July 3, 2014

little get away

This past Sunday we decided to take a quick trip down to Wilmington.  We stayed at my sister's apartment that was vacant for the night.  Sunday we cooked out at one of my dearest friends house, mad I didn't take a single picture, and it was a delicious time.  The older guys are starting to be able to just play in the backyard without too much fighting so the adults can spend some actual time together!  Monday morning it only took us 3 hours to get packed up for the beach and then we stayed out there for 3 plus hours.  Success! After some naps we met another friend and her little boy at the one and only Chuck E Cheese! Who needs Disney World?

You can't rush cool.

1st beach trip at 6 weeks old.  

License to chill.  

Handsome boys.

I was there too! Posted up by the tent, paci in hand.

Chuck e cheese!!  The pizza is pretty good.

Worn out boys.


  1. Love these..so glad yall had a great time...and yeh for "adult time!!" P.S. you look fabulous!!! let's plan a lake day trip soon!

  2. So much fun!! Worth the three hour packing right? :) I am so impressed you are in a bathing suit 6 weeks after giving birth. And look great!! Nice work mom!!