August 31, 2015

sweet love

'Well one good thing when dad has to work at night, we get to go get sweets!' - Jackson  
'Yeahhh, mom loves sweets like us!' -Nash
Guilty as charged.

Cousin date night with Brooklyn!

Graduated to his own big ol cup.

August 27, 2015

Jackson's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

I didn't get a chance to make a cute '1st Day of Kindergarten' sign with all of Jackson's school information, Creekside Elementary and teachers, Ms. Shinn & Ms. Warren - instead what you see here is live raw footage on the morning of Jackson's first day! He was pretty pumped, not the least bit nervous and as always made me so proud.

I lost out big time on the first day outfit choice.  I sat out a new striped church and some decent shorts, and then I heard the opening and closing of his dresser drawers… Who can argue with a Hulk Smash shirt and tennis shoes that match it?!  And he still looked too stinking cute and grown-up!

Brothers pic!  Nash missed him more than I did.  When we picked him up he said, 'so tell me all about your day Jacksy.'  And then we got home and they jumped right back in to fighting...

Parents photo courtesy of Nash.  And we see where Jackson gets his fashion sense from!

Walking to school rocking his LL Bean book bag.  I remember having mine throughout high school and college so I got Jackson one hoping it will last a while.  Plus I didn't want him to pick a Paw Patrol or Blaze and The Monster Machines one, I had to put my foot down somewhere.

Teacher spy!  Helicopter Aunt Natalie checked up on him during the day.  She puts this mama's nerves at ease.  When I picked him up he told me about a scrap book they are going to make and that he hadn't learned to read yet and that he wants to eat in the cafeteria tomorrow because it is pizza day!  Sounds like a pretty stellar first day.

August 25, 2015

So long summer...

You were good to us.  We survived and some days I really wasn't so sure we would.  These guys are crazy and test every ounce of my patience.  I have had to throw out all of my type A tendencies and embrace the loud chaotic life of motherhood.  I still smile thinking that God put me 'in charge' of these three.  So please help me Jesus, (and friends and grandparents and teachers and coaches and nice grocery store workers) because I still don't have a clue!

August 23, 2015

Family Fun

We had us a low-key family fun weekend.  This week, KINDERGARTEN starts up! Aghh, not till Thursday, so I am not going to talk about it just yet.  I was attempting to clean house, get things organized and get our kids to bed at a decent hour, did not happen.  But, we had fun and are gonna soak up these last summer days.

Sno-cone truck knows where the business is.  Friday afternoon goodness with Uncle Josh.  He has been living with us this summer, because we needed another dude up in here…  And we needed sno-cones before a Chuckee-Cheese birthday party.

Family selfie at the Paperhand Puppet show at The Forest Theatre on campus.  I remember running by this outdoor show in college and thinking  who goes to this?  Well we do and it was awesome.  We sat on the front row and all my guys were pretty mesmerized, I recommend.   

Saturday morning tee-ball.  Go Fireballs.  Medals and muscles and Gatorade.   A win-win-win for Nash.

My big guy and his Hulk Smash team.  

Lounging Saturday afternoon at the pool with Cousins and Will and Tat.

Saturday evening baseball.  No bad guys are gonna sneak up on our game!

Found these two hippies mowing the backyard.  Decided to keep them.  Sorry Theo, third kid probs.

Sunday fishing! Gotcha!

Sunday Park time!  He wasn't this dirty at church, promise.

And topped it off with steaks with Spiderman.  Spidey is actually a lot more pleasant than Nashy, might just be wearing this costume all week.  ;)

August 20, 2015

15 months!

My 15 month HUNK!

Height - 32 inches - 81%
Weight - 25 lbs 9 oz - 86%
Head - 19.29 inches - 96%

August 18, 2015

Bless His Heart

Saturday after tee-ball we hit the road and headed up to Boone for the night.  We went straight to Tweetsie railroad for some Cowboy and Indian fun.  We got to go on the train, meet up with our cousins for some rides, take the chair lift up to the top and feed a few animals before the heavens opened up and the rain came down.  We took a bus back down, saw a show and played in the gift shop before we called it a day.  Sunday morning our cousin Henry was Baptized, surrounded by all his loving family.  God Bless you sweet boy!

Watching out for those Indians!

Little damp out there.

10:00pm, Hotel fun just getting started.

Farris - Asma - Carinici families.

August 16, 2015

ice cream!

We can't keep ice cream in our freezer.  Really, it is gone in 2 days flat.  My boys love it as much as I do.  In fact Jackson begs 'please mom, don't eat all the ice cream in the night.'  I should be embarrassed but it is too good to be embarrassed.  Our favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip but any other flavor will do - especially if we have 'the hard black stuff that you have to count to 30 before you can eat it but it is sooooo amazing' - Magic Shell.  Tis the season!

'Please can we have some ice cream?  We won't fight! Your the best mom ever, I love you so much. Pleassseee!'

Will dance for ice cream!

August 15, 2015

cousins sleep over!

The big guys had their annual (right? yes, please) back-to-school cousins sleepover at Grandmama and Granddaddy's house on Wednesday night.  It was awesome because they have the coolest cousins and there was the pool and pancakes and movies and ice cream. 

August 13, 2015

Birthday Girl

My mini-me-sista-sista celebrated her birthday on Monday.  This was not just any birthday because she got ENGAGED!  The boys are beyond pumped to have Zack join our family.  If they can't marry Natalie then they will let Zack…

Post limo and fancy dinner we surprised them by having both families at our house for some treats and champagne.  I can't wait to start planning, it's like the daughter I will never have...

CHEERS!  Jackson loves a good glass of sparkling grape juice.

Nephews insisted, a birthday cake was still needed!

Dolly approves!

August 12, 2015


Our cousins Hannah and Nate live in California.  A long time ago I told Jackson when he turned 5 we could go visit them.  Lucky for me he never forgets anything and I want him to always be able to trust me soooo we did it!  It was such a fun visit.  San Jose was good to us with sunny, breezy weather; good eats; good snuggly sleeps with my boy; lots of parks; maybe even a little bit of shopping!

Fun Aunt Sarah talked with JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES, and created a treasure hunt with clues, games and real treasure.  Jackson was all over it.  He did not even know that Jake lived in California!

Morning cinnamon rolls with this girl.  She is as sweet and feisty as she looks.  She rules.  But really she does.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo!  Coolest little kids park ever.  

We were here all day.  Rides, zoo, shows, jungle gym, cafeteria, etc. and all very walkable.    

Friday night we got picnic food and headed to outdoor music and watched the goof troops dance.  Jackson informed everyone he was from North Carolina and is the oldest and has 2 younger brothers that couldn't come.

Saturday morning Farmer's Market love.  I got flowers and candied nuts and kettle corn.  :)

A NINJA WARRIOR PARK!  Jackson did a lot of obstacle courses and then spotted this guy - 

'Mom, you have to take a picture and send this to Nash.  He is going to be like oh wow that is amazing.   I can't believe Spider Man lives in California too.'

Helped make some of Uncle Kyle's famous chocolate chip cookies.

And had a morning pajama donut date with Hannah and Kyle.  He could have just done that and it would be a good trip.

Sliding with Nate after church.  He is wearing a Farris boys throw-back-vintage onesie.

Missing the Fowler family already!

August 10, 2015

First Flight!

This past weekend Jackson and I went to California!  It was Jackson's first time on an airplane and just as I suspected he was perfect.  Seriously, flying with one kid who is five is easier than flying with a husband.  He was super pumped and in his true dorky fashion had already read up on flying and watched the TSA video online.  :)  He was pretty much leading me through the airport.  Apparently when you fly with a kid they let you skip the line and bring you warm cookies and gummy bears on the flight!  It was a long but direct flight and took full advantage-  watching way too much Disney Jr., I watched a movie (what what!!) we played games and did some coloring and went to the bathroom a lot.  I have never had a better travel mate.  Sorry Charlie.

Another bonus - only needs a carry-on that he can roll himself.

We got up super early so his first priority was making sure he got breakfast.  He picked out the first cinnamon roll he saw.  It was the size of his head and you can't miss that big ol' head.

Sleepy plane buddies.

Head phones on, skittles opened up, orange juice ready, time for some Paw Patrol ya'll!

August 6, 2015

Base Run Domination

Sunday we went to the Durham Bulls game with some other families.  It started at 5:00 - score.  Theo and Nash took an afternoon siesta - score.  The game was 'quick' - score.  KIDS RUN THE BASES AFTER THE GAME - SCORE.  I ran too. Nash didn't want to run and then he did and then he didn't and then he wanted me to run with him and Theo wanted me to hold him soooo we all did it.  And Jackson and Nash left me in the dust.  

August 4, 2015

3rd babe

Poor Theo doesn't get as much individual updates as his older brothers did.  I guess that is what happens when you are the third.  But I don't like it.  One day he will be big like them and I will want to look back to when he was one and innocent and slobbery and loved his mama more than anything in the world.  If I could keep him this age (and blonde and wearing mini fedoras) forever I might just do that - except for the sleeping through the night and wiping your own butt part.  He is so hilarious.  He copies everything, says 'MAAMM' and 'GOO' and 'UHH OHHH' in a deep smokers voice, while always smiling.  He eats all the time.  Every morning he wakes up first, I get him out of his crib, and he hugs my neck - maybe my favorite part of the day.  We head downstairs and he points to the pantry and starts on his first breakfast of a banana and milk, then Jackson comes down and he eats some oatmeal with him, then Nash comes down and he has a waffle with him, then Charlie makes eggs and yep he has some eggs with him.  He has consumed more in the first 30 minutes of his day than most 1 year olds do all day, so I can't complain or worry if he eats anything the rest of the day.   But he does, he always does.  The rest of his day is spent in my arms.  JK - sort of.  He plays tee-ball and walks around the pond and rides in his cozy coupe and splashes at the pool and laughs at his brothers.  He is growing way too fast.  We can't get enough of you 'baby' Theo!

August 2, 2015

Mom Brain

Saturday we had the usual early morning of 2 long hot hours of tee-ball fun.  Charlie didn't have to work so I thought it would be the perfect day for all of us to go and check out the Greensboro Science Center.  We grabbed a bite to eat at Jersey Mike's  and headed out.  (Really his day off and we couldn't think of anywhere else to go?!)  I plugged Greensboro Kid's Museum into the trusty phone GPS and we were on our way.  The place was great, like a little town for kids with a grocery store, pizza shop, post office, drs. office; big section with real trucks; a train station; outside garden, etc. etc.  After we were there for a good hour I started to wonder where all the animal and aquarium stuff was…  Oh, hey, we went to the wrong freaking museum.  It was pretty funny but kind of not funny at all.  Any how - I recommend the Kid's Museum and I am looking forward to the Science center.  And it was all worth it, because I got this picture of all my boys looking and smiling.  Might just have us a Christmas card on our hands…