February 27, 2015

snow cream

And on the umpteenth snow day, Charlie left 6 tubs of of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough in the refrigerator.  I waited for as long as I could, 10:43, before opening just one.  We made a few cookies for ourselves and a few more to give to the mailman.  He has not missed one single day of delivery in this mess (speaking solely for the south)!  This afternoon we made snow cream.  It was pretty good.  Then we put half baked cookies in it.  It was phenomenal.

Pretty Good Snow Cream - 
Approx. 4 cups snow
1 cup milk
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

February 26, 2015


Enjoying some time with my current favorite little guy while his big brothers are playing outside in Snowmageddon 2015.

Where's Theo...


February 24, 2015

Nash is 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday Nash William Farris, you crazy good looking maniac.  We love you and your loud stubborn ways and we will take all the sneaky kisses we can get.  
 Nash's 2 year old Favorites
TV Show - Octonauts
Foods -ABC's & 123's, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, donuts, strawberries, pizza and MILK
Candy - Swedish Fish Gummies and GUM
Toy -Noah the Ark, trains
Activity - Football, Baseball and help mom cook

February 23, 2015


Height - 28.9" - 80%
Weight - 22lbs. 15oz. - 92%
Head - 18.4" - 92%

100% smiles

February 22, 2015

weekend update

Friday night I went to the grocery store for approximately 5 minutes.  When I got back I noticed (he thought I might not?!) Charlie had trimmed his 9 month old son's hair, again.  And lets be real, he did not trim it, he cut it.  It is kind of funny and cute when a little kid gets the scissors and cuts some bangs.  It is not as cute when you are 32.  Sorry Theo.  You are still stinking cute even if you do have a little bit of that Lloyd Christmas look going on.  

'Naw Dawg, get dat ish outta here.'
Saturday morning the Red Swords made a huge comeback and won 12-4.  Jackson was sooo good at defense.  They also had really great snacks after the game.  

Saturday afternoon we headed to Wilson to have Mr. Nash's birthday party!  He met all of his cousins at Dunkin Donuts for chocolate sprinkle donuts, present opening and a little tag football.  We all know how Nash feels about his birthday, see here, so this year we kept is super simple.  He was awesome and loved ever single bit of it.  What is not to love about a donut party!

February 19, 2015

9 months!

Your 9 months old Theo!  You love to crawl, fast.  You love to pull and push anything with blinking lights; tv, dishwasher, washing machine, phone, and the computer.  You love to climb up the stairs, yes you were half way up this morning, I have no idea how, help me Jesus.  You eat whatever we eat and crush fruit squeezes and stinky formula.  Yep, we officially finished breast feeding.  I was kind of sad and happy about it all at the same time.  You love your big brothers who are still somewhat gentle and patient with you.  I don't see this happening for much longer as you are starting to like their stuff.  Last but not least, you freaking love the bath.  You take one every single night to pass the time.  Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon…  We have to keep the water really low because you have no fear and like to put your head under.  Maybe one day you will be a swimmer.  With a head like that I have my doubts, but you never know.

February 17, 2015

snow day!

I am not a huge fan of 'snow days.'  But when dad also takes a 'snow day' they rock.  We were able to take turns with the big guys playing outside.  Jackson was loving it this year, 'totally sledding so fast down the huge hill.'  His words not mine.  Nash lasted for a good hour, 'totally worth the 45 minutes it takes to get his clothes on.'  My words not his.  Theo took an extra long morning nap and snacked on dog food.  We had our go to turkey-veggie-soup, chicken wings, extra fudgie brownies and a few special drinks.  After all it is Fat Tuesday!

Look at all that snow!  :)  It was mostly ice, which is a lot better for sledding.  

Taking a break because, 'MOM, I'm still hungry!'

The very necessary first snow picture.  Not pictured, actual snow.  Whoops.

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Check out my sweet Valentine's! We spent the morning eating heart shaped cinnamon toast and mini chocolates (they were mini I promise!), met dad and the grandparents for a romantic Jersey Mike's lunch and then watched the Red Swords dominate in basketball.  It was lovely.

February 12, 2015


After searching a few gift shops while we were away at our 'meeting' I still had not gotten anything for the boys.  In the airport we had a delay so I hit up some duty free shops but liquor, cigarettes and perfume aren't really their thing.  And then I spotted it in the mini mart… a plastic baseball bat, not just any plastic bat but one that is filled with gum balls.  My boys are obsessed with gum.  'Can I have some gum mom?' 'Sure if you put on your coat.' 'Can I have some gum now?' 'Sure but remember you can only chew gum when you are all the way in your car seat and buckled.'  We bribe each other with gum all day long.  So just as anyone would be, they were pumped up about their gift.  I wonder how long I am going to be able to get away with a mini-mart gift.  And sorry Theo, no gifts or gum until you get some more teeth.

On a side note.  Jackson threw up yesterday.  He either had a 1 hour bug or ate too much stale gum, the verdict is still out.  

February 11, 2015


Charlie and I just got back from a 4 night get-away in the Dominican.  We had a wonderful time in the sun, eating, drinking, dancing, eating, drinking, sunning - yep that is about it.  Jackson asked if there was a football game or basketball game or why we would go somewhere that there wasn't one.  I told him they had big buffets of french fries, pizza and pancakes and then he understood.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort, Excellence Punta Cana, which I would not recommend.  When we got there they had over booked the hotel and cabbed us over to a 'much nicer' hotel, only it was not at all.  So we had a rough start but we turned it into a fun somewhat comical time.  

Second morning there and finally made it out to the beach!  Only I was laying by all of our tickets, passport, etc. bc we still did not have a room...  But we had drinks!

We met our good friends Meredith and Chad down there.  They also have 3 boys.  We spent dinners talking about them, even when we tried not to...

On the way home I realized those are all the pictures we took.  I like to think this picture was a little tanner and chunkier than when we first set off.

February 5, 2015


Excuse the pile of dirty clothes he is sitting in and the un-made bed, I was just getting to it…

Nash running into my room yesterday morning all smiles.  'Hey Nash, what is so funny?'
Something stuffed in his mouth, 'I didn't get any candy mom!'
Thank goodness since it is hidden on the top of the fridge, only a matter of time. 'What is in your mouth?'
Pulls his hands from behind his back, 'PIZZA!'  

8:00am seems a little early for leftover pizza for an almost 3 year old.  But so does oatmeal, eggs, blueberries and milk which is what he already ate for breakfast.  What is he gonna eat when he is 12?

February 3, 2015


Remember how I gloated on how sweet and easy and chill Theo was…  He has arrived.  This little gremlin is on fire these days.  He does not want to sit still.  He wants to walk.  He can't walk.  But he thinks he should be able to jump right in with his brothers.  He is crawling and rolling and scooting and grunting and tripping himself out.  He is a sweetie but he is a handful or I should say an armful or more like a back breaker.

Oh hey there good looking!

Come here! Just give me a kiss!

February 1, 2015


 I stole an easy craft idea from a friend and my boys actually did it and I think even enjoyed it.  Salt dough valentine heart magnets.  We somehow managed to get flour everywhere and they both fell out of the chair and paint was found in the dining room (??) but we finished it and they are very beeuuutiful!  I tried not to paint over every single heart.  Nash was paint heavy on the white, just white.  Jackson was not too impressed by this, ok neither was I.  I never knew just how OCD I was until I had kids.

Salt Dough Recipe:
1 cup salt
2 cups flour
1 cup water
Bake for around 2 hours at 200 degrees until dried out.

Pink is for guurrllsss

Hey Theo! Maybe next year.