October 20, 2017


So far so good.  'George' and 'Funnel Cake' are still kicking it.  The boys are pretty proud, haven't forgotten to feed them, think they are best friends and want a bigger tank - nope.  And don't mind Theo.

October 18, 2017

The Fair!

The fall tradition continues. The boys and I met my parents at the State Fair one afternoon .  The weather was chilly, the fried oreos as good as ever, ride lines not long and this year a bonus, we won 2 fish...
I'm not just any mom...

And this picture was taken before the spin ride even started. 

Yay! ? ! Fish!

October 17, 2017

This is 10 years.

Charlie and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on Friday!  We have had a beautiful busy decade together and being high school sweethearts we are really pushing two decades.  The coolest part about it - it gets better and better every year.  Harder, yes - but better.  This year we took our kids to their respective sports practice, scooped up an unsuspecting baby sitter and then had a fancy dinner at The Carolina Inn.  Saturday was a baseball game and we ventured to the Tarheel football game.  Sunday was church, a birthday party, a quick cousins visit and then we went to Sip & Savor with adult friends.  Thankfully we both enjoy sports, food, drinks, and our kids!  Here are some pictures of Winnie to commemorate, she is the current family favorite.

First cooler fall day, seems like a good time for a diaper blow out at soccer practice.  And no extra clothes, because, 4th kid.

First football game!  Better luck next year Tarheels.

My cute little cherub.

October 13, 2017

6 months!

Happy 6 months to our #1 girl! It feels like it has been 6 weeks.  Which is what the lady beside me at Orange Theory Fitness thought I said today and I didn't correct her...  Ninja warrior here I come! I kid.  You gotta start somewhere or just have another baby, which is what Jackson suggested.  

And he is a pretty charming big brother.

October 10, 2017

Father time

Time is a funny thing.  In this stage of my life the minutes can creep by.  They are exhausting and stressful and frustrating.  Yet at the exact same time the days are flying by.  Winnie is almost 6 months old.  6 months! I can barely remember a time that I didn't have her with me. She is such a joy.  She likes to be right in the mix of it all, watching and smiling and eating.  Everything goes in her mouth reminding me that I need to do some baby proofing around here.  So far she has enjoyed applesauce and sweet potatoes but eats like her brothers with most of it ending up on her clothes and the ground.  She likes her paci and her mama holding her.  She knows all she has to do is let out a little whimper and I will scoop her right up.  She takes around 3 naps a day depending on what all we have going on.  She gets up once a night but I can nurse her and she goes back to sleep.  Six months is one of my favorite ages.  All the smiles but not yet moving.  I do not know what I am going to do when she can start moving.  Put a helmet and leash on her?  I am only kind of joking.  

October 9, 2017

tight cut

The damage was done, no turning back, they had to buzz that big ol' head.  The cute devilish look suits him well.   'It's like grand-daddy!  But I can't twirl my hair.'  Exactly.  But I do love rubbing it, the tables have turned.  

October 6, 2017

Beer & Buzz Cuts

Theo is still a hair twirler - mine and his own.  He pulls his own hair out and now has a bald spot.  We decided to nip that in the butt and just shave his head.  It did not go over too well.  Charlie suggested we tell others that Theo tried to cut his own hair.  Nope, not letting you blame this one on him.  This is not the first time that dad has attempted to cut his hair...

October 4, 2017

Breakfast Club

Cereal, waffles, yogurt, granola, eggs, cinnamon rolls, donuts, etc, etc.  Dudes love breakfast around here, and look who got to join them.  My first kid that could actually fit in the bumbo seat!  Maybe she will have her daddy's legs. 
'Look ma! I made it to the breakfast club.  Now, about those cinny rolls.'

October 2, 2017

Fun Run!

Last week was the Creekside Fun Run!  Both my boys were pumped up about it.  Nash said about 15 times the morning of, 'well, I'll see you soon for Fun Run mom!'  We made sure we were all there, a little late, but what is new.  I am proud of them and this school and Jersey Mike's for sponsoring it!

Nash stayed outside and focused.  ;)  I got one high five and Charlie took him some water, ha.

Compared to this guy.  'Mom, how many have I done?' 'Five.' 'Good - water time!'

And look who snuck in.  Theo, straight sprinting.  

September 28, 2017

Winnie's First Food

We finally let homegirl taste something besides breast milk.  Fourth kid problems, I didn't feel too bad about bypassing the rice cereal and oatmeal and all that jazz - mainly because we have a butt load of applesauce from Sam's Club and if I had to go to the store, it wouldn't happen for another month or so.  She liked it, almost as much as her brothers liked feeding it to her.

September 26, 2017

Back at it!

Another flight in the books for the Farris family.  This time we flew to NYC and then headed up to Connecticut for my cousin Josh's wedding.  We had a lot of helpers, which was a plus.  We all slept in the same hotel room for 3 nights, which was not a plus.
We are coming for you, NYC! Yeehawww!

First things first, getting the van rental.  It was not at the airport.  This pretty much sealed the deal that we would not be joining everyone when they ventured into NYC for the day.  :)

We checked into the hotel and walked across the street for some late night easy dinner.  BFF, sharing a milk shake, and looking all cute, and being all loud.

Spotted Josh the morning of his big day! 'We gonna get Josh married!' as Theo would say.

Hit up the Norwalk kids museum to kill some time before the wedding.  It was really cool for all ages.  Theo, getting his picture taken for the Norwalk newspaper.  Everywhere he goes, paparazzi.

The wedding and reception was in Niki's grandmother's backyard.  It was gorgeous and super kid friendly.  WhoopWhoop!  Family pic - or not.

 Lee, Farris, Winslow - missed you Fowler Family!

Best date ever, ever.  Her dad is pretty cute too!

Josh and Niki with 'Josh and Niki' as they requested to be called.

Always need someone to get the party going on the dance floor.  Farris brothers never disappoint.

Late night pizza, they were 'sooo hungry' - as if their dad needed an excuse to order it.

Imagine my excitement when we realized how close the PEZ factory was to our hotel!?!  Why go explore the city when you can go here!

As they always say... 'when in Connecticut.'

We ended the day with a seafood dinner on the waterway.  Nash claimed they had the best PB&J ever, but I was the real winner.  That cookie was warm. 

On the way back, Winnie had her own seat.  And was an angel - the entire trip.  Her big brothers are all really hard right now.  Defiant, whiney a-holes most of the time.  They have their moments of sweet greatness and it is usually when they are helping with their baby sister.  She brings out the best smiles in all of us.

September 22, 2017

Queen Winnie!

Someone looks just like her brothers... only cuter. 

September 21, 2017

What happens on the bus...

"Look mom.  Money.  Some girls on the bus just give it to me.  I can't say no."

September 18, 2017

Theo's turn!

Finally! Theo's turn for his 'socca ball game.'  I mentioned to Theo way too early that I signed him up to play soccer.  Every single day since then he has asked if today was his game?  We have tried on our 'skeats and guards' numerous times and practiced in the back yard.  He was more than ready.  I am not going to break the news that this is just a once a week practice 'for fun.'  His coach can deal with that.  Home boy is ready for a game!

September 14, 2017

5 months!

5 months! As your brothers always say, 'You are the best girl ever! Ever! Ever!'  And you smile at them, because you know what's up.

Cheesing at my brothers!

For her 5 month present, we convinced the big guys to ride the bus home from school!  The only time Winnie throws a fit is in the carpool line - both of us.

It drops off  at the end of our street.  I love walking to pick them up and chatting about their day.  Theo still wants to get on the bus, so there is that little melt down.  

September 11, 2017

Winnie's Baptism

Winnie was baptized on Sunday.  She was an absolute angel and looked it too.  She wore the Christening gown that my Nana made me.  The boys have always been too big for it so I was exited that Winnie was able to squeeze in.  It was a hectic beautiful event, just like this life.   Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14
My girl.  Thank-you God for choosing ME to be her mama.

Group shot.  We tried.  Loved having family there.  We celebrated with friends and family and some Q Shack at the park.

 Theo was having a day.

Thankfully I remembered my drawers.

Ahhh, the friendly threats begin.

Hey Hey everyone! We are STILL up here.

Nash, you shouldn't do that, but thanks. 

September 9, 2017


The best man, my Papa, passed away yesterday.  Heavens choir will sing a little sweeter for it.  I have never known someone to long for heaven as he did.  We will miss him so down here, but I cannot imagine how happy he is.  To reunite with Nana, sing in the choir, play a baby grand piano, run with the football team, catch fly balls in centerfield, play golf with his friends.  He lived life to the fullest and always, always, always wanted to know how you were doing and if you were ok.  As he would say, 'good Lord willing' we will meet again.
Great memories of his always combed white hair, particular cologne smell, scratching his back for money, cooking his dinner with Nana, visiting him a Frederick's Music Store, and singing "Lazy bones, sleepin in the sun..."

September 8, 2017

Theo's turn!

Finally!  Everyday since his big brothers started back school Theo has asked, 'I have school today?!'  His turn arrived and he walked right in without looking back, just like I knew he would.  The boy loves learning, playing and entertaining all of his classmates.  I hope they are ready for him.  And I am just as excited about a little 'girl time' 3 mornings a week!

September 6, 2017

nom nom nom

Get in my belly!  Sophie the giraffe is still going strong, 7 years later.  What is it with this thing?  I can't believe we still have it or that it survived sweet Greta.  She knew what toys were not hers but I often found her resting her nose right against this one.  Don't worry I washed it off with warm water.  Building up that immune system for the fall.

September 5, 2017

so long summer

We ended the last weekend of summer strong.  A post first football game fiesta, a neighborhood cookout, and a pool party.  I would have loved to venture to the beach or take one last trip but sometimes it is just easier to stay put.  Love where you live, and that we do.  Our first summer as a family of six was better than I could have imagined.

These guys and girls fared better than the mighty mighty tar heels.  Jackson was the ref.  He is still being a pretty good sport about having a sling arm.

Sunday-Funday cookout!

Riding Dirty.  Just from the neighborhood pool, don't worry.  We had to get that last swim in.

September 2, 2017

The break

Well, it was a strong 7 years of no broken bones around here.  I am impressed we made it this far.  Alas, Thursday evening Jackson was running from Theo down the hall, fell, and hit his arm in just the right spot.  I thought he was being extra whiney and made him go to sleep (whoops, keeping it honest here).  The next day it was still bothering him and what do you know, a broken arm bone.  He gets to rock a splint and sling for a week and then goes in for a cast.  So far it hasn't seemed to bother him much at all.  He is milking it for all the 'tech time' that he can.  We know this boy is not afraid to chill.
My brave little 7 year old, who looks 12 here?!

I am trying to keep him home and still as much as possible until he gets the hard cast.  Lucky Winnie got to watch her first football game with her biggest bro.  Lucky daddy got to take her other 2 bros to the game.  Whoop-whoop.  Please note, I got matching monogram shirts!  Who am I, first time for everything.