August 8, 2016


This weekend was full of celebrations!  First off, Grandmama and Grand-daddy have been married for 40 years!  They must have gotten married at the ripe age of 10.  ;)  We went to Soco Farms for dinner at the Chef's table on Friday night to celebrate.  If you are up for a little drive and some farm to table goodness then this place is a must!  To continue the celebration on Saturday night we let them baby-sitt the boys while we celebrated a beautiful friend's wedding.  Lindsey got married in Key West last weekend with her family and we all got to celebrate and swoon over her pictures this weekend.  She is an interior designer so as you can imagine everything was super chic and she was gorgeous.  A weekend full of love!
Adults do dinner!  

Adults do church!  Except we missed most of it.  It wasn't the best behaved morning for the Farris brothers...

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