July 23, 2014

Summer Fun

We love summer around here.  But let's be honest, the days can be longgggg.  This week the boys have had 'camp' from 9-1 and we, I mean they, love it!  Otherwise we fill our day with obstacle courses, sesame street, making things and fighting.  ;)

Tuesday morning movies for $2! Parents are free! Popcorn is $1! We finally made it to one and all enjoyed the movie Rio. 

Double Date night at the Durham Bulls Ballpark for the Triple-A All-Star Game.  'UNC' Clint caught a home run ball.

Hanging out with BEBE PHEO!

Pool time.  This boy loves a good pool break.

Jackson talked Tat-Tat in going down the slide!

Nash talked me in going down the slide!

Coach Nash at T-Ball.  

Coach Daddy and Jackson

My big stud.

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  1. That picture of "Pheo"!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is this movie place....we might give it a try!