October 28, 2014

Nanny Nat!

I know I have mentioned this before, but my sister lives down the street from us.  Yep, we bought a condo and she is renting it from us.  That way if she even thinks of moving we can show her the signed lease where in teeny tiny print it says 'you cannot move until your nephews are 10, 12 &14.'  A deal is a deal.  This past weekend we convinced her to stay over night with all 3 of them while we went to a wedding in Wilmington.  She did it .  And sent me a text at 8:14pm 'everyone is snoozing away.'  This has never happened before in the Farris house hold.  She is a rock star.  I am going to give her a few weeks before I ask her to do it again.  Hopefully she will forget the middle of the night awakenings…

Thanks for taking us to the neighborhood Halloween Carnival!

I'm bringing sexy back!

We dressed up nice and fancy in the church parking lot minutes before the wedding and didn't even take a single picture.  Photo Booth comes through!

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