August 28, 2012


6 months of sweet slobbery goodness!
Height - 27.56' in. (85%) 
Weight - 20 lb. 8 oz (91%)
Head Circumference - 18.5 in. (100% +) *Is anyone surprised?*

August 27, 2012


Did ya'll know that Barney is still around?  Since 1992 he has been hypnotizing innocent little children and their parents.  Jackson got a glimpse of him on TV one day and can't go back.  I caved in and let him watch 'I WAN DO BAR-NEY!' this afternoon so I could do a nice long blog update. (Yes we now have Barney on DVR along with Word World, Super Why, Dinosaur Train, and Jeopardy - pitiful)  I sat Nash in front of the TV too and circled him with toys.  I know, I know, I am shaking my own head at this.
A few minutes later I see Jackson has moved down to the floor and is 'playing' with his brother.  Is this a glimpse into the future?  Two boys playing together without mommy?  I can dig it...

Oh and that nice long post I was going to do?  I got sucked in to, pinning recipes that I will never make.  

August 24, 2012

6 months!

I have not slept through the night in 6 months!  Good thing I am hanging out with this little flirt instead.  He's sportin' puffy eyes and wild hair just like his mama.  I am biased, but it doesn't get much cuter than this.  Half a year old, wow, time is just a ticking.
When ya'll gonna buy me some clothes that fit?

August 22, 2012


There was the tiniest bit of chill in the air this afternoon.  It got me dreaming of football, baking pies, crock pot recipes, cowboy boots and fitting in to some skinny jeans.

I need more bananas!

August 20, 2012


Oh Monday, it gets the best of us sometimes.  Note this picture was taken at 10am.

August 19, 2012

dance party

Jackson is sleeping in his big boy bed!  We took the railings off of his crib and he likes his 'cool'  bed.  So far so good with him sleeping in it, the only problem being he gets up a little early for everyone else and moseys right on in to our bedroom.  His new request is 'hey daddy, i wan watch tv.'  It is tough not to head on downstairs and pop on the tv for a while so I can feed Nash, check email and get some coffee brewing. (admittedly we watch our fare share of morning PBS sometimes) The new resort is 'dance parties.'  Because nothing gets the morning going like a little naked dancing.  And good luck trying not to sing 'I'm Elmo and I know it' all day long.

August 16, 2012


Dang my teeth are killin me, Ma!

August 14, 2012

What is going through Jackson's head

Jackson is at that age where he is constantly thinking, repeating, and doing everything.

Yesterday he held two empty bottles up to his boobs and told the guys that are working on our bathroom 'I gettin' milk.'  I quickly changed the subject and we all pretended we didn't know what he was talking about.

Today we went to the grocery store. Nash hung out in the Bjorn and Jackson drove around one of those race car carts. I promised him if he was good and helped me with the groceries that he could get a cookie...'Mmmmhmmm i help mommy'  He was hilarious the whole time, pointing out every single thing he wanted and what other people wanted.  He pointed to the can of Coors Light 'dats Uncs juice' he pointed to the Mountain Dew 'Mnt Dew is for Woo,' to the rice box 'mmm mommy cook rice, it is gooodd,' and on and on and on. Towards the end he turned around and proclaimed 'I was good mommy!'  I told him he was great and we were going to get a cookie in which he replied, 'No I was good I need pizza and mms wid pnuts!'  Looks like I know what we are having for dinner tonight.

Naked babies, I can't get enough.  Per Jackson's request we had to do some blurring.

August 10, 2012


We headed to the beach for a few days this past week.  It was rainy, the hot water did not work, there was no washer or dryer, etc... BUT it was the beach so who really cares.  We had lots of family come visit and got to see Aunt Nat's new apartment and watch UNCW beat UNC-CH in women's soccer, mmmhmmm, go ahead Natalie.   Fun was had by all, especially Jackson who is the perfect age for some serious playing.

Ocean time with Sophie and Farris,' dey is wild!'

Fishing with my dad, kind of boring if you ask me.

Big pimpin on the way to The Oceanic for dinner. 

Go Natdawg and welcome to your 20's birthday girl!

August 9, 2012


Nash loves him some milk. The only problem, he wants it straight from the 'tap.'  He has decided he does not want to drink from a bottle.  This is just in time for my first overnight away from him.  I am heading to Nashville for a hot 24 hours on a 'moms gone wild' batchelorette party.  I am extremely excited for some big girl time but also very anxious.  Charlie assured me that when he is hungry enough he will eat and he won't let him starve.  Bring on the applesauce, bananas and sweet potatoes.  Part of me feels ridiculous that Nash is almost 6 months old and I have not even been away from him for a night and the other part of me feels guilty that he is not even 6 months old and I am leaving him for the night.  Now I know why moms are crazy (of course I don't mean my mom or mother-in-law)!  In other news the boy already has 2 bottom teeth breaking through, maybe he can just gnaw on a chicken leg while I am gone.
My mom is trying to trick me into playing with my bottle, some crap she read on the Internet... pahhleassee

August 2, 2012


I decided to put my 'pinning' skills to use and actually do one of the hundreds of 'how to keep your toddler busy' ideas.  This is officially called Giant Ice Cube Awesomeness.  Yep, you put some dinosaurs in a plastic container fill it with water and freeze it.  This morning we broke out the tools and got busy busting those things out.  If that geniuseness of an activity doesn't win me mom of the year award I don't know what will.  I do think the activity was still a little advanced for Jackson.  The blogger I got the idea from said it kept her boys busy for hours.  It kept Jackson busy for 10 minutes, I'll take it.  What did keep him busy for hours is watching himself on my IPhone breaking the ice, over and over and over.
Soooo why did you put my dinosaurs in ice??

Enough with the tools, why not just drop the ice on the porch.