June 30, 2016

$1 movies!

Jackson has been at baseball camp this week so it was a perfect time for us to go to a movie.  Jackson does not like watching movies?!??  At some point in his life he watched the slightest scary G rated kids movie and now he refuses to watch them.  Any sort of scary music and he is over it.  On Wednesday mornings they have $1 movies at the fancy Silverspot Cinema.  We were late getting tickets so we had front row seats which I wasn't too excited about.  But, they are awesome.  Big lounge chairs to spread out in and room in front of us for Theo to walk around.  We saw Horton Hears A Who, and everyone really liked it.  Bonus, kids popcorn and drink is $2!

We went with friends, one of which has 4 boys, bless her!

June 29, 2016


We so crafty, just kidding!  It rained all day earlier this week and I needed something to do with my boys.  I went to pinterest and looked for some easy 4th of July crafts.  We dumbed down 'cupcake liner craft' and instead decorated coffee filters with markers, folded and cut them, then glued to a black piece of paper for... wait for it, fireworks! Our skills runneth over.  They suggested 'glitter of course' but I am not so sure what part of 'of course' they are talking about.  


June 26, 2016

When dad is away...

Mom goes cray!  I do not know how single parents do it or those whose spouses travel for work or those with more than one kid (me included) without going absolutely bonkers.  It is constant.  Constant talking and fighting and playing and snacking and always so loud.  We made it and had a good time and I didn't have to go to the ER.  Welcome home daddy, here are your chillins...

Lots of pool time.  Jackson is pretty good at swimming.  Nash knows his limits and Theo likes to JUMP, over and over and over.  We have sweet neighborhood friends that I send out a mass text to and they meet us at the pool and help out.  We were contemplating joining a bigger community pool behind our house, but I think we have one more year at our small neighborhood pool.  It is so easy to load up the wagon and walk right over.  

Nash.  He is his father's child.  

Fishing.  I hear this is supposed to be relaxing.  Fishing with 3 small boys and fishing hooks is not relaxing.

I had to put up the fishing poles.  I was tired of getting hooked and untangling lines and pulling fishing poles out of the water.  We pulled out the nets and caught tadpoles instead.  A much more friendly mom 'past time.'

Ice cream! I told them if they were good we could get ice cream.  They were not.  But I really wanted ice cream.  So I pretended they were.  That ice cream was good. 

Saturday morning at Kidzu!  I was afraid they would be busy and the place is kind of small but they were not at all.  All 3 can kind of roam around on their own and check things out.  

It was 'local artist' day and this guy was going screen prints!  Look out for 'my 3 sons' in your local paper.  Whoop whoop!  I said of course she could take pictures of them, me, not so much.  ;)  Jackson and Nash made some really cool prints and are planning to color them and hang up in their 'clubhouse' they want to build...?!

This guy should be able to help them out!

Grocery store donuts!!!  They couldn't eat the donuts in the store, so they waited till we got all the way to the parking lot!  Oh man I love these crazy dudes.  

June 24, 2016

cousin camp!

Hannah-banana and Nate the great came and stayed with us for a few days this week before heading back West.  We had 'cousin camp' and everyone had a really loud time.  Today, we rest.  Just kidding, kids don't do that.  But we miss them like crazy already.  Here are some pictures of the good stuff!

Lunch at Jersey Mike's!  "I love Jersey Mike's the most because it has the best cookies and brownies!' -Hannah

Dinner at Chuck-eee-cheese!  It was a Hannah request, when we go to North Carolina can we go to chuck-e-cheese?!  It was everything she dreamed of and more.  

Durham Bulls baseball game!  It was h-o-t.  And this is the longest Nate sat in his seat.  :)  

My boys made it the longest.  Icee game is strong! And the Bulls won!

Peace out kids.  Adults ONLY dinner at Venable! They had pizza and a very patient baby-sitter.

We have not been in a really long time.  An entire new tree house area with a stream you can get soaked in... yeah?!...  It was everyone's favorite part of course.  

 Everyone went to Town Hall Burger for the last night dinner.  I have never been here before and thought it was really good!  They also had trivia, Jackson's Allstars had a good showing the first 2 rounds.  My gamer cannot wait to go back.  

June 22, 2016

Time for your check-up!

Theo had his 2 year old (and 1 month) check-up this week and was as gooberific as ever.  I think the doctor said he looked great but it was hard to hear or think or talk as we had our ever present 'helpers' with us.  
Stats of our little nugget - 
Height - 35" - 68%
Weight - 30 lbs - 77%
Head - 19.8" - 86%


Don't mind us doc...

June 20, 2016

She's Married!!

My baby sister Nat-Nat, Nat-Skat, Nat-Dawg, and most recently Nanny-Nat is married!!  We had the most perfect wedding weekend with the prettiest bride you could ever imagine.  Everyone was gorgeous, the bride and groom rocked it, and the ring bearers did pretty good too!  Here are a few pictures of the goodness that happen.  I can't wait to get the ones her photographer took, I'll be sure to share them.  Happy Honeymooning Nat & Zack!!!

Thursday we arrived in Wilson to a bouncy house.  Because like I have said before, Nanny Nat is the best Aunt of 7 around.  

The sisters at the Bridesmaids Luncheon.

The original Winslow kids and spouses at the Rehearsal dinner!
It is always my favorite part.

Wedding Day Brunch with Uncle Zack!!

The prettiest bride you ever did see!

And her pretty bridesmaids.

And her beautiful flower girls!

And her studly ring bearers!

They did it!  Natalie and Zack before walking out of Fleming Stadium to the reception.

Sweet Jackson had a little moment.  I think he was a little worried about this whole getting married thing and not coming back.  Good news, they are living a few blocks down from us!!

No one was allowed on the actual baseball field, except Nash, he doesn't do rules, or listening, or...

Theo, taking a break from it all.  He was a trooper.

A few of the sweet cousins!


June 15, 2016


We went to Atlantic Beach for a few days with the entire Farris family for some fun in the sun.  Our days consisted of the beach, Monopoly, lots of food and drinks and a few naps.  We had to cut it a little short because.... it is my baby sister's wedding week!

The Asma, Carinci, Farris Families!  That is a lot of chillins'!

Beach Bums.

The oldest, wisest, loudest cousins!

Beach life is hard ya'll.  

Monopoly!  After 3 days, I am not kidding, Jackson won.  Charlie has the patience of a saint and the desire to WIN when it comes to playing some games, as does his oldest son.

Boggy Gamers.

We headed to Morehead City for dinner and ICE CREAM one evening.

Like I said, beach life is hard ya'll.

June 12, 2016


I asked Jackson to keep and eye on Nash and Theo while I hopped in the shower.  I forbid them from going downstairs.  The last time he 'watched' them, Theo walked right out the front door.  I saw him as I gazed out the bathroom window butt naked.  I only tell you this in hopes that the same has happened to you before and now you don't have to feel that bad about it.  Anyways, this time went a lot better.  Nash played football, Theo was the referee, and Jackson was the 'coach'.  He has on headphones and is playing a game on my computer.  This guy has it figured out.

June 10, 2016

Last Day!


My big boy on his last day.  Good news, his first day of school shirt finally fits him, he can READ, loves to do Math problems and still comes and gets in my bed in the morning and says 'I love you mom.'  He can't be any sweeter.

And he wanted me to video tape what level he is on in Lexia.  This is a computer program they do at school.  He is obsessed with it.  I could benefit from it...

June 9, 2016


When do you cook dinner?  Anything that takes more than 30 minutes just isn't going to happen around here.  And anything that does take more than 30 minutes, I guarantee my kids will not like it.  My summer go to is a caprese salad (me), corn on the cobb (Theo) and Dino nuggets (Jackson & Nash).  Dad likes it all.  Yesterday, Nash helped me make this Squash and Tomato Casserole.  It is pretty easy, kinda healthy, and has bacon and cheese.  He even liked it, just not the yellow and red parts...  Pass along any easy summer 'go-to' dinners!

The resident sous chef.

June 7, 2016

Ball all day.


This one is not lacking in confidence, that is for sure.  

June 6, 2016


We had us a nice and steamy weekend over here.  Highlights included pizza and pool, a reunion, helping with a move, pizza and pool, and the dreaded garage clean out.

Friday evening pool & pizza time with our neighbors.  And donuts, it was National Donut Day for crying out loud, as if we needed an excuse.

'I wan some mo ice ceamm!'  Some had Parker's BBQ, others went straight for the dessert.  No idea where they get it from.

Sweet Elaine who puts the reunion together always has toys for the kids to take when they leave.  Mine picked recorders.  They have already gone missing?!

Some super studs helping Aunt Nat and very soon to be Uncle Zack moves some stuff!

Sundays at the pool.  He had a big morning of baseball, church, lunch and then pool.  I was hoping he would crash out there but no such luck. 'i re-waxin.'

Yardsale.  Nope this was all in our garage, and most of it went right back in...  So much stufffff