October 31, 2010

tarheel tailgate

Jackson made his way to a tarheel tailgate this Saturday. He opted to head home before the game started with his grandma to show her his new tricks. If his Halloween costume doesn't fit he can always be the cutest football player around!
Me, my mom, aunt Sarah & dad (he stays eating jmike's subs!)

My uncle Clint got me this sweet jersey!

October 29, 2010

blue eyes

Jackson still has those big baby blue eyes that he is so expressive with. His hair is falling out as fast as his moms (when does this post-preggo hair shedding stop?) leaving him with a nice little comb-over. I am not sure if he looks more like me or Charlie. I say he looks like Jackson and is way cuter than his parents!

October 24, 2010

5 months!

Jackson celebrated his big 5 months with some rice cereal, church, sweet potatoes, a nice long afternoon nap walk, apples, and lots of milk! His parents, grandparents, aunts & uncle all went to Top of the Hill for drinks and dinner. I say we make this a little tradition, happy 87th month Jackson!!...

October 23, 2010

serious business

With most of UNC's football players back, Jackson is tired of playing around, go heels!

October 21, 2010

Sophie the Giraffe

I got sucked in. All the mommy blogs have been raving about 'Sophie Giraffe.' I googled it and learned this little toy has been around for 46 years! The toy stimulates your babies 5 senses, what more can you ask for (maybe if the giraffe could also wipe hineys...) so I clicked purchase and patiently waited. The giraffe is just like it looks online; small, rubber, pale colors, and a terrible squeak. Jackson loves it!?! He holds it and stares then goes in for a leg, pulls it back, examines again and goes for another leg. It looks like he is eating corn on the cob. The giraffe goes with us everywhere. The only problem, someone else in the house likes the giraffe. Greta has been good about not getting Jackson's toys. The only thing she has gotten so far was the booger bulb and who can resist baby snot. But she wants Sophie Giraffe and she wants her bad. Greta tried to sneak her outside yesterday and I have also found her under the guest bed where Greta has stashed away a few diapers before. It is only a matter of time.

I don't know how I got on your bed or where this giraffe came from...

October 19, 2010


I could eat this boy up! His outfit makes him even more irresistible. He is changing so much every single day. He smiles at anyone he makes eye contact with, then buries his head in my shoulder acting like he is embarrassed. He puts on a very serious face when he gets to babbling. And an even more serious face when he is working on some digesting. His feet and under his arms are ticklish, making changing clothes even fun for mommy now. He is starting to grab for everything and loves his feet, a good cup, books, and rattles putting them straight up to his mouth. I love hanging with him all day, but I admit I love love love when he takes a nice long nap!

October 17, 2010


Jackson went to his first tailgate and football game yesterday. Much to his dad's dismay it was Duke vs. Miami! I grew up going to Duke games. The great thing about Duke football is that it is more like a family carnival. Tons of fair food, kids play areas, you can bring the stroller in and sit wherever you want, you can come and go as you please, you can park next to the main entrance, etc. etc. I doubt there is another ACC team where you are encouraged to bring babies. Basketball is a different story...
my dad is gonna be mad when he sees this...!

October 13, 2010

3 years!

Three years ago today was one of the best in my life, our wedding day. (It is a close second to J-man's birth, the fact that he came out of my stomach is still pretty freaking unbelievable) Charlie is the kind of husband that every woman deserves and the kind of father that every child needs. (don't get me wrong he is quite the pain in the ass sometimes, but he can usually get me to laugh about it later, usually...) We are celebrating with a night get away at The Fearrington House ! Jackson is having a sleep over with his grandparents, hope he doesn't cry when we get back home. :)
Proof to Jackson that his mom hasn't always had greasy hair, a fluffy belly, or boobs for that matter!

October 12, 2010


This boy has got some gas! I am not talking about cute little 'poots.' Nope, full out, stank, loud, walk out of the room farts. I have no idea where he gets it from... He ripped one in church, the old lady down the church pew snorted she was trying so hard to hold her laughter back. The sweet potato puree of deliciousness he grubs is not so sweet when it comes out.
whoops, excuse me!

October 11, 2010


Greta's 3rd birthday was yesterday! (we had a big party with all of our family over for lunch...) The one thing we did a good job on in training Greta is not feeding her people food. She never begs or bothers us at dinner. So once a year for her birthday we give her some pot roast. I might enjoy watching her eat it just as much as she loves it. That bowl is licked clean. Jackson has just started watching Greta, and gets a good laugh out of her. I think his first words might be 'no greta, don't lick,'

October 10, 2010


Jackson was Baptized this morning at our church, The Church of the Good Shepherd. It was a very special time spent with our loving families. God has blessed my little family tremendously.
  • Children are a gift from the Lord, a child is a reward from Him. -- Psalm 127:3
  • Let the little children come unto Me, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. --Luke 18:16
  • I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted what I asked of Him. --1 Samuel 1:27
  • Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart. --Jeremiah 1:5
  • Every good and perfect gift is from above. --James 1:17
  • May the Lord give His angel charge over you, to guide you in all your ways. --Psalm 91:11

October 8, 2010


Jackson is a rolling fool these days. Every time we lay him down he puts is thumb in his mouth and rolls over. This puts a little damper in our routine. He used to lay on the couch and babble while I ate breakfast, cleaned up, checked email, etc. - no more couch time for him. Yes my friends, he rolled off hard onto the floor under MY watch! (if his dad had been watching him it would have been one thing, but me?!) It hurts me just to type it. I screamed for Charlie and pulled off all his clothes to see if he had any weird marks, I have no idea if this is what you are supposed to do. Jackson just cried for a few minutes and went fast to sleep. I on the other hand stayed up all night walking back and forth to his crib. He will never remember so maybe I should delete this post so he will never know! Guilty conscience I guess. He is rolling over in his bed too, which wakes him up in the middle of the night, which makes him think he needs to eat. Please do not let this be a trend.
My new fall pj's, this pumpkin hat has to go...

October 6, 2010

Aunt Sarah & Uncle Kyle

Winslow, Farris, Fowler Family @ rearsal dinner...
Finally, some food for me...
My mom, aunts, and grandma (what should I call her?)
oh lala...
The reception was at my grandparents house...
Ed Mitchell cooked up some delicious bbq...
beautiful bride, Aunt Sarah...

October 5, 2010


My sister's wedding weekend was perfect in every way imaginable. I am working on uploading some pictures. Until then here is one from Jackson warning his new uncle Kyle right before the ceremony...