October 9, 2014


The other night I wrangled all 3 boys for dinner and carried them up for a bath.  Really I carried each one because if you really want them to do something then sometimes you just have to do it yourself.  I decided to let the big guys take a shower while I got Theo washed off and ready for bed.  They promised not to wrestle or jump off the shower seat or throw soap at each other and to only pee down the drain.  Some how in 30 seconds they forgot all of this or as Jackson has learned to say 'oh I didn't even hear you say that mom.'  I hollered in there if you guys do not stop throwing washcloths over the shower door then you will only take baths from here on out.  'OK MOM.'  And then in a quiet little voice, 'Don't worry Nash, she is gonna forget.  Mom can't remember everything like we do.'  Ages 4 and 2.  Am I already getting ganged up on?

Shucking cranberry beans on the front porch.  They did this for a good 30 minutes without fighting.  Victory!

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