September 17, 2014


I finally jumped on the band wagon and joined a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture at Green Button Farm.  Every Monday they drop off a box of fresh produce, a dozen eggs and some sort of meat.  It is plenty for the week, especially considering my cooking skills. (or lack of…)  So far we have roasted a lot of vegetables, made a few casseroles and stuffed a whole chicken in the crock pot.  Everything has been delicious.  As long as it is doused in ketchup or ranch the big boys will even give it a try.  Send any easy veggie recipes my way or else all of this squash will be used as seasonal fall decor.
I even made collards!  They were pretty good, for collards.  I mean are collards ever really that good?  And an Apple Crisp, so good. I plan to try out lots and lots of Apple Crisp recipes.  I'll let you know how it goes.

September 15, 2014

The Bumbo

We pulled out the Bumbo Seat the other night to see if Theo could fit and sit in it and he did!  When we got it for Jackson 4 years ago his baby chunk thighs were too big to ever fit in the seat.  Last night he finally squeezed in there…

It's funny, I don't care how old you are.

September 12, 2014


I used to think it was sweet the way these boys cried for their daddy when he left for work.  Now it is just down right depressing.
'Dadddy Daddddyyyy Dadddyyy.  I wannttt Daddyyy!'
'What do ya'll want to do today?'
'See daddy.'
'Ok, what else? Anything you want we can do it.'
'We just want daddy.'
'So do I boys, so do I…'

I only like pickles on my wrap you know.

I gon do it daddy.  I gon do it!

I like mommy, mommy, mommy! And milk!

September 10, 2014


Every single time I go to get this chunk he smiles at me.  He looks thrilled to see me.  His entire face brightens and his eyes literally sparkle.  He tries his hardest to make a noise and kicks his feet excitedly.        He fills up my heart with complete happiness.  At such a tender age of 3 months he makes me want to be a better person.  I never knew I could love so purely, so much.  Thank-you Theo.

September 8, 2014

weekend love

Don't tell Jackson and Nash, but we went to the UNC football game Saturday without them.  It was a night game and it was glorious.  They got to go spend the night with grandma and granddaddy in Wilson, also glorious.  Theo got to hang out with Tat and Will and Natawee and his sweet cousin baby Brooklyn, equally glorious.  We should do more Saturday nights like this.  

We made it in time for kick off.  This has never happened.  Have you ever tried to go somewhere with kids and get there on time?  You cannot leave early enough.  Ever.  You are never on time.  Ever.  

'Watching' the tar heels with grand-daddy.  

So fresh and so clean

Movie time!

We road the train mom and it was so fast!

September 6, 2014


Mr. Nash has been looking forward to school all week.  So when his turn rolled around Thursday morning I excitedly told him you get to go to school today! To which he replied, 'No! I don't want to go to school.'  Shocker.  But he walked right in and much to everyone's surprise didn't look back!!!  He is in Ms. Caroline and Ms. Yvonne's class on Mondays and Thursdays.  These are the same teachers he had last year, which we are all very excited about.  Cheers to a new pre-school year everyone!
Here I come!

Handsome big boy.

My 3 sons.  How did I get so lucky? And sleepy?

September 3, 2014


My little baby started 4 year-old pre-school yesterday at Resurrection United Methodist Church in Mr. Joe's class.  He goes Monday - Thursday from 9:15-12:15.  This is his second year there and as you can see he was sooo nervous.  He walked in like a champ and never looked back.  When I picked him up he asked when could he do lunch bunch.  I missed you too bud.  
I'm so excited!

Handsome boy.

That is more like it. 

September 1, 2014

Say What?

What you say mom?  My brothers are going to preschool this week?  Just me and you two whole mornings a week? Awwww yeeeaahhh.