June 1, 2017

Princess Winnie

Sunday we were running around, getting ready for church.  Charlie had gotten up at the crack of dawn to head over to the new Jersey Mike's store (which is still rocking-crazy-good busy) so it was just me and the off spring.  Why is it so hard to get ready and be on time for church?! It really brings out the worst in this mama, but worth it and needed when we get there.  Plus, child care.  I was getting Winnie ready in her new fancy dress (girls are so fun) when Theo came over and asked, 'Is Winnie like a princess mom?'  'Yes, yes she is.'  The luckiest little princess with 3 big bros to watch over her.  Sorry girlfriend.
Princess Winnie.

Big bros.  A little selfie before walking into church.  I got in a good laugh when I saw this on my phone.  I think they are getting the hang of it.

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