May 7, 2014


Baseball season is in full force around here.  We like to 'play' it in the backyard.  Jackson's favorite part is taking rests in the dug out and Nash's favorite part is making sure his stance is correct and you are in the correct spot.  Every now and then someone will actually hit the ball and run the bases. We like to watch it on TV.  Thanks MLB network, who knew you could keep my 2 year old occupied for a whole 30 minutes.  And we love to go to  some games!  Our favorite spot is the old Durham Athletic Park.  Aunt Nat's boyfriend plays for the NCCU Eagles and all their home games are there.  They are free, you can bring in food, and run around wherever you would like.  A win-win for all.  Let's go Braves, Tarheels, Eagles, Bulls, Tobs and the Blue team!  Our current favorites.  

Getting 'fast!'

Seriously he doesn't miss a beat. 

Backyard ball at its best. 

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  1. Those pics are great!! Just got really excited there's a third handsome bro on the way!!