October 10, 2014


Theo is ready for something to eat besides breast milk.  Everything I put in my mouth he reaches for and everything he can get his hands on he puts in his mouth.  I remember when the doctor gave me the go ahead for 'solid' foods with Jackson.  I rushed to the store to get my rice cereal, started cooking and pureeing sweet potatoes, got all the soft spoons and pretty bibs out with excited anticipation.  When I got the go ahead for Theo at his 4 month appointment I thought, really? already?  For one thing this is just going by way to fast and for another, I don't have the time to feed him.  The thought of trying to shovel rice cereal down his throat with the help of his 2 older brothers is a little terrifying.  Sorry sweet boy, we are gonna give it a little bit longer.

Brushin' dem teef!

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