September 25, 2016


Saturday is officially game day around here.  We had a rainy week and my boys were all itching for some baseball action.  We started early with Nash and the Red Fireballs in a close 9-9 match-up...  Jackson and the Orioles did not play until 3, the same time as the Carolina Football game, how could South Durham Little League do that?! :)  So, Nash and I had a date to the football game, a last second WIN for the Tarheels.  We ate hotdogs and asked sooo many questions, I loved every minute of it.  Jackson and dad headed to a nail-biting Orioles game.  They won in the last inning!  We all met back at home and played more football until the sun went down.  Then, we sleep, sort of.

When can I play?!  I wan hit mommy!  Good job Nashy.  Good job Jackson.  Ok, I wan go home.

Jackson's fan club.  Theo and Brooklyn.

Go Tarheels!  'They have 7 refs mom, wow, that is a lot.'  'Hope we get some sacs.' 'It is so hot.' 'Let's go home.'

Heels house!

'Down, Set, Hut, Hut... Nope penalty, I didn't hike it yet.  5 yards.'  

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