August 5, 2016

Camp Becky!

We had nothing lined up for this week.  Just a week to regroup, clean, catch up on laundry, mow the grass, get some things done around the house... bahhhhh, silly mommy.  When school starts back I can get started on all my 'summer' projects, I had forgotten, 'MOM, MOMMY, HEY MOM, MOM LOOK, LOOK MOM, MOM, MAAAMMMM!' This was just Monday morning at 9am.  We (mommy) had to get up on out the house.  'Camp Becky' came out in full force and we had ourselves a nice exhausting week.  Memories made, maybe?  Some things - words - I hope they forget, yes.  I have no idea how you can love someone sooo freaking much that can drive you sooo crazy!  They are just like me in so many ways, so please, pray for their father.

I do not like the name 'Becky' at all.  But I do like to humor myself, kids will do that to you.

Triple slip-n-slide.  This thing looked way cooler on the box and it is not 3 easy steps, but it is fun!

We met cousins at Three Bear Acres.  This place is amazing.  It was overcast, no one was there, and we stayed until it closed. A mud kitchen, we could have just stayed here the entire time and been fine.

Sling shots!

The slide!  Despite Theo's face, he kept going back for more!

Taking swing break before we headed to the bounce bubble, tree house and slip and slides!

We hit up Kidzu another day.  Good for the little guys, but Jackson has just about grown out of it.  'Theo paint, its dirty, you won do it mommy?'

Maple View Ice Cream is set up right outside the museum.  Good marketing.  We will never just walk by here.  I mean Camp Becky needs fuel.

We hit up a Carolina Mudcats game one night.  You want to know the real reason... a pokemon even was going on.  SMH ya'll, SMDH.

A friend texted one morning... it is sooo nice outside  (85 vs. 105) ya'll want to come over for bike ride, yes we do.  They have the coolest backyard ever and she has 4 boys.  We are ultimately on the same mission, get them tired.

They don't nap, so I try and think of something for them to do that keeps them quiet so Theo can snooze and I can think for a second.  Our friends sent us home with Perler beads, they were a solid 30 minute activity.  You know I already looked them up on Amazon.  


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  1. You are a saint! We need to get our fools together to wear them out!!! Why haven't we this summer?!?