March 29, 2013

That's what he said...

This guy said it, not me, but I am feeling what he is feeling.  Life with these boys is wonderful absolutely wonderful but sometimes I lose my cool.  OK, I lose my cool at least 3 times a day.  I even have a hole in my bedroom wall from when I threw the Very Hungry Caterpillar board book against it.  And it worked, after 1 hour of straight crying both of them stopped.  I laughed, they laughed and then we all started crying again.  I give an embarrassing grin every time I see the spot on the wall, whoops.  Check this blog post out mamas and if you are anything like me breathe a sigh of relief -

Sheesh our mom needs a breath of fresh air!

March 26, 2013

Easter Bunny

I asked Jackson if he would like to go see the Easter bunny.  After getting all the details sorted out (where he lives, does he have cousins, does he drive a car like mom, does he like peanut butter & jelly, etc) he agreed to go when dad got home and give him a high five and some pound.  When we got there he walked right up and did just that.  Nash did not mind the weird large bunny from a distance, but up close and personal, yeah that wasn't about to happen.

March 24, 2013


Building trains and watching basketball in their Sunday best.  Nash is taking a little snooze.  I may just have to prop my own feet up and rest my eyes for a few...  

Oh and the reason for another train set?? Jackson got to pick out a new toy because he has had a very successful potty weekend (hip hip hooray) and you can always use another train set.  

March 20, 2013


The first day of Spring!  How about some spring cleaning, nah.  Crafting, sure.  Old toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and bird seeds...slip it over a branch.  Wait and wait and wait for the birds to come. 

I like dis mommy, just like da birds and da squirrels, I do like it.

March 19, 2013

March Madness

This past weekend we headed to Wilson for the ACC Tournament.  Every year Charlie's family gets together with old friends to watch the games.  Jackson and Nash thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather and some serious cousin playing time.  Now we are back and it is cold and we need to clean and unpack.  But first things first, I have to work on my NCAA Tournament Bracket.  Funny thing, when I had an actual job I used to spend hours on my bracket, now I got about half an episode of Dinosaur Train.  It's game time!
'We are in a warm and comfy cozy nest mom!' -Jackson

March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's!

May your troubles be less,
Your blessings be more,
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door.

-An Irish Blessing

March 14, 2013

Day trips

Being a stay at home mom can feel like the movie Groundhog Day.  We get up, we drink milk, we change diapers, we eat breakfast, I clean up, we get dressed, I clean up, we go to the park, we eat lunch, I clean up, we nap, I clean up, we cry, we change clothes again, I clean up... yep, something like that.  Luckily the boys are good on the go.  To keep my sanity we have lots of play dates, get outside as much as possible and they run errands with me.  Whenever Charlie has the day off we try and do 'sumfin special.'  Sunday we drove out to Fearrington Village.  We had a great brunch, checked out the cows and goats, strolled along the paths and finished with some ice cream.  Maybe the best part about it, the boys took 2 hour naps afterwards.  It was just what we needed, a little dose of sunshine, a change of scenery, and a nice long snooze.  

It was a one arm kind of day.

Farmer Nash

March 11, 2013

1 year stats!

I'm slipping.  I just did remember Nash's one year wellness appointment.    I told his doctor that he is perfect but has a constant smoker's cough, is frustrated really easy, and still doesn't sleep through the night... yep she didn't believe me one bit and I don't blame her. He marched in the doctor's office, head held high with a big grin on his face.  He didn't stop babbling or pointing the whole time.  He belly laughed every time she touched him.  And cough, not one single time.  I am beginning to think he just saves it all for me, little stinker.  So the doctor confirmed, Nash really is perfect.

Height - 30.95 in. - 81%
Weight - 25 lbs. 9.7 oz. - 93%
Head - 19.76 in. - 100%** 
** off the charts.  the doc. suggested we call it the 'Nash curve,' and not worry about it.


Photo bomb!

March 9, 2013

party time

Three of my favorite things all rolled in to one good weekend.  Happy Birthday celebrating to Aunt Sarah!  Happy Tarheels vs. Blue Devils basketball rivalry of the century game day!  Happy Spring Forward tonight! So this means instead of Nash 'sleeping in' until 5am, maybe just maybe tomorrow it will actually be 6am!  I will be a little tired, but really when am I not? 


March 6, 2013


Our house is full of crap, I mean toys.  Besides the train table none keep my boys occupied for more than 3 minutes.  I try to fill up the seconds that slowly tick-tock by after short naps with coloring, painting (if I am feeling like an extra awesome mom), going outside, books and hanging out in the playroom.  Recently I have discovered the balloon.  Yep, they will watch me blow up a balloon and pop it out of my mouth for a good 30 minutes.  I may be light headed but whatever works.  Any other ideas to keep your children entertained while keeping your house somewhat clean and your sanity in tact, send them my way.

Our mom is so funny when she gets home from a 'meeting' with dad and friends...

March 4, 2013


He's back...We finally got a new bag full of balls and moved the tee from the mud pit of the back yard to the front yard.  Jackson came out swinging and Nash was ready to cheer him on.  Now if the weather would just cooperate.  Spring where are you?

'I sure am tired now.  Gonna go take a rest inside and watch some TV.  You stay here and watch Nashy.  Don't let him go in the street. Might be cars.' -JAF

March 2, 2013


Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!  Jackson told me this morning over eggs for breakfast 'try it and you may, try it and you may I say.'  And his favorite book ever is Go Dog Go!  We are big fans of the Dr. around here.  
Alrighty everyone we are working on our ABC's tonight.

Please pay attention Jackson.

Jackson, I said pay attention.