September 20, 2014

4 months!

Someone was excited to turn four months old this weekend!  It sure wasn't me.  I would like to squeeze Theo into the Bjorn and carry him around with me forever, except that my back is about to give out.  He loves hanging out with everyone, just sitting on the couch and watching his brothers run around him, hold him and get as close to his face as they possibly can.  He loves 'playing' on his mat and grabbing at rattles.  He naps on the go because he has no other choice and it seems to suit him just fine.  He goes to sleep around 9-10pm and usually gets up around 4-5am to eat and then goes back down.  I hope to knock out that am feeding sometime soon but I keep my expectations low.
How do people have babies that sleep through the night? How? Why? Why not me? Why?
So anyways, I will take what I can get.  He still sleeps in the Nap Nanny in our room.  Every time I put him in his crib he sleeps for approximately 10 minutes and then wakes up, I put him in the Nap Nanny and boom he naps for 2 hours.  Whoops.  He has only had breast milk for four months.  The one thing I am actually good at, milking.  I think I see some solid foods in his near future.  Theo likes to watch us eat and puts anything he can in his mouth.  Happy 4 months sweet boy!

What you say bout me?

Who me? 4 months? Ahh ya kidding me.

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