March 29, 2014

Touch a Truck

I had big plans for Saturday.  Charlie did not have to work and we were gonna be in town.  First we would go cheer daddy on at his basketball game, then go to Touch A Truck at the mall, then have a nice family lunch, then hit up Sam's Club for some twin mattresses (We are about to attempt to share a room with bunk beds which I am sure they will transition right in to with no problems…) and then everyone would be ready for a nice long nap.   But instead life happened.  It rained a lot, basketball was cancelled.  We went to Touch a Truck in the rain because if you tell Jackson you are going to do something you better do it!  He loved it until we had to leave because all Nash wanted to do was sit in the puddles or stay in the car and chew gum.  Everyone cried, I didn't even bring up lunch but we would make it to Sam's and get those mattresses.  We went there, Nash wanted someone to hold him the whole time and Jackson wanted to push the ginormous cart in to things the whole time.  Everyone cried because they were sooooo hungry.  We scarfed down hot dogs and pizza at Sam's Club (yeah, they were both really good) and left because everyone was crying.  I lost my cool and screamed, only to feel really disappointed in myself for acting just like them, so I cried too.  No one napped because no one could stop having freak attacks.  We never got the mattresses.  We shall try again tomorrow.  Some days are just meant for some serious TV time.  

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  1. Def a day for TV. This weather is making every day a TV day!! Can't wait to see bunk beds for bros. that third boy is gonna be jealous!! ;-)