January 22, 2017

Pizza - Movie Night!

We had a busy weekend planned so I knew Friday evening we needed to chill and attempt a decent bed time.  We went with early baths, pajamas, pizza and a movie.  This is the first time we have ever really done this.  Usually these guys don't last the entire movie or can't agree on one.  We watched and made it through the entire movie, The Secret Life of Pets, which was cute.  I hope to make this a little tradition.  

January 20, 2017

ice scream, you scream...

We all scream for ice cream!  The boys are well aware that I am pregnant and what comes along with it.  A really boring, tired, impatient, hungry, large mama.  This all goes away right when baby comes, right?!  When dad works at night we feast on Dino Nuggets or Beefaroni - whichever their distinguished palette wants and then we have dessert.  Usually ice-cream, because I like to pretend it helps with my unbelievable heart burn.  Jackson even looked through the coupon book and marked the ice-cream pages.  Like mother, like son.

Mama's pregnant and we know it!

Nothing to see here... Everything is under control... Oh you are going to sit in the other room... you should see them when they aren't being good.

January 18, 2017


Sunday evening was the Jersey Mike's 'Holiday' Party.  We were running a little late with it and then snow happened, etc. It was a good time had by all and I nice way to let employees know just how much we appreciate them.  The THREE stores are all going really well and I am a super proud wife.  And junior J.Miker's got to ruin a lot of pool and Foosball games... my bad ya'll.  

January 16, 2017


I had the BEST weekend with my favorite mamas.  We all lived together in college, now live all up the East coast and chat on the daily.  We have been trying to have a get together for a while but life happens.  We pulled this off last minute and it was perfect timing.  We met at Pinehurst Resort (I have  never been - so close - so awesome), relaxed in the spa, went out to fancy meals, watched basketball, some had drinks, others m&ms.  We let the dads come too and all the kids got to vacation with grandparents.  I am already excited for next year!

4 ladies, on our way to 14 babies.

Surprise baby cakes and sweet little girl outfits!

Post dinner crew.

Missed the hoodlums while I was away.  Always do.  No matter how crazy they drive me.

January 10, 2017


It is cold cold cold around here... wonder when we will go back to school... we are just about ready...

January 9, 2017


We got snow! We got snow!  Not as much as they predicted, but plenty for around here.  My boys were up early and ready to roll out.  We have NO snow clothes so I KNEW they would not last too long.  Every year I think about getting something decent and then decide nah, it won't snow this much again, and it does.  I was wrong about Jackson, boy was loving every bit of it.  Nash and Theo gave it their best shot and really loved it when the neighbors brought out hot chocolate.  We had a good time and dad was home for a lot of it which helps out sooo much.  Otherwise we have been grubbing and roasting marshmallows with neighbors and attempting some board games.  Stay shredding dudes.

The snow was still pretty thick here and coming down, making this ride kind of slow, thankfully.

'I gon git you mom!'

Uncle Zack walked over for lots of football.

Frozen pond!  They were NOT allowed to test it out, we have already been there done that.

January 5, 2017


Back to the grind this week.  I love Christmas break and family and friends and grubbing and staying up late and spending all our money - but getting back on a 'schedule' is always welcome around here. So, a few sweet things currently happening that I never want to forget - 
Jackson - He gets up early for school in the morning.  I haven't been sleeping that great with a moving baby, restless legs, and a Theo twirling my hair every morning around 5am when he sneaks into our room.  Lately Charlie has gotten him up and dressed and breakfast.  Then he runs up to our room to brush his teeth and walks over to my side, snuggles up and says 'I love you Mom!'  It is the best way to start my sleepy day.  He gets it from his daddy.  I remind him to get his coat, lunchbox, tie his shoes and then run downstairs to remind him again and do it all for him.  He gets that from his daddy too.
Nash - He is still a hard kid for me to parent.  He has definitely taught me the most and we work on our patience hourly.  He notices everything and has a hard time just letting something go.  This includes my growing belly and his baby sister.  He is the only big bro that gives it much acknowledgment at all.  He made her a Christmas card even though she was in my belly (a gingerbread man with a BOW!), talks about how only God knows her real name (we can't agree on one just yet), and gives her a daily love and kiss.  He is going to be the best protective big bro.
Theo - 'GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN!' can be heard throughout our house at any given moment.  The boy loves to sing and perform.  He is very proud and doesn't mind showing off a little bit.  We are also still BFF.  He greets me with a bear hug and a 'DERS MOMMY!' every single time I enter the door.  He also ask me to hold hands, give him a love, and can he twirl my hair.  Speaking of, he may be in for a winter shaved head, he has a bald spot from pulling his hair out, not sure what to do about that.  

January 3, 2017

Christmas Cards

One of my favorite things about Christmas, real-live-mail!  Here are ours for 2016.

Carinci, Asma, Farris Families!

Lee, Fowler, Farris, Winslow Families!

Farris Family!!