November 30, 2010

birthday wishes

Happy Happy 26th Birthday to my Uncle Clint!

Me & Clint on my first out to eat trip, of course, Jersey Mike's...

Clint (and everyone else) trying to get me to nap, I tried to tell them I wasn't tired!

whoops, caught drinkin again...

November 29, 2010


"All I do is WIN WIN WIN, no matter what! Got breastmilk on my mind, I can never get enough. And every time I step up in the nursery, Everybody hands go UP!!!..." (courtesy DJ Khaled and my dad)

THANKS FOR VOTING EVERYBODY! Jackson won the photo contest and we get a free photo session on Thursday with Cat Wilborne Photography. We are heading out to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens (in the cold), now what to wear? Wish someone would hold a shopping spree contest...

November 28, 2010


God is great,
God is good;
let us thank him for our food.
By his hands we all are fed,
give us Lord our daily bread.

I said this prayer throughout my childhood before dinner with my family. It is simple but gets straight to the heart of the matter. During our busy lives I appreciate the little moments when we stop and thank God. I am so thankful for this past year, it has been my best yet.

November 24, 2010

6 months!

I cannot believe it but Jackson is 6 months old today, as in half a year old, as in 6 more months he will be 1! What happened to the time? I wasn't sleeping that is for sure...
He had his doctors appointment today and I diagnosed him with pretty much perfect. He weighed 21 lbs 9 ounces (97%), 27.8 inches (90%) and he is appropriately growing a big ol' head 18 inches (92%). He is the perfect size for snuggling and loves for his momma to hold him while he sucks his thumb and strokes the back of my hair. I am loving this age! We celebrated the big 6 months at Dick's Hotdog Stand! His mom and dad put in many fun hours of work here.

November 20, 2010


hmmmmmm, mamaaamaamaaa, mmmmm, mamamamaaa... This is what Jackson says when he is hungry, I'll take it! He is eating almost as well as he is spitting up. Still only had pureed goodness. I have thought about giving him something solid but he shoves everything down his throat so it makes me nervous. He did have some licks of his dad's strawberry fruit bar and was amazed! I am thinking of giving him some for real sweet potatoes (as in the Pioneer Woman Soul Sweet 'Taters) next week for Thanksgiving! In the spirit of Thanksgiving I think Jackson and I will watch some football and make this Mocha-Pecan Mud Pie today and see if it last till Thursday...

November 17, 2010

favor please!

Attention: anyone with a Facebook account! Log on, go to “Cat Wilborne Photography” and like her page. Then go to her holiday photo album contest and vote for Jackson by liking the picture. The winner gets a free photoshoot and my baby deserves it! If he doesn’t win, he might have to sit through another painful Christmas card photoshoot with his mom, like this one…
my sweetest boy

enough with the bright flash...

well hello ladies...

but really mom, I've had enough


November 15, 2010


When we were little my brother would dress up in his superman pajamas and fly around the house, only answering to 'thuperman.' He was very serious about this, even locking himself in our neighbors bedroom, only coming out when my mom came over and begged 'superman' to come out. The best part about it -atleast to his older sister- is he had been in there long enough to crap on the floor... (now I can really see if Clint reads the blog like he says he does) Jackson still has a while until he appreciates the Man of Steel, but ain't he just the cutest...

Clark Kent wishes he had this hair-do...

Bet Superman can't suck his big toe!

or roll over real fast...

or look good sucking his thumb!

November 11, 2010


Beans Beans, they're good for your heart,
The more you eat 'em the more you fart.
Beans Beans, the musical fruit,
the more you eat 'em the more you poot.
Like his mom and dad, Jackson hasn't met a food he doesn't like, and I am very thankful for that.

November 10, 2010


I never have my camera at the right time. I forget it or it is dead. But this shot worked out perfectly...

November 8, 2010

Jackson's weekend

I had a great weekend with family in the mountains for my cousins beautiful wedding!
Me & my dad reading in bed, I haven't caught on to the whole day-light savings thing just yet...

Family Christmas card picture time, no one is crying!

Is it time to eat yet?

Look ma, no hand!

embarrassed in that stupid toboggan...

November 4, 2010

big boy

I have refused to get Jackson any sort of 'stationary entertainer.' They take up so much space and give me ADHD just looking at them. We are also trying to sell our house (let me know if you know of anyone looking to move to the RDU area!) and these things are not easily stuffed under the bed or thrown in my car. Plus he is currently much more interested in a cup or bottle than anything else. Well, Jackson's grandma got word of this, heaven forbid he doesn't have one. So we compromised with the Baby Trend Walker, it really looks pretty dumpy compared to everything else. But... it folds up nicely and he is loving it! He can scoot around a little but mostly focuses on getting one of those bears into his mouth.
aghh, he is growing so freaking fast.

November 2, 2010

1-year anniversary!

Charlie and my brother Clint have owned and operated the Jersey Mike's of Chapel Hill for 1 year today! I am so proud of them. I do not know many people who enjoy going to 'work' as much as Charlie does every single day. Last year at this time I was just getting comfortable telling everyone that I was pregnant. I was still super cautious and made Charlie heat up all my deli meat and would not think of having a drop of caffeine. Now I am pounding down some coffee and wondering if lunch at 10:45am in acceptable. I sure hope Jackson likes subs!

A little coupon love (since I know the owner and all...)

November 1, 2010


I had forgotten that you need to be atleast 3 years old to really appreciate Halloween. Jackson kept his hotdog costume on for approximately 60 seconds before having a mild freak attack. Maybe next year we can cut some holes for the legs and give it another shot.

Homemade Winslow costumes circa 1992

Farris Halloween circa 1988

Glad the 50's poodle skirt girl and scary bearded pirate met up!