October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Lots of parties and parades and happenings all weekend long when Halloween is on a Monday!  Not to worry, these super heroes have been keeping everyone safe out there.  More tricks and sweet treats to come.  Happy Halloween!

October 26, 2016


Spooky Sightings in our neighborhood the week before Halloween.  And my kids are scared of anything remotely spooky, so by spooky I mean, not spooky at all.

We have been BOO'D!  Twice, which the boys were worried about, because we have a sign on our door but someone Boo'd us anyways!  Things are getting crazy around here I tell you!

A real live Narwhal!  We need some haircuts like whoa!  And yes Jackson is still a hair twirler.  

DATS YUCKY FISH MOMMY!  On Monday's Theo and I hang out, sometimes we put on clothes, but sometimes we don't.  He likes to do everything his brothers would be doing.  This Monday we 'fished' for pine straw.

My worker Nash.  The only one who liked my idea of painting our pumpkins before carving them.  We so crafty!

October 24, 2016


Jackson had his last fall machine-pitch baseball game this weekend.  They did not win (not many W's at all) but they all got sooo much better.  They had a really great coach I might add.  I don't know that Jackson has ever been on a team that didn't consistently win.  I wasn't really sure how he would react, but I should have known, he didn't care one bit.  Nash, on the other hand does, and likes to always ask the score.  I heard Jackson tell him, 'it's not just about winning, it's about having fun, even though it is more fun when you win of course.'  :)

Coach Charlie was unable to make the last game (dudes trip in an RV to the UNC vs. UVA football game) so we celebrated last week with some subs and treats after the game.  It was a really sweet group of boys.

 It is hard for Jackson to pay attention when in the field (like most 6 year olds) but he is all in when playing catcher.  

The 2 pitchers!

And he is off. Boy is not fast, we gotta work on that.

Dug out time.  Also a favorite time at the age of 6.

Coach Will, calling out the line-up.  My dad is still just living the dream whenever he can make it to a game.  

October 22, 2016

Pumpkin Patching

This year Jackson and all of the 1st graders took a field trip to the Phillips Farm Pumpkin Patch.  They only let school field trips come during the week, so it was just Creekside students there.  This place was a perfect spot for running around activities, a hay ride, a cow-coaster, and (the smallest wimpiest ever - his words, not mine) pumpkin!  I loved spending the day with this guy and meeting some of his classmates.  
Tres Amigos.  Cal, Jackson and Winston.  

  That is a me face if I have ever seen one, kinda scary.

Ms. Poston's 1st graders!

Friday, was a pre-school teacher work day, so we decided to hit up the Ganyard Pumpkin patch with some friends.  We have been here before and it is always a hit... the corn box!
Growing boys.

A ginormous sandbox filled with corn.  It does feel pretty amazing.  And not kidding, I still find corn from last year in our laundry.

Worker Nash.  Boy does love his milk!

A tractor!  Doesn't get much cooler than that.

October 21, 2016

We Fancy!

The bros.  I can't get enough of these insanely loud, energetic, dirty dudes.  Although, they are the cutest when they sleep.  If you don't think kids are the cutest when they are sleeping, well, I think you are a liar.  

October 19, 2016

some picture updates

The busier we get, the fewer blog post, which kind of stinks because I have lots I would like to look back on fondly and a few moments I would like to look back on and be glad they are over.  :)  We had a lot of fun with our California cousins in town, they left early this morning and we are already counting down until the next visit.  A few pictures from our weekending fun.

TGIF?!...Hannah wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese when she was in North Carolina.  I mean, NC is pretty much know for chuck e. cheese, right...

Saturday baseball game time.  We have had some extra cheerleaders pulling for the Fireballs and Orioles.

Sunday Charlie and I hit the road to Charlotte for a high school friends wedding.  The ceremony was beautiful, the food delicious and even did a little dancing.  I was not looking forward to the drive back (DD) but much to my bellies amazement, krispy kreme donuts were the favor.  I can eat way too many of these on a late night drive home.  Atleast, I wasn't falling asleep. 

Some big boy reading to cousin Nate.


One last cousin picture attempt.  It was way too late to think this would work.  Next time!

October 14, 2016

Main Squeeze

Yesterday I celebrated the best 9 years with my main squeeze.  We dropped EVERYONE off at school and had a little brunch date.  The rest of the day was Jersey Mike's and picking up chillins and an early dinner of Beefaroni and a riveting game of SDLL baseball.  I can't say it was the fanciest thing we have ever done but it is life.  And life is good good good.

Just a few short years ago.  I no longer stay out this late nor can i be swung around the dance floor that easily.  Charlie on the other hand does stay up late AND is way more fit.  Guys are punks.

October 12, 2016


My first baby girl was 9 years old on Monday!  She got to go on a super long walk and play (lay) in the field while watching her bros play football.  She had an extra special dinner, candle and all.  These guys will not let a birthday go by around here.  She mostly drives me crazy but every now and then I can't find her or she doesn't pop up to greet me at the door and I have a minor panic attack.  She is the sweetest lickingest lady you have ever met.

October 9, 2016

Cousins are here!

California cousins are here and they know how to party!  Hannah, Nate, Sarah and Kyle arrived this weekend just in time to celebrate Mr. Nate turning 2!  Sarah & Kyle headed to a wedding this weekend and we got to hang with cousins.  Next week they are gallivanting to Paris (ok, I am not jealous, at all, but they deserve it) and we get even more cousin time.  Bring it on! 

Happy Birthday sweet Nate!  Let's Blaze!

Farris, Fowler, Winslow Cousins!

And, adding another one in February.  Fowler baby BOY!  Hannah cried... we are gonna need to set up some girl time.

Saturday Hurricane Matthew hit the NC coast.  It did not stop these guys from heading to a rainy rainy football game.  Go big or go home.  Theo and I went home.  

Sunday best with Tat-Tat!


October 5, 2016


You read that right, butt-crack.  Theo's new favorite word.  Overheard at breakfast last week-
Theo - 'BUT! CRACK!'
Nash - 'HAHAHAHAHA, that's so funny.  You are funny Theo!'
Me - 'Nash.... I don't want to hear that kind of talk.  Theo, that is not a nice thing to say.'  I don't bring it up again, surely they will forget it.  Nope.
Last night in the car Charlie was asking the boys 'questions.'  When he got to Theo 'How old are you Theo?'  'BUTT-CRACK!'  Enter uncontrollable laughter by all and Theo's current favorite work.

Mr. Theo and his buddy, David, in a TRUCK!

October 4, 2016

Fun Run!

Year 2 of the Boosterthon Fun Run at Creekside and Jackson was just as excited as last year.  He dominated his 35 laps (small laps people) and raised some money for school field trips, many thanks to his trusty family supporters.  We are big fans of public school education around here and know that they need all the money they can get.  I also LOVE not having to sale wrapping paper and candy and trinkets and popcorn and and and... Go Eagles!

Busting out of the gate.  They all got t-shirts this year thanks to some stellar sponsors (ahem, Jersey Mike's) and got a mark on the back every time they ran a lap.  I love how much these sweaty rascals love it.  

Game face on.  Also, I think he has on Nash's shorts, whoops.  Who knows how fast he could have been...

Some post run chillaxin with Finn & Cal.  His best buds in his class.  Bless their teacher.