September 5, 2016

Labor Day Love!

This weekend was opening weekend in College Football, if your tv isn't constantly on ESPN and you did not know.  Actually, I will take ESPN any day over Paw Patrol so bring it on.  My gracious parents agreed to watch the boys while Charlie and I made a quick trip down to Atlanta for the UNC vs. UGA prime time game.  We thought (for like 3 minutes) about taking the boys and thank goodness we did not.  Traffic was not in our favor on the way down and I am almost 100% sure we would have turned around or just stopped off at Great Wolf Lodge instead.   We powered through and I considered it a 'date' - 7 plus hours of uninterrupted adult conversation and listening to whatever we wanted on the radio.  Friday night, we stayed with the Corona family and got to meet their newest addition, sweet Emery.  Saturday, we headed downtown for some tailgating and a really good game - not great, we lost - but it was good fun.  And it was in the Dome - AC, drinks, food, AC.  Go Heels...

It was a tough day for the Tigers and the Tarheels!

Me and my favorite boy, and we wonder why our kids have such huge heads...
On the way down to ATL we got offered some 50 yard line, club level seats, so that was awesome.  

On Monday our neighbors had a little pizza party and The Farm pool.  Sometimes I let Jackson watch Theo, he is in the first grade!

'I've been coming here every summer my adult life, and every summer there she is oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling... smiling.  I can't take this no more!' -Squints. The Sandlot
Except Nash is cuter.  And I definitely would not put it past him.

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