May 5, 2014


2 weeks!  Although I am uncomfortable as can be, I will take every single bit of that 2 weeks that I can.      We had a little action yesterday morning and had to call in dad from his super busy opening weekend of Jersey Mike's for some back-up help.  When he got home I passed out for a good hour and then felt a lot better.  I think baby boy was just telling me it is time to slow down and stop eating my weight in food.  Easier said than done.  We celebrated grand-daddy's birthday at Hayes Barton Cafe (hello cakes) on Friday and had a Farris family reunion on Saturday (hello Lebanese food) and visited my parents new house Sunday afternoon (hello French Silk Pie Blizzard).  I got a big ol' pumpkin growing in there!  He has some big brothers to catch up with.  

'Resting' with mom… So comfy. 

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