October 30, 2013


I love looking at Pinterest and getting all sorts of cute fall pumpkin decorating ideas.  And then I remember I have two boys ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 who have the attention span of well, a boy their age and the creativity of well, a boy their age.  You should see the 'art work' they bring home from pre-school.  They are what I would call 'minimalist.'  So my sister gave me the great idea to hammer nails in the pumpkins because is anything cooler than working with a 'big huuugee daddy hammer?' Nope.  And then we decided to paint them black.  I suggested a few other colors, but all they wanted was black because 'black is spoookyyy mom.'  You can't control this creativity. 

Day two - Thick black is the new black.

Day three - Yes, Dad is home!

October 28, 2013


We finally made it out to the pumpkin patch!  Ganyard Hill Farms is not far from our house and a great little spot to take kids, or Charlie.  
Getting too tall!

After explaining to Jackson this is where milk came from he informed me he likes milk, but he does not like cows milk.  Agree to disagree.

This is not that scary mom, maybe Nash can do it.  

A big ol box of corn!

Like father like son.  

October 25, 2013


My kids have been to the fair more times than I ever went in my entire child hood.  And who always wants to take them, my parents, the parents that would never take me!  Good thing, because they were right, that place is expensive and I am saving all my extra cash for fried Oreos, not the slide ride.  

I wan hoottt - doogggg! -Nash  
Do they have french fries with ketchup and dessert here?! -Jackson

Me and Will go fast on the slide and BEAT everybody!

Hey mom, this is awesome right? -Jackson

I'm so excited at the fair.  Maybe we can come back another week! -Jackson

October 24, 2013


This morning I ran upstairs to get my shoes on so we could all head to the grocery store.  While upstairs for those 25 seconds I heard the garage door open and sprinted downstairs to see how this was possible.  I couldn't make it to the garage because I spotted Nash on a tall chair that he had pulled over from the kitchen table to the stove and climbed up on (all by himself? did someone sneak in? is this a trick? not a treat, that is for sure).  I tried to remain calm so he didn't fall off and said, 'Nash what are you doing up there.'  To which he calmly turned around and replied, 'Cooking chicken.'
And the garage door.  That was Jackson.  He had climbed through an open window in the car, opened the garage door and was patiently waiting in his car seat.  'We are just pretending to be monkeys mom, can I have a banana?'  Yes we will add that to the list, bananas and more coffee, lots more coffee.  

October 21, 2013

God is so good.

Some Monday morning goodness for you.  I love how Jackson is 'looking' at the camera / smiling at himself in the mirror and Nash is singing in the background.  Thank-you God for my precious boys!

October 19, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge!

Have you ever heard of Great Wolf Lodge?  According to Jackson, it just might be the coolest place on earth.  He had the pleasure of going on a special overnight trip with his grandmama and grand-daddy and cousin Farris to this theme park / hotel.  I am already planning a trip for our family sometime this winter.  The pictures look awesome.  

Watch out Farris!

Brave Boy!

October 18, 2013

Tarheel Town

Thursday night, 'Zero Dark Thursday', UNC vs. Miami was a good game.  If you need any thoughts or details on the game, then I will direct your attention to Charlie.  He is very opinionated when it comes to his football, although he has no voice today.  The final outcome wasn't what we hoped for but we had a lot of fun anyways.  Chapel Hill turned downtown Franklin Street in to Tarheel Town, complete with Bouncy Houses and The Liquid Pleasures Band.  The boys had a good time getting their groove on and then headed home with grandparents while we went to cheer on the heels.

Everyone is kind of looking with their eyes open! That is Christmas card worthy right there. 

Get your groove on, yeah yeah

Heels House.

October 15, 2013


This past weekend we visited with Aunt Ginny in Boone and hit up Tweetsie Railroad.  Everyone had a blast, except for the actual train ride, which did not go over so well.  Maybe next year.

Building a real big huuuge fire in Ginny's yard!

Now this is the kind of horse I am talking about.

Indian Chief Big Head

My mom thinks the sky lift is scary, I love it!

Soo much fun on the train!

Yeehawww ya'll!

October 13, 2013

crazy love

Six years ago today I married my best friend.  Our first dance was Crazy Love, by Van Morrison.  It is a lot crazier now than it was  back then and a whole lot more love.  I would not change one single thing.  (Except I want those arms back, yeah I would change that.)

October 10, 2013

birthday girl

Happy 6th Birthday to our first little girl.  Thanks for always barking your brains out anytime someone comes within 100 feet of our house and proceeding to lick any lotion off of their legs.  Your the best.  Today we shall shower you with treats and maybe even take you for a walk if it stops raining.  You already rolled in geese doo-doo yesterday, convincing dad to give you a bath.  Happy Happy!

Sit Gedaa. Stay Gedaa. Good Gedaa. NO Gedaa.

October 8, 2013


It officially feels like fall today.  Not that I mind 80 degree fall weather but it feels good to wear a scarf today and drink a salted caramel mocha without sweating.  Yep, I am hooked on that over-priced Starbucks drink.    I digress, the boys and I hit up some fall festivals this weekend.  They are really starting to play with each other.  Nash says and does everything that Jackson does; ABC's, counts to ten, nursery rhyme songs.  He can even spell Jackson's name.  The other morning I heard Nash going 'J-A-C-K-S-OOO-N, Jackson!'  Ha, we need to work on N-A-S-H if he really wants to spell.  Along with playing they also like to whine and 'play' tackle.  We are working on how real football players tackle, stomach and below, hoping for no more neck tosses.  Thankfully, like their parents, they both have ginormous heads.

Ha! Caught you both looking at the camera!

Don't be shy Nashy, come and dance with me.  Sorry mom made you wear that onesie, at least it has cars on it!

Oh yeah bringing out the shakers!

A REAL firetruck! Life is good.  

October 4, 2013


Morning view
Get outta here mom we are just talking boys stuff - Jackson
Knock-Knock -Nash

5 minutes later -
Mooommmm, come help me! Bring some wipes. -Jackson
Knock-Knock -Nash

October 2, 2013


We love to have a good dance party in the afternoon.  They usually consist of a singing of your traditional ABC's.  Jackson is on the guitar, Nash breathing heavy on the microphone and me getting my groove on.  We just stumbled across this, thank-you Sesame Street, you did it again.

October 1, 2013


Nash figured out how to turn the camera around on my phone so that he can look at himself.  It is very entertaining after bath time when it is usually way past bedtime and he has maxed out.  He can check himself out on my phone while I get his PJ's on, brush his teeth, and comb his long hair (I know he really needs a cut.)  He would have made a really pretty girl, just look at this stud.

This is so cool mom!

Chinese eyes!

Hey! Don't forget about me mom!