 2016


This week was Nash and Theo's last of pre-school.  They are going to miss their sweet teachers and fun friends and yes, I will miss those 6 hours a week of silent bliss.  They have both really enjoyed going to school this year.  It makes such a difference when they will walk right in their classroom, we have had some doozy mornings in the past.  Summer time is a coming!

May 19, 2016

Theo is 2!

My sweet, sweet Theo is 2 years old.  Everyone was right about this - time is flying.  I try to remember this as you pour your milk in Greta's dog food and then spread it around the floor.  While I clean it up you stop up the toilet with who knows what.  I put you in the play room and hear you yell out 'I goin jump! Carefulll FEO, don't hit headddd,' because you have heard me say it so many times before.  You adore your brothers and always ask 'WHERE NASTTH? WHERE JACKSY?' You give the biggest smiles and hugs when they or anyone walks in the room. Every night you give daddy and big brothers a love 'night night' and if I forget part of the routine we have to go back and do it all over again.  Your favorite spot in the world is me holding you, while you twirl my hair and give me snotty paci kisses.  We are best friends and I do know that will not last forever, so I am going to take all that I can get.  
We had family and neighbors over to the park for  cake and ice-cream for Theo's birthday last night.  He LOVES to sing Happy Birthday and loves to eat cupcakes and ice cream, so it was perfect.  

Me and my boy!

The birthday boy and his bros.  Dad is out of town so we all got to rise and shine for muffins with mom at Jackson's school.  Theo ate jelly and spilled orange juice all over the place.  It's his birthday, he do what he want!  

Theo's 2 year old Favorites
TV Show - Paw Patrol! 'I wan do paw trol.' And then he watches it for 1-2 minutes, but I better not change the channel!
Song - Happy Birthday to You! Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, We will We will ROCK YOU!  (click links for extra goodness)
Foods - Oatmeal, donuts, bars, eggs, watermelon, grapes, cu-cake, milk! (another big time breakfast guy)
Candy - 'I wan gum!' and 'spiiicceee' mints and fruit snacks!
Toy - baseball, football, so-ca-ball, trucks, anything his bros are playing with and loves reading books
Book - Construction truck books and animal books
Activity - Shoot and dribble basketball, hit baseball, throw pinecones in the pond and 'I wan hold you mommy.' 

May 17, 2016

Big BOY stats!

I guess when you have a 6, 4 and 2 year old - they are no longer babies or even toddlers, just straight dudes.  That kinda stinks, in more ways than one!  Today we got Jackson out of school early for everyone's yearly wellness visit.  At least that is what I was hoping, we ran out of time for Theo so he gets to go back.  The big guys checked out LOUD AND CLEAR.  I told them no shots, but I was wrong, whoops.  Nash had 3.  And he took them like a bad ass, seriously not a tear.  I was proud and promised suckers, they countered with donuts, I said ok but first they had to get haircuts, they said ok then suckers for the doctor...kind of like a bribe on a bribe on top of a bribe?  Whatever, like I said, they checked out just fine.
 Nash William Farris - 4 years 3 months
Height - 3ft. 6 in. - 80%
Weight - 43 lbs. - 90%

Jackson Arthur Farris - Almost 6!
Height - 4ft. - 90%
Weight - 53 lbs. - 90%

(no more head circumference, which I always found amusing, instead it is replaced by 'smoking status.')

Fresh big boy cuts were on point!