April 5, 2014


On Fridays Nash and I often head over to the new Kidzu Museum while Jackson is at school.  Don't tell him, he would freak.  But it is so much easier to just take one kid somewhere.  Especially if one of those kids is Nash.  If you are around here you should check out the new museum spot, so much bigger and lots of cool kitchen stuff, Nash's favorite. 

Here's some coffee mama.

Snack break!

I workin' mom.

Or you could just skip the museum and go straight to Rose's (which is closing?!) and let them try on all the tar heel hats and gear.  Poor guy's head is too big for a kids hat.  He rocks the adult ones though.  

1 comment:

  1. ummm....Nash looks so old (and handsome!). How did he get so big?!?! definitely feel ya on the easier with one kid move too! Not sure you will be able to pull that for long though ;)