May 30, 2013


I almost forgot to post J-man's favorites as a 3 year old! Everyday he ask me, 'Am I still 3 today?' 'Yep you are still 3.'  'When can I be 2 1/2 again?' Sorry bud, wish it worked that way.

Jackson's 3 year old Favorites

TV Show - Dinosaur Train
Song - Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill, ABC's
Foods - chicken & fries, pizza, peanut-butter & jelly, yogurt, fruit squeezes, Jersey Mike's wraps & cookies
Candy - fruit snacks
Toy -dinosaur figurines, train table, any balls, Go fish, bubble gun
Book - Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever (random), Mr. Funny, Where the Wild Things Are
Activity - baseball & riding his bike

How can I help ya? 

May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend

We had a great weekend around here!  Charlie did not work Saturday OR Sunday (long for him) AND we did not go out of town!  Don't get me wrong I love getting out and going places but we have been somewhere every single weekend these past months and have lots of other things coming up so it was nice to take it easy.  Our neighborhood pool has opened and the boys enjoyed the freezing water.  Charlie and I enjoyed a new date night dinner spot Geer Street Garden in Durham, we will be back.  On Memorial Day we went to Unc and Brit's pool with my family where they have a 'big hugeee slide' and 'bouncy slide houses' and beer dives for adults.  Yep, you heard that right, yep, I finally got in the water.   We finished off the weekend with a Durham Bulls game.  Welcome summer time, we are so glad you are here.

Don't even try to get a bite!

Refill please...

May 25, 2013

party time

Jackson was very excited about his birthday 'party.'  We had it in Wilson which may as well be Disney World in Jackson's eyes.  We all met for dinner at his favorite spot, Dick's Hotdog Stand and then had cake, ice-cream and balloons (J's request) at my parents house.  He loved every single minute of it.

I love french fries dipped in massive amounts of ketchup!!

Maybe it's a huge piece of candy! (sorry to disappoint just a soccer ball the only thing you repeatedly asked for)

A new big boy bike! Thanks grand-mama and grand-daddy!

A Dinosaur Train cake! I did not make this but I did call The Sweet Spot and told them Jackson loved the show Dinosaur Train and could they come up with something in one day that didn't cost that much?!  Pretty freaking awesome.

Leftover cake at pre-school with my best buds, Vivi & Everett!

Best day ever, I finally get to play at my brother's school and eat cake with him!

May 24, 2013

Birthday boy!

I can remember the birth of Jackson Arthur Farris like it was yesterday.  I will spare you the details but since that day he has filled my life with complete joy.  Just today he brought home a certificate from his last day of pre-school.  He was awarded 'most considerate.'  I cannot think of anything more appropriate for this sweet, funny, thoughtful son and big brother.  Whenever someone is upset or crying (mainly his bro) he always ask 'what can make him happy?'  He then makes some 'funny faces' tells some 'jokes' or makes 'poot' noises- that usually always works.  He enjoys life and himself.  I enjoy life more with him in it.  Happy 3rd Birthday to my big boy!

Superrrr Jackson!!!

May 22, 2013

dirty ALWAYS

Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it.

May 18, 2013


We headed out to Waller Farms yesterday for some strawberry picking.  Nash picked and ate his fair share while Jackson was more interested in going to see the horses and cows.  We headed home with lots of strawberries and I need some good recipe ideas. So far I like to cut them up and put them on top of ice cream and drizzle it with Magic Shell.  Yep, Magic Shell.  If you haven't had any since you were a kid, go get some now.
Strawberry picking is serious business.

May 16, 2013


Jackson is slightly obsessed with baby Hannah.  He talks about her all the time.  It has become a pretty good bribing mechanism.  Baby Hannah will come over to our house after you get your haircut.  OK, let's go get my haircut!  Baby Hannah cannot be around big boys who say bad words (poopee, peepee,doodoo,etc)  OK, sorry to baby Hannah.  Last night after putting him to bed he yelled out.  'Hey mom before you go I got a joke for you!'  'OK, let's hear it.'
Knock Knock
Who's there?
A Baby Hannah.
A Baby Hannah Who?
Baby Hannah likes to eat milk from Aunt Sarah's boobies!

May 14, 2013

my loves

I love these two boys with every piece of my heart.  I love our 'Mother's Day' picture.  I love that the only way Jackson would take one with me is if he got to climb the tree and sit in it by himself.  I love that Nash refuses to smile, not just not smile but frown, all the time.  I love that my hair looks decent and is not in a pony tail for once.  I love how lucky I am in love!

May 12, 2013

Mother's Day!

But in all seriousness, this is so true.  Sometimes I want to go to the bathroom all by myself.  Who knew I was so selfish.  Who knew just how unselfish my mother was and still is!  Wow, many thanks to all the moms out there, this stuff is not easy.  You are every bit of amazing.  Happy Mother's Day!

May 10, 2013


I am heading out to California for the day, yep one whole day, to capture my niece Hannah (and her mom) and bring her back to North Carolina!  Jackson is very excited to see his 'baby girl cousin Hannah.'  He wants to show her all his soft toys and pat her gently because he loves baby Hannah.  He is also very concerned about how I am going to drive a plane and who is going to teach me because only babies sit in the back and I have to drive.  It all makes logical sense to an almost 3 year old!
Welcome to Cali Aunt Beks, where the milk flows like water.

UPDATE - I typed this before I actually left.  And I am not actually leaving because I got the stomach bug the night before my 7:45am flight.  I am currently recovering but learning you can't really be 'sick' if you are a mom but instead just deal with it.  Praying it is just food poisoning or something and no one else gets it.  Safe flying Hannah and Sarah, I am ready for some snuggles!

May 8, 2013


Somebody got caught eating cake for breakfast.  I have NO idea where he got this idea from?!  We have got too many birthdays going on during the month of May, and you sure can't waste cake.  After this Nash wanted a Popsicle and then some fruit snacks and then a dog treat.  He is such a health freak.   

May 7, 2013


Happy Happy Birthday to my bestest friend, my mom.  I am working on being half the mom that she has been to me.  If I succeed then these boys will be spoiled rotten.  But then again, they already are by their 'Tat-Tat!'

May 6, 2013


Last week we took Jackson and Nash to Kanki.  Jackson loved it almost as much as his mom and dad. We used to go on dates here almost every other week in college. Helllooo freshman fifteen. Tonight Charlie told Jackson to come inside for dinner.  He hollered back, OK let's go to Kanki!  It was hard to say no...

May 2, 2013


Happy Happy 25th Birthday to Grandaddy!!  We 'surprised' him with a big ol' party this weekend packed with his favorites; family, friends, subs, hot dogs, drinks and deviled eggs.  As you can see these 3 grand kids waited patiently for the best part of the night, cake!