August 18, 2017


And our sweet spot is over.  Home girl has started to roll.  After 3 boys you would think I would know that this is coming.  I guess I was hoping for another month or two.  She has to keep up with her brothers.  One of us does...

Mom! Winnie rolled over! 

Oh, hey mom!

What you know about that?

August 16, 2017


I have tried to get Theo to sit in a stroller for approximately 3 years now.  All of a sudden, he wants to ride in one and get in the baby bjorn (ha!), lay in the rocker, sit in the bumbo, sleep in the nap nanny, etc. etc.  He also still likes me to rock him to sleep while he twirls my hair and sucks his paci.  It is sweet, and somewhat ridiculous, but when it is 10:00pm and dude is still kicking it, I will do anything.  He is night owl and an early bird and super duper cute.

August 13, 2017

4 months!

Ms. Winnie had a big day celebrating turning 4 months old yesterday!  Her big brothers still fight over who gets to hold her and love her and tell her she is 'the best girl ever!' She really is the best girl ever - eating well, tooting lots, massive spit-ups, and some good long sleep stretches - all the things good babies do, we have just never had this experience before.  :)  She is a hefty chunk and my back is paying the price.  All she has to do is shoot me her wide open mouth smile or grunt just a little and she knows I will pick her right on up.  I can't help myself.

Theo had a birthday party to attend at the Burlington Splash Pad in the morning.  They were nice enough to invite siblings, not sure she knew how many Theo had.  Charlie went in at the butt-crack to prep for J-Mike's but was able to join us the rest of the day.  My favorite part about the entire day!

Afterwards we hit up Zack's Famous Hotdogs, you know, since we were in the area.  His face says it all.

And then a little stop on the way home at Maple View Farms for some ice cream, you know, since we were i the area.

And we ended it with a little date night out to eat.  Winnie slept the entire time, because she is an angel, and because it was finally quiet.


August 11, 2017


Happy Birthday Aunt Nat-a-wee and BRIT-nee!  They have been celebrating in Jamaica...  So what better way to welcome them back than a surprise silly string attack!  Yep, I didn't feel sorry for them.

The 'big' 2-5!

Dirty 30!

August 10, 2017


It is about that time, football games in the front yard, all day, every day, until someone gets hurt.  We went to 'Meet the Tarheels' this weekend and did some serious autograph work.  Thankfully, I was able to convince Nash to put his poster on his room door and not the front door of the house.  I know, I know, some fan I am.

'One of the real football players even wrote Nash on my poster and he gave me a high five!'

The unveiling of the new Michael Jordan Nike uniforms, so even if we aren't that good, we will look good.

Summer time football!

August 7, 2017

The Hood Team

Between just 4 houses right beside and across the street from each other we have 12 kids - 9 of them boys- all around the same age.  They run from house to house (drive SLOW if you are coming down our street!) playing who knows what and eating all the popsicles.  They fight and yell and say they will never play again and 30-40 seconds later are back at it.  Summer days wear me out but I know I will look back at this with all the smiles.

August 3, 2017


My sister came to North Carolina for a vacation this past week!  Except that she brought all her kids and we all had all of our kids so we will call it a 'trip.'  But, it was a fun trip.  So fun that we are going to 'vacation' our way up to Chicago in just a few weeks!  All the cousins had a blast - pool time, bowling, parks,  and even got to spend the night with Aunt Nat & Uncle Zack one night.

Winslow - Farris - Fowler - Lee Family post church group shot!  Might even be Christmas card worthy?!

Pool studs.  Theo & Nate

Winnie meeting her oldest cousin on this side, Hannah!

And, just hanging with her good ol pal, Luke!

A visit to Goldsboro to have lunch with Billy-daddy.

And to sing some songs with Papa.

Papa and his oldest Great - grandson.

July 31, 2017

A date!

It is tough to get any one on one time these days.  I cherish any little time that I can, because these boys are hilarious.  They are growing ya'll, way too fast.

We went to see the musical Annie.  One of Nash's teachers was in it.  We made it through the entire first act, success.  ;)  They did enjoy it, but mainly the scene changes and looking for the dogs 'hidden' leash.  When we pulled in the driveway, I knew it was a little too quiet.

BINGO!  My girlfriends first pool BINGO party.  More like a family date, but I get to hold her most of the time.

My #1 date!  We had a surprise 40th for a friend at the Crunkleton.  I went for one cocktail, I just had to try a few others to see which one I wanted to get.  

Day date!  Nash and Theo had a camp day at their preschool.  I told Jackson we could do pool, museum, his choice.  He just wanted to play games all morning.  Still my 'boggy gamer!'

July 26, 2017

cousin love

You know that cousin you had when you were a little kid, the cool cousin.  They were always a little bit older, a little more fun, and you could get away with a little bit more when they were around.  My boys have one, Farris, and he came to spend the night!  He is also a sweetheart, listens to both big bros as they fight for his attention, listens to me, and will fish for turtles all day at the pond - because I will not.
The Carinci Clan came up for the day.  Popsicles, lots and lots of popsicles.

Pool selfie, obvi.

Evening football at the pool, because, sleepover, need to get ALL the energy out.

Morning Monopoly!  These two are gamers.  I do not have the patience for this.

Speaking of awesome older cousins, the oldest and wisest, Sophie!

July 24, 2017


Morning snuggles.  Actually, I was trying to feed Winnie.  I do not know why EVERYONE has to gather around while this is happening.  They tattle and jump and poot and get all up in my grill.  And yes, Theo still has his paci.  We lost it for 2 entire nights, and then he found it and has been making up for lost time, and I don't even care.

I often think of a good blog post in my head.  It is when I am feeding Winnie, or when someone says something hilarious that I want to remember forever, or it is 3:00 am and everyone is asleep but they have all trained me to be awake.  When I do make it to my computer I write half a post before someone bust their head open, or needs something very very important, or is so so hungry, or needs their butt wiped.  I guess that is what we have been up to around here.  Lots of chatter, not very much action.  So is life right now.  I am glad I get to do it with them. 

July 21, 2017

Friday Fave

Nap Envy.  Outfit Envy.  Winnie Louise.  I love you.

July 20, 2017


The big bros are at a 'Ninja Warrior' morning camp this week, whoop whoop.  I start off the summer strong, thinking we will be good, I stay at home, we don't need camps.  Two days in, we need some camps.  They all need some outside structured activity time.  This is hard for me to attempt with a sweet Winnie in tow.  The big guys have done Vacation Bible School at our church, The Farm camp and now Ninja Warrior.  They have enjoyed all of them and come home a tiny bit worn out.  We all have some lunch, a little tv time and get back at it.  I love summer and now... camps! :)

Mornings with these two looks a lot like this.  Winnie, sending out an SOS selfie.  Theo, ALL UP IN HER FACE.  Me, sweaty.

July 18, 2017


Jackson's two front teeth have been loose for some time now.  I have been waiting for them to come out, because who doesn't love a cute snaggle tooth little boy.  Well, one finally came out while he was drinking some water (that is how bad it was dangling) but the other, still there!  And guess what, it is not cute.  I found this gem of a photo on my phone today, too good not to share.  Sorry, J.
A scurvy pirate? 


July 12, 2017

3 months!

I am just going to go ahead and put this in print, 'Winnie Louise is the best baby!'  They say third time is a charm, but fourth is where it is at.  Or maybe it is the whole male versus female disposition (is that the word I am looking for, I'll blame it on mom brain) thing.  Or the fact that her brothers are so loud and out of control that we can't actually hear her.  At 3 months old - She is a great sleeper at night.  I feel like this is our main goal in life - getting our kids to go the f%$* to sleep.  Winnie only wakes up once, eats and goes right back to sleep.  She is still in our room which is fine by me.  We have convinced Theo to move out of the crib and into his big boy bunk beds, so Winnie could actually sleep in her nursery.  Theo does not sleep through the night, but this post is how awesome Winnie is, so I am not even going to go there.  She still eats like a champ and will take a bottle when I am not around.  She is growing way fast, all the sweet 3 month clothes, too small.  She flashes a big ol squinty eyed side smile whenever she sees me and is trying so hard to 'talk.'  She likes to 'stand' when you hold her and look all around.  I am still amazed at how much happens in just 3 months!

Come on mom, you know cap sleeves don't look good on anyone.  I'm 3 months!  And I got a handsome blonde headed big bro that I love.

Hi again, pink camera phone!

Hi mom, get that money shot!

July 9, 2017

New Orleans!

Just kidding, only dad went to the Big Easy on a family dudes trip, he is back, looking a little tired, not my problem.  But we had a good weekend with lots of help around here!  Sweet, ever so patient, sweaty, smiley Winnie was amazing and spent her fair share of time at the pool.  I think she already knows if we get them tired enough they will quietly watch a show for a few minutes and one may even fall asleep - if we are really lucky!
Man oh man how I love these tiny humans that drive me bat shit crazy!

July 7, 2017

joey chestnut

We may have watched the hotdog eating contest a few too many times around here.  Every time they have a snack they want to see who can eat the fastest or the most.  Cookies are one thing, but when you are talking string cheese this is just gross.  Last night they had a carrot eating contest.  Both were disqualified for spitting them out.  I tried to sneak in some veggies.

July 5, 2017

Happy 4th!

Let freedom ring!  One of my most favorite things that our neighborhood does is the Fourth of July parade and cookout.  I threw my back out (or whatever you want to call it) on Saturday and it sucks, to put it nicely, but was finally able to walk it out a little bit yesterday.  The weather was hot and steamy, just like it is supposed to be in July.  We had the parade, hit up the pool and went to the neighbors for fireworks.  A happy 4th it was!

Parade led by the awesome firemen. 

Yep, I am that mom.  You can only wear belly shirts and tutus but for so long, she liked it!

Nash, the loudest boy I know, still doesn't like loud fireworks.  He hung out in dad's brand spanking new truck!  RIP Camry, you served us well. 

July 3, 2017

Winnie Girl

I am soaking up every last bit of the 'newborn' stage, if you can even call it that anymore.  Winnie is a doll baby.  She has been making up for those first few week of seriousness.  Now  - she is all smiles - even with her big brothers all up in her face, all the time, so loud.

Can you all please just scoot back a little bit!

Oh, yeah, thanks, hey mom!

You so funny!

July 2, 2017


Last week the boys went to 'Camp Arrowhead.'  Some high school girls put it on in a neighborhood close to us and the boys loved it!  Almost as much as Winnie and I did.  They played outside all morning, did some cooking, sang songs and we got some stuff done.  But mostly I just stared at her, she is the best!

I was worried Theo wouldn't like 'camp.'  ha.

'I have no idea why you actually showered.  Let me see that picture, mom.  You better delete it, our hair looks terrible.'

I dropped the boys off on Friday morning.  'Mrs. Farris, something is on the back of your car.'  Whoops.  That's weird.  I am a pretty impressive driver...