March 31, 2010


This past Sunday evening we had our first baby shower! Some Durham friends had one for another mom to be, Shelley, and I. Shelley is due the end of April with a little boy and I hope our boys will be the best friends anyone could ever have. Who knew one could get so excited over diapers, wipes, burp clothes, and jumping frog bouncers?! All this light blue stuff is really starting to grow on me.

March 29, 2010

shrimp & grits

We made it over!  It was no record breaking pace...we enjoyed coffee during the first mile (it was cold & windy), picked it up a little during the last mile (holy moly this little boy was nestled right on my bladder), but it was a good time.  If I could go back, I might would do the exact same things; that is when you know it was a good trip.  We stayed at The Vendue Inn. FYI - check out for your next hotel, you can pick what you want, where you want, and name the price.  If it does not give you a match you can just try again the next day.  Friday evening we had dinner at Carolina's.  I have been dreaming of these crab cakes ever since I had them on my bachelorette weekend, and they did not disappoint.  Saturday we went to my favorite spot, Fleet Landing.  When I lived in Charleston after graduation this was always a go to: good food, not too expensive and a great atmosphere.  Charlie finally got his shrimp & grits and I had a chicken sandwich with french fries.  I guess that is what you call a random pregnancy craving.  Other than that Charlie knocked back some beers and I kept up with some pralines. It was a great little vacay. 
Score - pregnant lady gets cushion recliner at the bar. 

March 28, 2010

birthday blessings

HaPpYhApPyBiRtHdAy to my sweet sister Sarah! She is celebrating the big 2-2 in Hawaii with her fiance and his family. I was gonna sing, make her a cake, AND had her a present if she had only come to Durham, oh well. I think I will still make a cake. The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever to be exact.

March 26, 2010


I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and I am all out rooting for Duke tonight. There are only a handful of us, closet dookies, we just can't shake it out of our blood. I grew up a Duke fan - wore the cheerleading outfit, went to all of the home football losses, pretended I was sick and couldn't go to school if UNC beat Duke, I even cut out articles of 'hot' Duke basketball players and posted them on my wall.
I really do pull for UNC, I did run onto Franklin Street in 2005 when they won the National Championship with tarheel pride. I keep quiet when I think people are being whiney babies because it is only fair. I can't blame my fellow UNC'ers for hating me, but I had to get it out in the open.  For the record, even Charlie said this is one of his least hated Duke teams.
I have tried to fully convert to the other side, but let me tell you folks: it is easier said than done. I promise no little Duke onesies for the baby. (no promises on what my parents may dress him in...)

March 25, 2010


March 2007

Tomorrow Charlie and I are headed down to Charleston for the annual Cooper River Bridge run. We got engaged there 3 years ago so it has become a nice tradition. Charlie so graciously offered to walk it with me, and I am hoping we will have made it to the top of the bridge by lunch time. This will be the last one without a baby in tow or should I say a baby in the stroller! March 31st 2007 was Charlie's first time running the 6 miles - he is not a runner. So my friends and I were super surprised when he ran the entire race, fidgeting around, talking, singing, etc. Now I know it was because he had a blinging diamond ring tied to his shorts the whole time. I was ecstatic when he handed me my medal at the end of the race, inside the packet was a sweet little treat for me! And we live happily ever after...

March 23, 2010

belly bumpin

I have not done a good job at taking pictures of the baby bump. In the beginning I would stick out with pride that little 20 week pooch. Now, week 30, not so much. During my last doctor visit he kindly reminded me to make smart eating choices and get some exercise as most woman gain the majority of their weight in the 3rd trimester. If so, then I am guessing this little man already weighs somewhere between 15 - 20 lbs. :)  

20 Weeks (Greta has put on 5lbs total, she is not happy with her lazy mama) - 
26 Weeks -
30 Weeks -

March 22, 2010


Even though I graduated from the best Journalism school in the country... it took me 6 times to pass the spelling & grammar test... don't say I didn't warn ya.

game on

I have been stalking blogs for quite some time now. I think it comes with the territory if you sit in front of the computer for a majority of the day, booo. At first I felt guilty, then I realized everyone surfs the net and I am just looking, not actually blogging. Besides that would be crazy, posting my boringness on the Internet.
Until now, all I can think about is this little baby boy in my belly. I anxiously await the day I'll see his cute chunk of cheeks in person. I have decided to start recording this journey into mommy land in hopes that I will take lots of pictures and record any milestones. So I leave you with his first picture, he is almost 30 weeks, a heartbeat of 143, batting his eyes, and already has hair!