March 31, 2012

date night

Five years ago today Charlie and I got engaged at the Cooper River Bridge Run.  We have made it a tradition to run it every year since then... this year something came up, or should I say out?!  It crossed my mind numerous times to just go and do it.  After Nash's feeding frenzy this morning, it is safe to say we definitely made the right decision.  We will be back next year, and in some sort of shape, I hope!  Instead we are going on a date with no babies.  It will be quick and we will probably just talk about the babies, but that is ok.  A lot has changed in 5 years and I wouldn't change a thing.

Pre-married, pre-babies, pre-sleepless nights... I thought I needed to get in shape before the wedding, bahh hahaha

March 29, 2012

ode to the nap nanny

He lay on the couch
Sits in a slouch
He needs a nap
His mama can't rap

Into the nap nanny he goes
It was worth the money I suppose
Anyting for a little sleep
The dog best not make a peep

He sleeps in it at night
Without putting up a fight
Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby
Will you give me 3 straight hours, maybe?

This is what happens when you are sleep deprived.  How about some adult nap nannys?    

March 27, 2012


22.4 inches long- 78%
12 lbs. 6 ounces - 96%
15.9 inches head circ. - 91%

Nash had his 1 month appointment today and passed with flying colors.  He is a good eater, an all hours of the night eater, but a good eater...  Here he is in all his hairy glory at his Aunt Ginny's Fiesta Engagement party.  
Hola Senoritas!

March 24, 2012

1 month!

Happy 1 month to Nash and 22 months to Jackson. What a fast month it has been!

Das myyy bebe!

March 22, 2012

potty time

Why is it that every time we are out somewhere both my boys take massive dumps.  Jackson takes about 4-5 man dookies a day, I am not joking.  He has just started to show some interest in going to the potty.  He loves to pee-pee and then run around the house naked giving everyone high-fives.  I can't imagine what he will do when he takes a dookie in there.  Cart-wheels anyone?  Send any boy potty training advice my way, I would like to get this started sooner than later. 

Don't be talking bad about my brother mom!

March 20, 2012


Today is the 1st day of spring, it is sunny and 70 here, my sister is coming to visit tomorrow and I have 2 healthy handsome baby boys!  Not that we ever needed an excuse to eat cake, but still...

March 18, 2012

game day

Sorry for the bad quality but we had to sneak and get this video of Jackson watching the game. Be careful of what you say or do around this little boy.  He is watching and taking in our every single move.

 Looks like Jackson is well on his way to becoming a typical Carolina fan...  

March 16, 2012

march madness

March madness has taken on a whole new meaning around here!  This is the one time in my life I wouldn't mind a 6:00am basketball game time over a 9:00pm.  I am learning, when baby boys are asleep, I better be asleep.
Happy 3 weeks!

March 14, 2012


Jackson is fitting into his role as 'big brother' more and more each day.  He is very excited to see the 'bebe' in the morning and give him some love.  'Loves' can be anything from a kiss on the cheek, a high-five, licking his ear, pulling his hair, or a pat on the stomach.  I can't say that I blame Jackson, I wouldn't mind biting those sweet cheeks either.  He also helps bring diapers, wipes, pacis, socks, clothes and anything in his site that we might need.  :)   
We are still working on what Jackson can do while Nash is eating.  He really likes to rub my hair and suck his thumb while laying on me, I am irresistible.  If he is not doing that he realized he can get away with a few things - getting all of the blueberries out of the fridge and rolling them on the floor, going out the garage door, pulling everything out of the toy chest - and this was just in one feeding.  

March 12, 2012

cooking with kat

We headed to Wilson this past weekend for some quality family time and ACC tournament action.  My mom was attempting to get us to stay the whole week by baking up some of my favorite sweets, it almost worked.  Jackson quickly realized this was something he wanted in on...

 Gradually add flour, mmmkkk, I got this.

 Keep on adding those chocolate chips.

My mama made me do it.

Chewy Bars
1 stick melted butter
1 egg
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup self rising flower
May add nuts or chocolate chips (do this, duh)

Mix margarine, sugar and egg and vanilla together.  Gradually add flour.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  Shake down.  Bake 8 minutes more and shake down. 
And you can always double it... yeah you are gonna want to double it.

March 9, 2012


Someone has gotten to spend a lot of time with his dad these past 2 weeks. (It's already been 2 weeks?!)  They have done some serious exploring outside, letting Nash and I have a little alone time.  Yesterday they went to get haircuts... Charlie said he wanted to get his monies worth...  Someone really looks like a BIG brother now.

I am one lucky girl.

March 7, 2012

new borns

I have to remind myself that Nash is only a 'new born' for a few short weeks.  I wish I could bottle up the smell of his neck, his sweet hums while he breathes, his struggle to open his eyes, his milk crusted mouth, his tiny hand grasping my finger, his socks constantly falling off his feet, his little diapers, his hiccups... I could go on and on.  What a precious miracle.
For this child I prayed, and the Lord answered my prayer.  1 Samuel 1:27

March 5, 2012

time to eat!

Jackson is a bit confused... should he be scared? laugh? upset?  My apologies to 'bebe' for keeping him out to long, mama should know better by now.

The crying baby asked to remain anonymous.

March 3, 2012

morning loves

Big brother Jackson was in for a real treat when he came home from visiting his grandparents last weekend.  To his delight, he got a train table!  Oh yeah... and a little brother.  It was a tough few days learning to share mama but he has already turned into a good 'big boy' helper.  The only question he has is why in the heck Nash is getting his 'yumyum' like that?!
Some good morning loving, melts my heart everytime.