October 22, 2014


Today Jackson, Nash and I met Will and Tat for our annual NC State Fair trip.  The fried Oreos were as good as ever.  I order some to share with everyone and then when we leave I order my own and do not share one single one.  I hide them from the boys and eat them quietly in the car on the ride home.  There I said it.  I don't regret it.  I am in a food coma but still want more Oreos.

What do ya'll want to do right when we get there?  
Maybe we can get a hot dog? -Nash
Maybe they even have Diet Coke there! -Jackson
I am digging the low expectations.  The Fair, where dreams are made.

Roller Coaster Selfie! Jackson loved every single bit of every single ride and was a little ticked off when he wasn't tall enough to ride certain things.  He also made sure we were buckled in tight! ;)

Spooky ride with Tat-Tat.

Finally beat Will on the slides!

Sitting front and center on the roller coaster by himself!
Whoa! I might not do that again. -Jackson

And then there was Nash.  He wanted to ride the rides but then he didn't want to ride them.  He wanted to see the games but then he didn't want to hear them.  He did appreciate his fried oreo and hotdog.  

Down the fun house slide with mom! Thanks for the encouragement Jackson!


  1. LOVE this post! The action pics are priceless!!! Glad yall had fun - we hope to go this weekend!!

  2. Nash reminds me a lot of T last year balling crying on the motorcycle ride! Love it!