June 21, 2018

June 19, 2018


Every year we rent a big house with Charlie's family in Emerald Isle.  The day after school gets out, we load up and roll down to the glorious crystal coast for vacation - or more like a trip - we have kids with us.  Last year Winnie was a fresh baby and I was excited to see what she thought of it this time around.  She was a little freaked out at first, think huge waves covering your feet as they sink in the sand, but it didn't take long for her to walk right out to the ocean!  Proud & terrifying.  We are all looking forward to another beach trip.
Her favorite part, SNACKS!  Home girl ate so many Nabs with sand.

Mr. Cool.  He also enjoyed snacks, catching fish, sand fiddlers and throwing mud balls...

My tan man.  Nash was busy at the beach.  Digging holes, catching fish, riding waves, throwing football, playing kickball - no resting for this guy.

J-man! As usual he played hard and chilled hard.  Dude loved going over and under waves and then being buried in the sand and straight relaxing.

The entire Farris, Carinci, Asma crew!


Patiently waiting for... hush puppies!

Cousins make the best friends!  Especially when we all get ice cream.

The gamers!  Theo was seeing double all week and loved it.  Betsy & Livi were not going to fool him.  He did a lot of 'SHE' and 'HER.'  He couldn't ask any of us?!

Dudes do the aquarium.

June 18, 2018

#1 DAD

Happy Farter's Day! Oops I mean Father's Day! 
Theo's words, not mine.  Over and over and over.

My #1 stunna! You bring out the best in all of us and love us so good! 

My #1 Dad, Coach Will, still dropping church league softball bombs, chewing ibuprofen and chasing it with Diet Mountain Dew.  Thanks for always being my loudest fan!

Dad's turn.  He has lots of sweet and sweaty admirers. 

June 14, 2018

Last Day!

So long Kindergarten and 2nd grade, both of my boys have had really good years.  Jackson was awarded 'Inquisitive Learner Award.'  This award went to someone who always asked lots of questions, ha, perfect.  Nash 'graduated' from Kindergarten.  They both excelled on report cards and made lots of good friends.  Proud of these big guys.

Love this handsome nerd.

His class giving his teacher, Mrs. Guererro a hug when she started tearing up at the awards party.  She and Jackson were buddies.

The studly graduate and his teacher, Ms. Dees.  She and Nash got along...

June 6, 2018

Fresh Cuts

Just a couple of studs, getting that fresh summer haircut.

And a lucky little lady who gets to tag along and eat suckers.  Wait, where the heck did my sucker go?

June 5, 2018

SDLL Champs!

Let's go Rockies!  Jackson's team won the South Durham Little League Championship this year.  This was the first time Jackson has played on a team that Charlie did not help coach.  It is also the first time he didn't know anyone on the team and was maybe the youngest.  He improved so much, the entire team improved by leaps and bounds especially in the field. (sorry dad, we still think you are the #1 coach)  It was time for J-man to have someone else besides dad tell him what to do.  It was a great group of coaches and players.  Unfortunately, our head coach was out of town for the championship game - so many rain delays - he sent the boys a message decked out in his Rockies gear.  Jackson could not believe he was on YouTube, ha! They all made him proud and Jackson made his #1 fan proud.  Me, duh.
Action shot, thanks to another parent.  I did not take any pictures.  Mainly because I was chasing around his sister, but also because I was too nervous.  What the helllzzz ya'll, having kids is stressful.

Proud mama!

Excited daddy!

I don't know which was more exciting, winning or Menchies, actually I do, Menchies.  And this is why I love 8 & 9 year olds.

June 3, 2018

Brace Yourself

It is the last week of school.  It's about to go down.

May 30, 2018

summer is coming

Ready or not, summer is coming! Praise to all the teachers out there and bless all us mamas.  We started off Memorial weekend with a quick trip down to Wilmington.  My favorite people live down there and we all love a good visit.  'Wanksta Lodge' is becoming one of my favorite traditions!

Deans, Lackey, Farris & Coley babes!

Love all wrapped up in a sun kissed, belly full, warm heart, cheesy front porch photo.