September 22, 2014


We have been soaking up these last days of 'summer,' getting outside as much as possible.  The days are already starting to get shorter, never a good thing for any mama.   

Jackson still loves t-ball.  Almost as much as his dad.  So much that I signed him up for fall ball with South Durham Little League.  He doesn't even hit it off a tee anymore, intense stuff.

Nash watches patiently… 'You are going to get stuck Nash.'  'No I'm not.'  'Nash please don't try and fit through there your head is too big.'  'No it's not.'  'Nash, you are stuck.'  'No I'm not.'

NC Science Museum train ride, before Nash decided he didn't want to go on it.  We made him go.  Then he didn't want to get off.  Shocker.

Cheese.  Noted - Theo is losing that hair flow fast.

Digging for fossils.  Everyone's favorite part.  We may start searching for 'fossils' in our plant beds this week.  You just never know where a shark tooth might pop up.  :)

I took everyone to the grocery store.  Yes this is an event.  Full of cookies and fruit squeezes and more bribes under my breath.  People look at me, and smile, and offer to help, but they don't know what to do, and neither do I.  So they offer more cookies.  

And it ends with coffee and cake pops for good little boys that stayed in the cart.  I mean, they really needed something sweet.  'I sure do love these black things mom.'  

Theo went to his first 'football' game.  Don't tell his dad, it was a Duke one.  They have football throw bounce houses, hotdogs, Italian icee, etc. etc… What is not to like.  Besides the fireworks, 'they is too loud' says Mr. Only Shouts When He Talks Nash.

Playing some 'hut-hut-hike!'

And rolling over.  I have never been so un-excited for a baby milestone.  

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  1. Love this post and all the pics! Especially Theo's mini-combover!! I am also soaking up all this outside time - looks like yall are having a blast!