November 4, 2014


We started a 'chore chart' with Jackson this past week.  His chores are really hard things like 'getting dressed,' 'helping Theo with his paci,' 'feed Greta,' etc.  He is loving it and so am I.  If he got 20 stickers he got to pick something fun to do, keeping it simple he said 'go to the park.'  Since we do this every day, I did not argue with him but instead we went to the 'cool' park.  Next up on his list is a football game and then Kanki!  I might sneak him some extra stickers on there for Kanki.  :)

'Dookie, dookie, dookie, dookie, dookie…'
'Jackson, stop saying that right now.'
'I am just trying to get all my dookie talk out before we get to lunch.  Sometimes it is just so hard to remember.'
'Fair enough.'

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