December 13, 2016

'Sick' Days

The Holidays alway seem to bring on the coughs and runny noses and fevers and dare I say it... upset stomach.  Last week Nash had a 'sick' day and today it is Theo's turn.  Both were from a nasty all night cough fest and prayers up, that is all.  They seem to happen on a morning when they should all be in school and I have been waiting for a little mom time to get things done.  Instead we snuggle and I drink a lot of coffee and make a to-do list for when they nap.  But they don't nap, and I may have been played for a fool, so I embrace the extra snuggles and catch up on Dinosaur Train.  We rarely sit still and in these moments I sometimes feel a little baby girl grooving in my belly.  It is my absolute favorite thing about being pregnant - and maybe the only thing I have enjoyed this time around.   A little reminder that, Lord willing, next year we will have six stockings on that fireplace.  How joyful.  How terrifying.  

1 comment:

  1. SIX STOCKINGS!!!! How amazing! How lucky! How wonderful!!!!! I am so so so happy for your wonderful family!