August 29, 2016

1st Grade!

Today was the day!  The first day of first grade!  Jackson has a brand new, right out of college, teacher, Mrs. Poston, bless her and what seems to be an awesome class.  He was not nervous in the least bit, like wouldn't even let his dad walk him in the school.  I asked him how it was at pick-up.  'Good, we had corn dog nuggets for lunch, a guy at my table's name is Jackson too, and I played with Cal.  Oh, we worked on some project stuff but I don't think we finished anything.'  I'll take it!

Goober!  School starts at 7:45 this year.  A BIG adjustment for the Farris family.  He was in bed by 9:00 last night... that is a start, right?!

Meanwhile, back at the homefront...  Since we were all up and at it the guys worked in the yard.

And Theo helped me make some dinner.  I figure the kitchen was already a mess, I may as well.  And it was so freaking nice just popping it in the oven tonight!

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