November 29, 2016


You are looking at the face of the 1st grade class spelling bee champion! He had a list, we did a little bit of practicing and boom he did it.  He did not get this from his mother.  Next up is the grade level, then the school, then the county, the Washington DC and it is on ESPN!  He has very high hopes.  

November 27, 2016

Football Sunday

Tis the season.  Some are getting their trees and decorating for Christmas, for others football still dominates on Sunday.  The neighborhood boys (dads) were going hard.

November 25, 2016

Gobble Gobble

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!  For his mercy endures forever. -Psalm 107:1

Happy Thanksgiving to all my crazy turkeys!  We were grateful to be able to make our rounds and see lots of family on Thanksgiving day.
1st stop, Grandmama and Grand-daddy's house for a serious grubbing lunch and some fresh air.  Obviously, these dudes did not eat as much as I did. 

Next up, a visit with Papa!

And finally we popped in on Chally & Billy-daddy - who happens to have the coolest chair ever.  On our way out Billy-daddy reminded us to count all our kids, he didn't want us to 'accidentally' leave any behind.  Ha!

November 23, 2016

Tar heeling

We got some spoiled Tarheels around here, living all of 5 minutes away from UNC we get to see our fair share of sporting events.  Saturday we got to partake in a Tarheel football victory and today a Tarheel volleyball domination.  ACC champs!

One of our favorite families came up for a visit before the game.  I mean really, the cutest Tarheels you ever did see.

A few of my favorite things - my boys, ice-cream, and Tarheel football.

'Go Taw Heels Bollyball!' - Theo

Had to get their picture taken on the real volleyball court!

I don't actually know what is going on here.

November 21, 2016

Taste Test!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Our neighbors invited us over for an ice cream taste test, every pregnant woman's dream, so we practically sprinted over.  They are from Texas and big fans of Cookies and Cream Blue Bell Ice Cream, we are self proclaimed ice cream connoisseurs and wanted to introduce them to the Harris Teeter All-Natural Bits of Cookie.   After a few tough rounds, Blue Bell won out with their cookies and cream.  We are super scientific and experimental around here. :)

November 20, 2016

lunch date

I had the pleasure of joining Jackson and his some of his best buddies (hey CAL!) for a good ol' 10:20am school lunch yesterday.  Our conversation included; besides Cam Newton, who is the best NFL quarterback?  Who has a girlfriend???  They are both currently available if you were wondering. And I heard some pretty awful jokes.  Jackson didn't stop giggling the entire time, grubbed out on his Jersey Mike's and gave me a big hug and 'I love you mom' when I left.  I am loving this boy, his goofy friends, his school and the fact that he still likes me to come for lunch.  

November 17, 2016

car nap

The last time this happened, I can't remember.  Thank-you Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.  I needed a good drive-thru milkshake but I knew they would smell it out and be up in no time.  I pulled in the garage, left the car radio on and headed inside to prop up my feet (sike - first had to clean kitchen stankness).  The car battery may have died, but I say it was worth it.  

November 15, 2016


Oh Monday.  No one loves a Monday morning like my 'sweet' Theo.  I tread on the word 'sweet' these days, he is learning quickly from his brothers and dude can be somewhat of a maniac.  But he is sweet to his mommy, that is for sure.  We are best friends.  He loves nothing more than to hang out with me.  I love it, but the separation anxiety is real.  He hates a baby-sitter or me running an errand alone or dare I go to the bathroom without letting him know.  We will soak it up for the next few months.  Then I am sure he will be obsessed with helping out his baby sister...

'My mom is sooo funny!'

November 14, 2016


With election day and Veteran's Day last week we did not have much order around this house.  Between trips to the Minute Clinic and Urgent Care we tried to fill it up with some fun stuff.

We were ready in our Tarheel gear for a neighborhood throw down on Thursday night for the football game.  Shockingly, Nash got a fever, we hit up the Target Minute Clinic, loaded up on meds and blue Icees instead.  It was a rough night for all the Tarheel fans.  

FARRIS, SOPHIE, BETSY & OLIVIA came to visit on Friday!  They all entertained themselves and I got to hang with Aunt Emily, it was glorious.  Jersey Mikes for lunch, the best Gatorade and Doritos around town!

A pig picked and some football on Saturday afternoon.  We have some serious fall weather going on right now.

Fire! Fire! Fire!  How to entertain boys, let them play with fire.

November 10, 2016

Election is OVER!

The election is OVER.  I think we all had the same feeling about it.  A trip to Target and chocolate donuts helped.  I don't want to post about politics on the blog, Donald Trump won and will be the next President of the Unite States.  I am glad my boys are still nice and young and I didn't have to explain all of this political hoopla to them yet.  Jackson wanted to know if he got a trophy and if he has to live in the White House and does he get to play Pokemon.  All legitimate questions when you are in first grade.  We are going to pray for him and be extra kind to everyone, even our brothers.

November 7, 2016


I have been prepping for a 4th boy for about 16 weeks now.  A boy would have been great, really, I know what to do with boys, or what not to do I should say.  A girl, would be exciting, very exciting.  But, I had NO idea I would be THIS excited to have a vagina inside my belly!  We did the 4D ultrasound so I could find out asap if we were going with blue or pink.  Patience and surprises are something I do not do.  Just Charlie and I went because I was a nervous wreck?!  I drank lots of orange juice on the way there and contemplated putting some vodka in it (I kid, I kid!) so that the baby would hopefully be moving around, legs wide open.  It took a little while to confirm, all the while the smile on my face getting bigger and bigger until boom, 'It's a girl!'  I did not cry or scream, I just could not stop smiling, my face hurt at the end of the day.  The only person who may have been a little more excited was Charlie.  This pregnancy has been way different than the last 3 and not in a good way.  I did have a little inkling it could be a girl.  I also knew it could be because I was older and exhausted and have terrible skin and a gut that popped out before I saw the positive pregnancy test.  Now I can blame it on a sweet baby girl and that makes everything a little easier.  Her big bros thought it was a boy.  I would say they were about as indifferent as can be when they found out it was a girl.  We did pink donuts as the 'big reveal.'  Like I said, haven't been feeling well, my creativity not at its best.  Jackson was pumped for donuts, Nash was very intrigued on how they know it is a girl and Theo is not happy with any of this.  He knows something is going on and he is not happy about it.  I am a little bit pumped for some pink.

November 6, 2016

My Brave Boy!

On Saturday morning a chill was in the air, the sun was shining, and it was game day in Chapel Hill.  We loaded up the suburban and headed to do a little tailgating with some friends.  Charlie and Jackson were heading to the game and the other boys and I a birthday party to go to.  But, we decided to make a detour right on over to the ER instead. Right as we were leaving the tailgate, Jackson jumped in the back of the Suburban and the hitch caught his upper thigh perfectly.  I say perfectly because his pants did not rip, no blood was spewing out, I kind of thought he hit his man parts and was just being a little wimpy about it.  He and Charlie were about to start walking to the game when the poor guy said, look dad, and I heard Charlie let out an 'Ohhh shiiaattt.'  I ran over, took one look at his raw thigh popping out and said in the car we are heading to the ER.  Luckily, we were all of a block away and the ER was empty.  They took us all right in and checked Jackson out.  Luckily it was not much blood just a bulging tear, no pics, it was too nasty.  They cleaned him up, numbed him up, shot him up and then gave him a little Valium before getting 11 stitches.  Jackson was a rock star throughout the entire thing.  And kids Valium is just as hilarious as you would think.  His sweet dorkiness was in full effect.  It all really went as well as it possibly could, the best part, daddy and his bros were with us the whole time.  Now we just have to attempt to keep him calm and these stitches in.  

Waiting on the docs, watching a little tar heel football.  Sweet Nash was always close by for any commentary.

They let us use the adjoining to spread out with an extra tv and Theo decided to make himself comfy.

Brave boy watching his thigh get stitched right on up.

November 3, 2016


Hello November!  You know one thing I am thankful for, that Halloween has come and gone and left us with a lot of mini candies!  A few pictures from our festivities.

1st Grade 'Fall' party.  They got to dress as 'characters' from their favorite book, ha.  

Robin and Minnie Mouse headed to our Neighborhood Halloween Parade & Party.  When Brooklyn got out of the car Theo proclaimed, 'You look booootiful!'

Look at all of the awesome stuff you could do here! 'I wan do baseball, I wan bat, I got 3 points, go teamers...'

Pumpkin carving.  They lasted approximately 45 seconds and left me there to finish it off...

Yep, same with this guy.  I do like the helmet idea though.

The younger treaters in the DC neighborhood, ready to roll out!

This guy was in his element.  He and his dad worked the neighborhood for hours.  And he shares with his mom, because if he doesn't, he has to give it all away. (to me)

November 1, 2016


Juno & Paulie!  The bump is real.  We got one more coming. A baby is in there and pizza, lots of pizza.

I guess you could call this our official baby #4 is on the way announcement.  I am currently 16 weeks and thankfully feeling a whole lot better than I was the past few months.  I have already lost all control and am well on my way to 'crazy mom' so what is one more?!  Oh yeah, one more, gulp.  This past weekend we had an ultrasound and told the big bros what was to come.  They are mutual on the matter -