June 6, 2017

Working for the weekend...

Unless you are a mom.  Weekending ain't easy.  Monday morning at 9:00 am, when 1 kid is in school, 2 others at camp, and it is just us girls left to clean and drink coffee and milk for a few hours, ahhhh.  Life lately -

Kidzu!  Most mornings my main goal is to get Theo tired enough to take a nap.  He could go without one if we did bed time at a decent hour, but we don't.  So he still needs one like whoa.

Friday night Tarheel Baseball.  Glad we went, but they lost, sadly - no more heels baseball.

Reunion time in Wilson!  This is Grandmama's mom's family, I think I said that right.  They replicated a picture taken 30 years ago, pretty impressive showing! Plus, Parkers BBQ in the hot hot sun.

Our first ever dance recital!  Brooklyn did awesome and these 2 sat through (and enjoyed) the first half!

Time is up! 'You sure we want to pick them fools up from camp just yet mom?'

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