December 29, 2016

Deck the Halls

After a morning of Santa presents, we loaded up the car and headed to Goldsboro.  All of my grandparents and extended family live there and I have been having Christmas lunch with the Winslow crowd and dinner with the Frederick crowd my entire life.  We only see some of these people once a year, so I really enjoy this time.  

About 1/6th of the crew.  This is my favorite Holiday lunch of the year, lots of casseroles and side dishes and sweets.  I skip out on the turkey.  The boys love the... rolls.  

Mr. Cheese loves having his cousin Brooklyn around to play with and others his own age.  It is rough trying to keep up all the time.

Then we headed over to Papa's house for a few.  We didn't have time for dinner but did get in some good Christmas hugs with everyone.  And football.  Always have time for a quick game.

Papa giving some football tips to Jackson.

And after that, we rolled on to Wilson to see our Farris family.  More presents, a delicious dinner and silly reindeer shenanigans.    

And this.  Maybe my favorite picture ever.  Charlie, age 4.  If there was ever any doubt about who is Nash's dad.  Cutiesssss.

And then we gave it a day and waited for our California cousins to arrive!  MAS CHRISTMAS!  
All the cousins piled in at Tat and Will's house for some presents and supper and serious playing.  I am tired, apparently they are not.  

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