January 31, 2016

January Weather

Last Sunday everything was cancelled and we went sledding and drank hot chocolate and roasted s'mores with the neighbors because we couldn't drive anywhere and it was 25 degrees, too cold for anything else.  Today we run in leftover snow puddles, cook out and play football in t-shirts because it was 68 degrees, too warm for anything else.  North Carolina weather, although unpredictable, rocks.

January 29, 2016

This guy

Me - 'I am heading to a meeting so Aunt Nat is gonna come baby-sitt ya'll for a little while.'
Nash - 'I wanna go to your meeting.'
Me - 'Sorry, it is just for mommy's.'
Nash - 'Oh, where ya'll just eat and sit around and talk about your boobies.'

Super Snow Stud.

January 26, 2016

Fun with my boys

We have had quite a few snow days around here.  And we have had a really good time.  It is fun having Jackson around during the day to entertain us.  We (me) have had only a few meltdowns and uncontrollable outburst and farts in the face (they can't stop saying this, help me) but all in all these little guys rock.  A few pictures of the good stuff.

Hot Chocolate.  Lots of Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness packets scattered around here. 

I spotted this moment at our neighbors house one evening.  Be still my heart.

Dad teaching Theo how to roast his first marshmallow.

On our way to a Kids Pop-Up with mom.  A seriously needed energy buster.  They were sooo strong afterwards.

Some pbskids.com.  Theo is just happy to be here folks.  I can't believe they are letting me look at it!

Braved the snow for a dinner date with my super heroes.

Children's Museum of Alamance.  It was so awesome.  We hung out with some friends for over 2 hours.  Big enough with plenty to do, but small enough that everyone can roam and do their own thing.

Then we headed into downtown Graham to the Soda Shop and Grill.  Hotdogs, fries, and ice cream.  'If I don't work at Jersey Mike's, I am totally working here.' -Nash

'Moommyyy! It's cawwddd.  It's mmmm and cawddd.'

Bubbles!  Cleaning our trains and cars, because well it is a good excuse for a 4:00 afternoon bath.

January 24, 2016


It seems like for the past 6 years we have had at least one really good snow every winter.  Despite this, I refuse to buy any actual winter gear for the boys.  We layer up in pajamas and sweaters and coats and mismatched gloves and 2 hours later will all wobble outside.  Inevitably someone takes a big spill, gloves come off, underwear is filled with snow, and they have lost a tennis shoe.  So, we trek back in and make hot chocolate and cookies to take over to the neighbors for dinner.  Bless the neighbors that have everyone over for a snowy cookout, I can't walk through our front door without tripping.  

The day before the big snow.  The pond was, not that frozen, but the waters needed to be tested.  And they were.  Nash fell in.  All the way in.  I had to jump in and get him out.  It was cold and stinky and I am hoping they learned their lesson.  When I say don't get that close to the pond it is not because I am the meanest mom ever...

Day one sleet!  Dad was cranking out subs at Jersey Mike's so we stayed close to the front yard all day.  After the incident the day before I wasn't feeling very adventurist. 

Cold toe Theo.  He LOVED rolling around in the snow until he got 'coowwdd moom, I coowwwdd.'

My three cold wankstas!

Gearing up for day 2!  Baseball pants under sweatpants hold up pretty well!

Headed over to the neighborhood park to do some shredding and sledding!

Jackson was crushing the hills!

Nash was crushing the snow.

Theo is crushing any and everything he gets near.

January 21, 2016

Time for bed...

'It's time for bed.  It's time for bed.  Hey guys, it is late, bed time.  BED TIME!'


January 18, 2016

Heels House!

One of my best friends who lives all the way across the country, Portland, was in town over Christmas and came to keep me company while I was home with my sick and crazy boys one afternoon.  She even brought her awesome fiancĂ© along. I am sure they left here just itching to have kids… And if that didn't make her one of the greatest, she also offered us her parents tickets to the UNC vs. NC State game.  These aren't just any Dean Dome tickets.  They are the best in the house.  Two rows up from the UNC bench, like you are not allowed to take pictures or videos during a time out, because you can hear everything they are saying.  It really is a cool spot to be.  I hope my boys embraced it.  They will forever be disappointed in their seats from here on out.  It wasn't the best game for the Heels, but they still managed to put a whopping on the Wolfpack, always a good day.

'Why do some people sit way up there?  How do they even get up there? -Jackson
Oh, you will find out soon enough.

The life.

January 15, 2016

He lost a tooth!!

Jackson lost his first tooth!  His bottom two teeth have been just a wiggling for a while now.  He has his 'adult' teeth already growing in behind both of them.  He will not let us touch them and doesn't really mess with them at all.  Today Charlie had lunch with him and brought him his favorite, Jersey Mike's turkey wrap with honey mustard and pickles.  Charlie said he saw him spit a bite out and some blood in his mouth.  Boom, a tooth wound up on the floor.  He was the star of the table, everyone wanted to see it.  When he got home I was overly excited and he was pretty much over it.  He told me he thought he had a weird spice in his wrap.  :) We put the tooth in a plastic bag for the tooth fairy.  I asked if he wanted to write a note to the tooth fairy. 'Nope.  Do I have to put in under my pillow?'  I think he will be happy to see that crisp $1.00 bill.  We are keeping it simple around here, the tooth fairy has lots of teeth to keep up with in her future.

January 14, 2016

Football Guys

Have ya'll ever heard of Football Guys?  It is a felt football field, 2 field goals, one referee and 2 sets of football team figurines.  That is it.  My boys like to pull out their legos to add a 'dug out' (all these sports can be confusing to a 3 year old).  They are obsessed with this Christmas present.  It is Jackson's present but he is supposed to share with his brother and play it together. Nash has learned that when Jackson is in school he gets it all to himself.  The other day I played with him for almost 2 hours… what was kind of fun at first turned out to be a little mind numbing.  He likes to set up every single play.  And then we have to do the play and knock down every single figurine we just set up.  And then consult with the referee.  And then huddle up our teams on the side line and talk quietly.  And then re-set up your players for the next play.

Me - 'Alright Nash, this is going to be my last play.'
Nash - 'BUT WHY?  IT'S ONLY 14-6!'
Me - 'That is why!  I need to at least finished getting dressed before Theo wakes up from his nap.'
Nash - 'Ok mom, 20 minute half-time.  And your doing pretty good for your first time.  See told you it was totally cool.'

January 12, 2016

Doo doo doo lookin' out my back door...

A spy, a tarheel, and a naked boy all walked out into the freezing cold with silly string.

January 11, 2016

The Funk

We had a few plans this weekend but instead I got to spend a lot of quality time snuggling Theo.  It's what we moms do when our babies are sick.  He is on amoxicillan but still not feeling well.  If he would sleep through the night just a little bit, he would probably feel better, we all would.  I have made a few phone calls to one of my best friends and favorite doctor ever.  She once again reassured me that he has a virus and sometimes they just have to run the course.  Here is hoping this course has been run and we are back at it tomorrow.  I can only snuggle and look at my filthy house and listen to my other kids whine and fight but for so long.
Charlie sent me a text Saturday around 6:45 that everyone said it was fine Theo wasn't feeling well and we should head to the pizza party.  I just sent back this picture.  

January 9, 2016

Birthday Wishes!

Happy 85th Birthday to my grandmother 'Chally!'  Every now and then I think about putting a stop to the blog.  Life gets busy and I go brain dead and can't really think of what to write about. Hence the picture overload and one liners.  Then I remember how I really love looking back on my baby boys and really love not having to print a baby book or photo albums.  And, I don't want my number one blog fan to worry.  Thanks for always reading Chally!

Me & Chally, just a few years ago.  ;)

January 8, 2016

Friday Night Hoops

Too tired to stand up, but not yet tired enough to nap.  Can't stop, won't stop!  And this isn't just any ghetto rigged basketball hoop, spin it around and you got yourself a hotdog stand and an ice cream stand.  Keep living the dream my sweet Theo.

January 6, 2016


One of my most favorite things about December is Christmas cards, real mail!  I love opening the mailbox every day, hanging them all up, and going over them with the boys at breakfast.  We get some pretty awesome ones.  Here are my favorites from this year.  :)

Farris Family boys

Winslow, Fowler, Farris Family

Farris, Carinci, Asma Family

January 5, 2016

Back in session…!

Public school started back this week, it was about that time…  We had a lot of fun over break doing some 'special' things to help us get out of the house.  It takes us about 3 hours to actually get out but it was always worth it when we finally got to where we were going.

Playnation!  We haven't been here in a while and I have a big ol' 10 pass Groupon.  We will be back!

They played together nicely AND left when I asked them without crying and fighting all while being bribed with their OWN SPRITE IN A CAN!  This is basically better than a crisp $100 bill.

We raided our neighbors houses and all their new toys.  And watched the Tarheel bowl game, not what we wanted but the food was good. 

Defy Gravity.  Monkey see, monkey do, help me.  If you go before 10:00 am it is kids only and adults jump for free with them.  And everyone is tired when we leave, which I will pay a lot of money for.

He was super serious the entire time.  DUMP! BALL! DUMP & BALL!  A few of his favorite things.

Rainy evening stroll.  We had to get out and do some puddle jumping.

Stopped Rainging this weekend!  A BIWD! A BIWD!  Another one of Theo's favorite things.  We watched the birds at the Botanical Gardens.  They were all out and confused by the sunny warm weather.  Now it is freezing and I imagine they headed South or whatever they do?!  Need to google that.  

And they made their way down to the cold creek.  They loved it, I waited for someone to fall in and tried to distract Theo from going down with A BIWD!  

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, holy wow it is 2016!  We went OUT last night and had a rocking good time.  First up was New Year's in London party time for the kids and then New Year's in USA party time for the adults.  We had a really great 2015 around here and I am excited for 2016.  I am not making any resolutions to just break, in fact as one of my favorite bloggers put it -  I don't want a new, better life in 2016.  I just want new eyes to see that my life is already staggeringly beautiful.   Cheers!

 Cheers to my Sprite, in a can that I don't have to share!  2016 is starting off strong.

Cheers to my #1 boy and photo booths, love a good photo booth.