March 31, 2011

rain rain go away...

Where did my spring weather go? Where did March go? Where did my baby boy go?

We have been hanging low this week; helping out at Jersey Mike's (they raised $2,500 for the Red Cross on Monday!), catching up on some house cleaning (lots of showings-come one people!) and getting Jackson prepped for a weekend with his grandparents. Charlie and I are headed to Charleston for the annual Cooper River Bridge Run. I was in more shape last year when I walked it 7 months pregnant, whoops. What I am really excited about is some time with my main man, serious good grubbin, a few drinks, and maybe even a little Club Trio... But I will surely miss this little monkey, my back-will not.

Laundry time, do I have to do everything around here??

March 29, 2011


stinky dookie. There is really no other 'pg' way to say it. And I hate the word 'poop' so don't recommend that. Jackson wins for the stinkiest dookies in this house by far. I can usually handle it but this morning I had some gagging going on. It is unbelievable that a 10 month old can do that. I kind of want to do an experiment and only drink 32 ounces of warm milk along with pureed 'vegetable beef,' maybe some peas, a strawberry breakfast bar and a pound of puffs for the day - just to test it out. I think I will wait until I am 90 and living with Jackson, pay back, and I doubt my booty will be this cute.

March 28, 2011

they say its your birthday...

puleze move closer 2 me so we dont hav 2 skyp anymore. I am buzy and cant just stand lookin at my laptop. i have etrades to wurk on and gurlfrands to email! hope u have a happyhappy burfday, i miss u! 123!

March 27, 2011

march madness!

Our March Madness brackets were cut a little short around here. Coach Jackson got in some good belly laughs watching his dad jump up and down for John Henson while it lasted.

March 24, 2011

March 22, 2011

a year!

I have been blogging for 1 whole year now and I think some people (besides my parents) actually read it! I really do enjoy blogging and already like looking back on how much Jackson has changed my life. So thanks for reading. And if you do check it out then you should become a 'follower,' humor me people...

March 21, 2011


Jackson Arthur Farris is growing into a little boy right in front of my eyes, and a mama's boy at that! His comfort spot is in my arms, sucking his thumb and twirling my hair. Whenever someone else is holding or playing with him and I walk by he reaches out his hands for me. It melts my heart every single time. He likes for me to put him to sleep (I personally prefer his dad to do it) and wants me to get him whenever he wakes at night (I definitely prefer his dad...) and likes to hang on to me the entire time in between. It can drive me crazy at times but I miss him after I put him to sleep every single time!

March 18, 2011


Everyday around 5:00 I start to watch the clock. It is about that time that I am in need of some adult conversation, Jackson needs some good daddy laughs and Greta needs a nice long walk... I am a very blessed mama!

March 17, 2011

March 14, 2011

weekend walkin'

Just taking a break in the hammock after the walking I did this weekend. We went to Wilson and I had a few tricks up my sleeves to show my family. I took some steps (to get to my mama!) all by myself. I did a lot of waving bye-bye and chasing around my bff Greta. I hope this warm weather is here to stay because I love being outside!

March 11, 2011

lil fish

Jackson is taking 'swim lessons' at the Durham YMCA on Saturday morning and loves every thing about it. He is a big fan of the water and very trusting of his mom while we are in there. I could stay in there all day too, talk about a good back relief. So we were very excited when his doc said 'absolutely he can go to swim lessons with an ear infection!' Learn something new everyday.

March 10, 2011

ear infection

This morning I took Jackson to the doctor to check on this 80-year-old smoker's hack he has been working with the past few days. The doc confirmed that he had no fever and acted like he felt just fine (as he pulled down the computer keyboard and tasted her stethescope) so we would just need to make sure it did not get any worse. She decided to check everything else out while we were there and found out he had a big fat ear infection. What is the deal with ear infections and why do kids always have them? She said he may be a bit clingy (what's new) and may lose some of his appetite (doubtful). Otherwise the chunker (24lbs, 6 ounces) is looking cute as ever.

Where in the heck did my puff go???

March 8, 2011

#1 baby-sitter

Happy Happy 22nd Birthday to Jackson's #1 babysitter! (sorry all you other aunts & uncles, but at some point we have to face the cold hard facts) It has been awesome having Sarah right around the corner to call on any night of the week to watch the little man. He is all smiles when he sees her and unless she is a big fat liar, he goes to bed a lot easier for her than he does for me!

March 6, 2011


Meet my cousin Farris. He is 9 months older than me and teaches me lots of cool tricks. Apparently we also both love aviator ducks??...

March 4, 2011

i scream, you scream

You have never seen such a tight grip on an ice cream cone. He watched everyone very intently the whole time he ate it to make sure no one tried to take it from him. One thing is for sure, Jackson will never have to beg too hard for dessert in this family.

March 3, 2011

dr. seuss

Thanks to my mom (preschool teacher extraordinaire) we were well aware that yesterday was Dr. Seuss's birthday! I was pretty excited to take Jackson to the Durham Library where they had a Baby and Me Story Time with Cat & the Hat. They had readings at 9:30, 10:15 and 11:00am and wouldn't you know it, the one time in Jackson's entire life that he took a nap from 9:30-11:00am. Maybe I should start planning more outings and he will start taking real naps?? We all know these 'outings' are really more for the moms, Jackson would rather stay inside all day and scale the walls throughout the entire house as I follow him around.