May 31, 2017

Party Girl

Winnie stays partying.  We had a good friends 40th birthday party at He's Not Here this past weekend and Winnie just insisted on going.  I kid.  But I feel really bad leaving 3 wild boys with a baby-sitter and can't imagine throwing a baby in the mix just yet.  Plus she is a rockstar when hanging outside and the mamas (and dads!) were practically lining up to hold her next.  Works for me.  I wouldn't be surprised if 9 months from now a few more babies were born...
I breastfed my baby in the day light at He's Not.  I did not think of other things that would happen there in a few short hours. 
Hey ma.  This is pretty fun!  (Not again until you are 21 Miss Winnie.)

Photo Op!

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  1. Awwww! She looks so cute and adorable all set and ready to enjoy the party. You have a nice blog which gives insight into how your life is progressing. Do share more pictures from the party.