August 29, 2013


You can get everything you need at Target and lots of stuff you don't need.  To prevent the latter from happening I just take Jackson and Nash with me.  We literally run through the aisles tossing only the necessities in the basket while handing out fruit squeezes and yelling 'EXCUSE ME MAMA' over and over at the top of our lungs.  Jackson has learned when someone is busy to say 'Excuse me' to get them to talk to you.  Now Nash yells it. It is starting to back fire.  I was explaining to Jackson that he needs to save money if he wants to buy a toy.  To which he logically replied, 'maybe we can get some money from Target and then get a toy.'  See, you really can get everything from Target.
Safety first.  But really can someone who works at Target please do an overhaul on their carts.  The 'kid' carts are huge and I refuse to push it while Jackson and Nash run around the store. OK, thanks. 

August 27, 2013

Jackson says...

While walking over to the park yesterday I called out to Jackson. 'Wait for Nash, he is still feeding the turtles.' To which he sang out 'Your gonna miss me when I'm gone! When I'm gone, when I'm gone, Nashy gonna miss me when I'm gone.'  It is a catchy little song.  

August 26, 2013

dad time

He makes it look so easy.  Both boys playing nicely, learning even.  His feet propped up.  Dang it dad is good...

August 24, 2013

1 1/2!

This stud is 1 1/2 years old today! What did he do to celebrate?  Any and everything his older brother did of course.  They watched some Word World, went to the pool, told a few jokes, played some baseball,  read lots of books and ate freeze pops.  One day they are going to be best friends.  But right now I am still Nash's best friend and I am going to soak up every single minute of it.  He loves his MA-MA-MA-MA-MA and boy do I love him!

What's up ya'll, I'm 1 1/2 today!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Cow. Cow who?


August 21, 2013


I guess this is what they mean by 'sleeping like a baby.'  Now if he would only do this at night time.  Life is good around here but what if we all slept 8 hours straight at night (or 7, I'll gladly take 7).  Life would be really really good.  I might even consider having another one.  I might mom, don't go ordering stuff.

August 19, 2013


We just got back from an awesome trip to visit the Corona family in Atlanta.  I wished they lived closer - seven hours in the car with boys equals one too many knock-knock jokes and a few too many dirty diapers.  It was great catching up with with some of my best friends and I am pumped to watch all our kids grow up together.  We have plans for them to be college roommates and their annoying moms can can decorate their dorm rooms and spy on them at parties.  Say I won't.

Tyler and Jackson at The Georgia Aquarium, super cool for all ages. 

Pancake breakfasts thanks to the boys!

So fresh and so clean.

I am gonna miss that baby and the ball pit and pancakes from Tyler's house mom. -Jackson

Nightly dance party obviously.

Braves Game!  They won!

Checking out that swing.  Looks good from here.  

August 16, 2013


After dinner we do popsicles.  One of us takes the boys outside (Charlie) while the other cleans up the huge mess that was made in the 60 seconds it takes them to guzzle down their food (me).  I don't mind. I could clean up a lot faster if I didn't sneak ice cream bites and look at Facebook, oh well.  Summer please stick around for a little bit longer.  We are true warm weather southerners around here.  

August 15, 2013


If we are ever having a bad day we head outside.  A little change of scenery always helps.  If we are still having a bad day we take off our clothes and pull out the bubbles.  Because really how can that not be fun.  

August 13, 2013

summer weekends

This past weekend we headed down to Wrightsville for a little beach action.  Our friends have a condo right on the water that they so graciously let us use.  It was perfect, I want one, everyone start eating at Jersey Mike's, we will buy one, and then you can come visit us.  OK, sorry getting ahead of myself.  We headed out to the beach in the morning for a little while, but in order to get to the beach you have to walk past the pool and everyone knows pools are way cooler than the beach?!??  Well at least to little boys who are learning how to swim and love to jump in the water over and over and over.  It was a good time and we will be happy to go back anytime anyone needs us to check in on their beach place.

Stud, got his dad's head and his mama's belly.

Falling asleep on the beach while drinking a juice box, you can't beat it. 

Jackson's swim lessons with Coach Katie! He did not want to go at first but then I bribed him with 'something special.'  Naturally he chose to go get a donut.  After his swim practice he yells across the pool.  'Mom! I did swimming and now we get to go get a donut!'  So proud...

August 10, 2013


My baby sister turns 21 today!  I can't even remember turning 21... because it was so long ago.  Happiest of birthdays to our Nanny-Nat.  We love you and can't wait for you to come baby-sitt soon.

Early birthday dinner.  I cut all my hair off, official 'mom-do.'

I was probably 17, Natalie 7?  We look the same. :)

August 9, 2013


You know what I love? When Tat-Tat comes to visit.  My mom gets more things done in a day than I can write on my 'to do' list.  I mean really she manicured our whole yard yesterday.  We have lived here 2 years now and not done that yet.  I guess it had gotten pretty bad?!... 

She brings her own tools and has cute 'workers.'

Ahmm, I don't know what is going on here.

We graciously took her to the Life & Science museum for all her hard work.  :)

August 8, 2013

male model

I think this little guy should be a model one day.  Charlie thinks he should be a football player.  Maybe a model for football calendars?  Are we turning in to those parents who live out their dream through their children?  I mean I was so close to being a professional model and Charlie an NFL player.  It is only natural that we would produce such beauty...

Cover shot.

Can someone just please cut my mullet?

I gladly accept 'pop-pops' (popsicles) and tawbaarry (strawberries) for payment.

August 5, 2013


Now this is a good way to start your Monday morning, even if it is way too early.

Me: Hey Jackson, I love you!
Jackson: Hey, I love you mom!
Me: Wait a minute, I love you!
Jackson: We both love each other! And I'm gonna give you this many kisses. (Holds up 10 fingers)

August 2, 2013


While having dinner with some friends the other night, someone asked how is sweet Greta?  This friend has no kids just one very loved puppy dog.  She is good! I think, I hope I let her inside, I need to feed her when I get home, she better not have peed upstairs out of spite, and she needs a bath sometime this summer.  Greta is good but if you want to come walk her or pet her, I am sure she would love it.  She really is a good dog but man she drives me crazy.  Today this same friend sent me this article, I love this article, If you're having a baby, don't get a dog.

An evening stroll with my first 'baby.'