March 30, 2015

Spring Break

The boys are on 'Spring Break' this week.  Today I convinced them to do a little yard work with me.  Probably made it 10 minutes before they were sooo tired.  I also couldn't handle them throwing the leaves into (all around) the wheel barrel anymore. The good news is, it can only get better from here!

Yep, that's the Christmas tree, too soon?

March 29, 2015


We had a slight change of plans this weekend.  Charlie and I were supposed to head down to Charleston for the annual Cooper River Bridge Run.  I am not pregnant or breastfeeding for once in my in the past 5 years, so I was pretty pumped for it.  But two out of three children got a little stomach bug on Thursday and I was fully expecting we all would.  We stayed put with our sweet little germs and everyone stayed healthy the whole weekend.  And we had ourselves an unexpected fun family weekend.  
My favorite picture ever.  March 31, 2007.  Right before we finished the run and got engaged!

Firefighters at Touch a Truck.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  'This one is so tiny I gonna give to Theo.'

'Can I have one more piece of candy mom.  Pleaseeeee this will be my last last last one.  Pleaseee!!'

I got an egg! AND my first pair of shoes!

March 26, 2015


Busted up concrete face, eating dirt, first selfie.
I am a decent mom, I promise.  His brothers were the ones that were supposed to be watching him!

March 24, 2015

BIG Feelings

I have a little crush on Jen Hatmaker.   I saw her speak in Raleigh a few years ago. I laughed, cried and learned a thing or two about Jesus.  I even purchased a few of her books and actually finished two of them.  Anyways, I love this little piece she wrote for the Today Show, I Wish Someone Would've Warned Me About These BIG FEELINGS.    I am in that exhausted, 'Dumb. Now you have a dumb wife.' stage of life.  And I can't imagine being anywhere else.  The future is looking bright.

Theo checking himself out.  It runs in the family.

Brotherly Love. Well, that is what I call it.

March 22, 2015


Charlie and I headed for a quick trip to Las Vegas this weekend.  Charlie is a Vegas 'pro' and I have been once in high school, sooo that doesn't really count.  We met some friends out there and stayed at Mandalay Bay. The guys hit up the casinos and the girls the pool.  We had two awesome dinners at Charlie Palmer Steak House  and Sushi Roku.  When we planned the trip we didn't even think about it being the opening day of the NCAA tournament.  It was a sports betting dudes heaven.  I am old and tired and not so much richer.

Right when we got to Vegas, 8 am, we needed some serious brunch to get this party started.  We hit up the famous Peppermill Restaurant & Lounge.  I recommend the french toast with a little bit of whip cream.

Jackson and Nash's favorite picture of the trip for obvious reasons.  And I have no idea who that guy is.

Getting serious at The Bellagio, almost game time.  Go Heels and other random teams that didn't do as well...

Pre dinner drinks in The Four Seasons lobby at Mandalay Bay, where we actually stayed because we fancy and it was cheaper.  Check it out!

I love this picture just because.  Lindsy and I at dinner.

Late night drinks at The Foundation Room.  Awesome view.

Brittni, Me, Lindsy.  The girls.

And since this blog is supposed to be about my chillins and all I am doing is blabbing about myself, here are some much cuter pictures.  The boys stayed at their grandparents house in Wilson.  They live right down the street from their cousins.  After I picked them up yesterday Jackson asked if we could please please move to Wilson!

Making a cake with grandaddy!

Sweet Sophie entertaining sweet Theo.  Theo did miss his mommy while she was gone.  I got the biggest smile and best loves when he saw me.  Best part of the trip.


March 19, 2015

10 months!

10 months?! Pshhh I don't even believe that mom.

Yep, and we are celebrating my going to Vegas for a hot 48 hours.  We as in your parents.  If we win big I promise to get you new pajamas that fit.

March 18, 2015

Fowler Fam

My sister and her family came to visit!!  I love it when that happens.  Everyone's babies are starting to grow older and actually play together.  It is so fun to watch.  We have some very strong personalities in this bunch.

The 'big' guys and gals.  Nash, Jackson, Hannah and Brooklyn

Overalls on and 'feeding' the ducks.  That's my girl.

Grilling out in this awesome weather.

Uncle Kyle with the slam dunk.

What would you dooo, ooo, ooo…. for a Klondike bar?!

Just a casual stroll with Hannah.

Lil ragamuffins taking turns.  Practicing taking turns…

Little dudes telling secrets.

Menchies regs.

Pre-bedtime entertainment.

Bed time stories with Uncle Charlie.

March 16, 2015

ACC Tournament

Every year Grandmama and Grandaddy Farris have a tradition of an ACC weekend get together with their college friends.  We made it to Wilson on Friday for some visiting, good eating, a Carolina win and lots of cousin love.  Go Tarheels!

BABY PHEEOOO! The ladies man.

The 'brothas' doing a little celebrating, and water chugging.  :)  

March 14, 2015

Mom's a girrlllll...

This is what happens when the accidental 5:00 couch nap lasts 2 hours.  Around 10pm I told him if he couldn't go to bed then he had to be a good helper.  We started with laundry.

"I like your Elsa dress mom."
He convinced me to try it on.
"Ohhh yeah, you look like a girl! A princess. I'm gonna marry you and Ms. Caroline." (his teacher)
He then convinced me to let him try it on.
"I'm a girl.  This looks weird."

March 12, 2015

wine & design...

This week our 'supper club' (I say that hesitantly because we only go out to eat) decided to do a Wine and Design, guys included.  Charlie was a bit hesitant when I mentioned it but he would be lying if he didn't say he really enjoyed it.  I knew the perfectionist in him would come out and his painting would be better than mine…. arghh.  We had a serious spread of food (Jersey Mike's Subs, you know this) and drinks so really what was not to enjoy.  The next morning I showed Jackson our paintings.  'Why did dad paint the sky like that?' 'Was this your first time.' 'Ok, well that is pretty good if it was your first time.' 'Your flowers do kind of look weird though.' 'What is the black thing?  Maybe dookie?'  Honesty at its best.

Dudes at work.

Yes, we all went to Carolina, although I knew none of these people when we went there.  The Old Well at its finest. 

March 10, 2015


If you can make it out alive while taking 3 boys to the dentist during the babies nap time then I feel like you can conquer just about anything.  Who rules the world?  Mom's do.  They were very good patients with clean teeth.  My kids will do just about anything for a special treat. Yes, we waited the allotted 30 minutes before getting our ice cream on. 

He picked these sunglasses… his favorite color orange… 
She could barely clean his teeth, Mr. Chatterbox, she knows now to not ask so many questions.

He didn't want to wear glasses, so he didn't.  He also didn't say a word.  He did sit there the whole time and do every thing she asked him to do!

He was a proud little brother! So excited that he had a blow out, hence the no socks and way too tight jeans.  You don't even know how excited I was when I found these old pants shoved in the bottom of the diaper bag.  Score!

March 8, 2015

Spring Forward!

This Saturday was daylight savings time, so you lose one hour of sleep, but when you have kids who is counting?!  Tonight it was light outside at 7:30 when I made everyone finally come inside for dinner.  I love it.  We had a great weekend, I had a GURRLLZZZ meeting (as Jackson and Nash put it) on Friday evening, some Red Swords basketball and Tarheel basketball on Saturday and Sunday  after church we stayed outside all day.  Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

My favorite people. 

A little dance off before the big game.  Jump Around!  My boys were a little disappointed this morning when I told them the final score.  Nash ONLY cheers for Tarheels.  Jackson likes to cheer for everyone (whoever wins).

Again, my favorite people at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo.

March 5, 2015

Thursday morning love

Manning the grill in too tight pajamas and a too tight haircut.  The haircut is ridiculous.  Please grow fast.

Thursday morning both boys have school, when it doesn't snow, and I get to play with Theo.  I used to enjoy popping him in a bouncer or his high chair or walker and getting some stuff done.  Not anymore. This guy is on the go.  He usually heads straight to crawl up the stairs and into the playroom where he has an endless amount of tiny things that he can put in his mouth.  I follow up after him and he loves having all the attention.  We 'play' and then do some serious snuggling.  I would be ok if he stayed like this forever.  Except for the night time part, he could work on it a little, but he is already better than his big bro Nash...

March 2, 2015

snow dazzzeeee

We got MORE snow!…… It was pretty.  We are ready for Spring.  

It was real snow that was really pretty.  And for around here it was a whole lot.

Greta loved it.  

Jackson loved it.  He would have stayed out there all day.  Completely soaking wet.  His wind pants and double undies didn't hold up as well as I had hoped.  :)

Nash loved it, until he got cold and wet.  Then he was over it.

Theo is a big heavy back breaker.  We hung out as long as I could last and then headed in for snuggles.

The neighborhood 'hill' got a lot of action.

And then we were over it.  And drank lots of hot chocolate and ate lots of food and watched a lot of movies.

We even worked out for a hot 3 minutes.

And then I started to go insane.  So we safely ventured to the grocery store.  Because if you are going stir crazy you should shove your 3 boys in a huge grocery cart and listen to them 'help' you.  So relaxing.

We got a brand new bed!! And I said they would not be allowed to jump on it.  And then it snowed for-ev-er and we had some dance parties.

And baths, lots of long warm baths.

Welcome March! Bring on Spring time!