September 29, 2013


The Tarheels got beat bad on Saturday, real bad, against a not so good team.  But when you have kids it no longer matters.  At least not when they are 3 and 1 1/2.  If you have a good tailgate, jerseys and an extra football it's gonna be a good time.  I informed Jackson that UNC lost and he just yelled, 'no they didn't,'  I went with it.  We are winners, no matter what.  

Best moves I saw all day.

Pimpin ain't easy, but somebody has to do it. 

Ahmm, what game?

September 26, 2013


Charlie and I just got back from New Orleans ya'll!  Two nights of a full nights sleep, even took Tylenol pm to make sure nothing got in my way. We ate, we drank, we were just being merry listening to some awesome music.  You need a little adult time every now and then to make you appreciate the little rascals you get to come home to.  They got to stay in Chapel Hill with grandmama and had an equally fun time and ate just as good homemade food.  She's making me look bad.   

Picture worthy po boy from Acme Oyster House.  Every single meal was note-worthy, including Clancy's, Commander's Palace, Cochon, and Cafe Du Monde.

When in Nawlins... Pat O'Briens

September 23, 2013


Jackson is obsessed with 'washing' dishes.  Nash is obsessed with 'washing' his hands.  This is ironic because the boy always gets sick has been sick with a nasty cough all week.  Our new afternoon routine / way to kill some time is to wash their cups.  They use so much soap and so much water and the floor and counter is soaked and I have to stand there with them to make sure they don't fall, BUT for a good 10 minutes they are both content.  And they have some really clean sippy cups!
Check out the crock pot in the background, means fall is coming.  Here is the easiest recipe ever - Pork chops in the crock pot, sprinkle with 1 Ranch dressing packet, 1 can cream of chicken soup and a can of water.  Everyone loved it.

September 19, 2013

Hannah visit!

This past week we had visitors all the way from California! My sweet niece Hannah (and her mom) booked a last minute trip to get some good sweet (hard slobbery) loving from her cousins.  She is really the best baby I have ever met.  She did not cry on the plane at all, I mean I cry on 5 hour flights.  She was all smiles the entire time everyone passed her around and took her places.  Really, she makes my boys look bad.  Maybe not bad, but very loud and aggressive is a nice way to put it.  We miss them already and are counting down the days till we meet again at Christmas.  Unless they want to make another quick trip between now and then, hint hint.  

First stop, Wilmington, watching Aunt Nat's soccer game.  Go Seahawks!

Jackson could not get enough loving from Hannah & Sarah.

Aunt Nat!!

Dinner and hanging with all our great-grandparents in Goldsboro.

Nash pushing Haaannaaaahhh while she takes a snooze in Wilson because he sure isn't going to sleep, ever.

Hey Hannah, let me get some of your milk.

September 16, 2013


Man I love mornings when my brother has preschool.  Straight chillen with my mom.

September 15, 2013

Get Heeled 5k

Yesterday we ran in the Get Heeled Family 5k Event!  OK, we walked most of a 5k while pushing a very heavy stroller.  The weather was perfect and at the finish line was the MC Spirit Zone.  The Mary Claire Satterly Foundation is one near and dear to my heart so I was very excited to get to help out this great cause.  Their motto, Spirited Living, Inspired Giving is one I strive for every day.  Go check out this beautiful organization, MC Spirit.   

They just found out they had to stay in the stroller, which they did most of they way.  An accomplishment in itself.  

Jackson helped us pus for about 2 minutes, the gladly got back in.  

Ahmmm, best race ever! Ice cream at the end!

AND Hockey pucks.  Scoot back people, he plays to win.  

The Ram was there! And Jackson is not scared of him anymore! Nash kept his distance, I don't blame him.  Kind of creepy. 

September 13, 2013

Soccer practice!

If you have seen Jackson over the past week then you know he has soccer ball practice on Friday and that he wears real cleats and soccer shorts and shin guards like real soccer ball players.  You could say he is pretty pumped about it.  He has been doing 'work out' every day, which consist of 'up sits' and 'jump outs' and 'muscle stretch.'  On the way to his first practice he told Nash, 'When you get bigger like me and know how to pee-pee in the potty then you can play soccer ball.  You gotta be big like me so you can tackle!  I am big and fast and long and gonna tackle people!'  So yeah, that was kind of a bummer when I told him you can not tackle or touch the ball with your hands.  But he loved every minute of it, even telling his coach, 'thanks for letting me be on your team.'  It looks like I am officially a soccer mom, and surprisingly enough I kind of dig it.   

A boy and his dog.  

Sitting right next to his coach!

Look at that form!

And of course not to far behind, his ever trusty side-kick!

September 10, 2013

who knew?!

Jackson spelled his name for me today, I had no idea he knew how to do that?  Gosh, just sign me up for mom of the year again.

September 9, 2013


Nash's 18 month old Vitals
Weight - 30.1 lbs - 97%
Height - 33.6 in. - 83%
Head - 51.4 cm. - 100%**

I am happy to report we have big strong boys around here with even bigger and stronger heads.  Thank goodness because poor Nash bumps his head at least once a day.  He has a permanent goose egg on his forehead.  He was not happy about going to the doctor today.  He started crying and saying 'home, home, mama home' right when we walked in.  I guess you could say he has a good memory?  But the good news was he checked out perfectly, had zero shots and does not have to go back until he turns two!  

September 8, 2013

Super Saturday!

Saturday morning we woke up early at Tat & Will's house (ok, I went back to sleep for an hour) and made CINNAMON ROLLS and played some BASEBALL in our pajamas.  After that we headed over to Farris's Birthday POOL party where they had a BOUNCE HOUSE and CAKE!  After that we headed back to Chapel Hill for some Tarheel FOOTBALL with DAD!  After that we practiced some SOCCER BALL in the yard, had some dinner, watched some WORD WORLD and went to bed early (for us, before 9)!  These guys are just livin' the dream.  

Well hello there!

Ahmm, this is not my mom? I have been tricked by 'Giinnnyyyyy'

Happy 4th Birthday Farris!  Watch out for that creeper behind you, he has been known to put down some cake.

Cake for lunch, just like I like it.

Arghhh matey!


September 4, 2013


Jackson and Nash had their first day of pre-school today!  They are both going to Resurrection United Methodist Church, Jackson on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Nash on Wednesdays.  Jackson loved every minute of it, just like I knew he would.  He said his 'teacher is funny and likes jokes just like me.' Nash cried every minute of it, just like I knew he would.  His teacher said 'he had a rough morning but he did have a few happy moments.'  I guess you have to start somewhere.

I tried to get a first day photo.  Jackson picked out everyone's clothes and yes they both need bigger sizes but I just can't buy anything bigger than 24 months for Nash yet and I don't even know what size kids wear after 4T?  Stop growing so fast!

They are both realizing what is about to go down as this photo is taken. 
 Nash - 'Aww hell naw.'  Jackson - 'They got snacks!'

September 2, 2013

Labor Day!

We have been laboring away over here on this Monday Holiday.  Chocolate chip cookies, thankfully I have a very good helper.
'We can't eat these mom but maybe if we touch them then we can just lick our fingers.'  Totally my child.

September 1, 2013


This past Thursday Charlie and I headed to Columbia, SC for the UNC football season opener. We had a blast, except for the actual football game.  The boys got to hang out with their grandparents in Wilson, aka the coolest place on earth...
Post dinner prom pose at Blue Marlin.  Yep, cut all my hair off.  The first thing Jackson said 'You cut your hair just like me!'  

Tailgate time, just us boys.  ;)

Fun at Aunt Nat Nat's soccer game.

Cupcake party with Cousin Farris.  Happy 4th Birthday!

Yep, I like caakkkeeeee.