June 25, 2017

summa summa time

I caved, we are doing the '10 week trial' membership at The Farm pool.  I was hesitant because, well - 4 kids, so I am pretty much hesitant about everything.  Going to the bathroom is risky around here.  Thanks to grandparents help, so far, so good.  They have life guards, a big kids 3 feet area, a slide, diving boards, a grill and margarita Mondays - if you are into that sort of thing.  The big guys even went off the high dive!  No turning back now.

He came, he saw, he conquered.  Dab on it ya'll!

He watched and watched and in true Nash fashion quietly made his way up the ladder... cannonball!

June 23, 2017


Yes, Theo STILL has his paci.  Only at night time and car rides and when he needs to calm down - as you can see.

June 20, 2017

2 months!

My sweet girl, you are 2 (plus a few) months old!  You smile! And coo! And toot! And do it all very contently as people are always in your face, constantly.  This may explain the nasty cough you have had for way too long, but even it doesn't keep you down.  We love those sweet cheeks more and more every day.
Height - 24.17 inches - 96%
Weight - 13lbs. 10oz. - 89%
Head - 16.61 inches - 100% plus (duh)

Selfie love!  Actually this was a 6:00 SOS to dad.  It was his first day back to work post beach trip... could be a nice long summer.  ;)

June 19, 2017

Beach Bums

We spent last week at the beach with all of the Farris family.  We rented an ocean front house in Emerald Isle, where we could walk to and from the beach every day, and that is exactly what we did.

2017 Family Beach Trip!

The oldest Sophie Lu, the youngest Winnie Lou.

The boys went to Beaufort one afternoon to check out the Big Rock fish tournament.  They got to get up close and personal with this whopper.

Winnie turned 2 months old on her first beach trip!  Wish they made t-shirt suits in my size.

Theo the fish wrangler.

Nash the boogie border

And Jackson, stay dabbing.

June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

I was spoiled in the dad department.  This guy exceeds all my expectations.  Happy Father's Day to all, may it be filled doing whatever your kids want... :)

June 10, 2017


We finally got to meet our 'new' baby cousin Luke!  Sarah made a quick trip to NC to introduce him to all of his cousins.  He is as cute as he is in the pictures.  We can't wait to return the visit in August!

First cousin meet up.  Luke is just 6 weeks older.  I think they will be BFF and plot on their big bros and sister.

Winnie properly welcomed him to NC and taught him how to dab.

June 9, 2017

School's Out For Summer!

He passed!  So proud of this sweet, smart, goof ball!  He excelled in First Grade, especially in reading (read a chapter book this afternoon?!) and really enjoyed himself.  He is pretty pumped that it is summer time.  We all are! For now...

Peace out first grade!  I made his wear the same shirt he wore on the first day of school.  Because I am a mom and mom's make us do some dumb stuff.

Not only did he master the first grade, his selfie game is on point.

Praise to all the teachers out there! Especially Aunt Nat, who keeps us up to date and gives rides AND plays real soccer.  The boys were impressed, we had to pull out the soccer ball when we got home. 

June 6, 2017

Working for the weekend...

Unless you are a mom.  Weekending ain't easy.  Monday morning at 9:00 am, when 1 kid is in school, 2 others at camp, and it is just us girls left to clean and drink coffee and milk for a few hours, ahhhh.  Life lately -

Kidzu!  Most mornings my main goal is to get Theo tired enough to take a nap.  He could go without one if we did bed time at a decent hour, but we don't.  So he still needs one like whoa.

Friday night Tarheel Baseball.  Glad we went, but they lost, sadly - no more heels baseball.

Reunion time in Wilson!  This is Grandmama's mom's family, I think I said that right.  They replicated a picture taken 30 years ago, pretty impressive showing! Plus, Parkers BBQ in the hot hot sun.

Our first ever dance recital!  Brooklyn did awesome and these 2 sat through (and enjoyed) the first half!

Time is up! 'You sure we want to pick them fools up from camp just yet mom?'

June 5, 2017


Better late than never, Winnie's birth announcement!

June 1, 2017

Princess Winnie

Sunday we were running around, getting ready for church.  Charlie had gotten up at the crack of dawn to head over to the new Jersey Mike's store (which is still rocking-crazy-good busy) so it was just me and the off spring.  Why is it so hard to get ready and be on time for church?! It really brings out the worst in this mama, but worth it and needed when we get there.  Plus, child care.  I was getting Winnie ready in her new fancy dress (girls are so fun) when Theo came over and asked, 'Is Winnie like a princess mom?'  'Yes, yes she is.'  The luckiest little princess with 3 big bros to watch over her.  Sorry girlfriend.
Princess Winnie.

Big bros.  A little selfie before walking into church.  I got in a good laugh when I saw this on my phone.  I think they are getting the hang of it.

May 31, 2017

Party Girl

Winnie stays partying.  We had a good friends 40th birthday party at He's Not Here this past weekend and Winnie just insisted on going.  I kid.  But I feel really bad leaving 3 wild boys with a baby-sitter and can't imagine throwing a baby in the mix just yet.  Plus she is a rockstar when hanging outside and the mamas (and dads!) were practically lining up to hold her next.  Works for me.  I wouldn't be surprised if 9 months from now a few more babies were born...
I breastfed my baby in the day light at He's Not.  I did not think of other things that would happen there in a few short hours. 
Hey ma.  This is pretty fun!  (Not again until you are 21 Miss Winnie.)

Photo Op!

May 29, 2017


The boys just asked if they could do another lemonade stand.  HA!  I reminded them of last weeks lemonade stand... the whiniest, loudest, fightiest, time outiest, shortest lemonade stand ever.  I think we will make cookies and eat them ourselves instead.  Also, notice Theo's toddler abs, milk does a body good.

May 25, 2017

Seven is heaven

His eyes how they twinkle!  I love this picture.  It was taken before his brothers and sister were awake, dad was already at work and it was just the two of us, chatting over ginormous donuts.  He is still the kindest boy I know.  We have our rough patches like every 7 year old does but they are few and usually followed up with a hug and an I'm sorry.  He still randomly comes up and says 'I love you mom.'  It is the best.  I love you Jackson Arthur Farris!

Jackson's 7 year old Favorites!
TV Show - Paradise Run - Game Show, Crashletes, and anything that is on the tv ( appreciates a good show like his daddy)
Song - Queen's Greatest Hits, specifically Don't Stop Me Now
Foods - Donuts, cereal, chicken sandwich, nachos, pb&j, pizza, Jersey Mike's turkey wrap (appreciates the good carbs like his mama) 
Candy - chocolate
Toy - trampoline, wiffle balls & bat, basketball
Book - Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and lots of chapter books! We have a reader!
Activity - basketball, baseball, football, playing pokemon, 'tech time', cheering on Tarheels

We celebrated with dinner at Kanki!  And guess who was there, just eating and loving Kanki, all by himself, the man - Theo Pinson!  He is also a regular at Jersey Mike's.  Pretty much making him my most favorite player and my soul mate.  I had to use the birthday boy as an excuse for a picture.  And then I told him we named our 3rd son after him.  Too much?

May 23, 2017

May Daze

Still celebrating over here.  Jackson turns seven tomorrow!  Seven?! Sounds so old.  He is old and smart and sweet and goofy and the best big brother you could ask for.  He had a flag football party on Saturday.  We won an 'I9 Sports Party' through the school's silent auction.  It was awesome.  I wasn't that excited about wrangling a bunch of wild boys, but I didn't have to do a thing.  Woohoo.  Everyone played and had a good time AND the bday boy caught a touchdown pass to finish it off.  In between that was a preschool carnival, some baseball and even had a few adults gatherings, they included Miss Winnie, the star.  This was all on top of a busy daddy prepping for a brand new Jersey Mike's store opening tomorrow in Hillsborough! I could celebrate a serious nap right about now.  

Hut, hut hike.  Theo was definitely the secret weapon.  He can keep up, no special treatment is needed.

Happy Birthday my boy!

Go Dodgers!  Finished out the season undefeated.  

Baby in a bar!

And why we are late to everything, all the time.  I thought Theo was already in the car ready to roll out to church.  Think again.

Shameless plug!  Come see this little lady at the newest Jersey Mike's in Hillsborough, 115 Oakdale Drive.  

May 21, 2017

He's 3!

Mr. Theo is officially 3 years old.  He is every bit of three, along with being a new big brother, whew, boy does not slow down.  He sure does love it though.  And we love him more than he will ever know.
It's MY birfday.  I gon eat one, two, free donuts!

Dadddyyyy!  His favorite.

All dressed up  and ready for his last day of pre-school in his bright orange pineapple bathing suit and little baller shirt.  Whatever dude, it is your birthday.

Theo's 3 year old Favorites!
TV Show - Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, and the movie Elf (He knows how to put it in the dvd player and likes to have it playing in the background at all times...)
Song - Happy Birthday to You!, Oh my darlin' oh my darlin', Queen's Greatest Hits (boy still loves to sing!)Foods - Magic Stars Cereal, pb&j, donuts, pizza, watermelon, ice cream 
Candy - gum, sucker, m&msToy - baseball, football, basketball, scooter, water balloons, horsesBook - Holiday books, Dinosaur Football Activity - Shoot and dribble basketball, hit baseball, ride his scooter, jump on the trampoline, climb trees, run from his mom.

May 19, 2017

Big Day!

Yesterday was a big day!  
Nash graduated pre-school.  This has been the best year for my 'little' boy.  He has learned so much and loved every minute of it.  He will miss pre-school, his teachers (TAT!) and friends but I have no doubt this boy is ready for kindergarten!

Super-duper proud mom and dad.  His program was fantastic and he was appropriately awarded the word 'humility.'  I love the way he recognizes and praises others.  He is the sweetest soul, some days it is just buried deep in there.  :) 

Birthday boy!  We celebrated Theo with baseball cupcakes at the park with our neighbors.  He loves to celebrate any birthday and thankfully cake at the park will still do just fine for this guy.

His BFF - sweet cousin Brooklyn.  They find each other hilarious, I hope it stays this way forever.  Brooklyn has a big job on her hands, keeping her cousin straight.  

A big game for the Angels!  This team has gotten SO much better throughout the season.  For real, we had some bad news bears going on at the beginning.  They are going to the Championship on Monday! (ok, only 4 teams in their division...but still)  I love to watch Jackson play.  He is the perfect amount of serious and goofiness.

Post late game we had a little party to celebrate the season.  This picture trips me out- so dirty, so tired, so hungry, such a goober.

And my girl.  She was toted from one place to another.  Eating and napping and burping and pooting in the car and keeping her mama company.  Like a boss.  A pretty one.

May 16, 2017

1 month stats

Our baby girl measures up just like our baby boys did, big.  She had her 1 month appointment yesterday and checked out just perfect.  She is 22.44 inches long and 11lbs. 12oz. putting her in the 95% for both.  Her head is in the 99%, no shocker there.  I had to look back at JacksonNash, and Theo at 1 month.  Hooray for this 'baby book!'  

Big Winnie Style
Watch out boys, I am coming for you.  And as serious as ever about it.

May 15, 2017

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's out there!  This job is the best, but it is no joke.  Thankfully I learn from the best!  I was celebrated with lots of hilariously sweet home-made cards and pancakes.  And then you know what happened?  I was folding the boys laundry and ALL OF THE SOCKS MATCHED UP WITH NO EXTRAS!  It was truly a mom's day miracle.  Bless.

Super thankful for Grandmama for raising this boy.  And continuing to help raise us all!

She is the best.  Really, we talk every day and she promises me I am doing a good job and she sneak sweeps my floors because it drives her crazy.

I can't believe I have FOUR babies.  Thank you God for this blessing.  May they know just how much I love them (enough to post this picture, woof) and grow up happy and content and loving Jesus.