June 15, 2016


We went to Atlantic Beach for a few days with the entire Farris family for some fun in the sun.  Our days consisted of the beach, Monopoly, lots of food and drinks and a few naps.  We had to cut it a little short because.... it is my baby sister's wedding week!

The Asma, Carinci, Farris Families!  That is a lot of chillins'!

Beach Bums.

The oldest, wisest, loudest cousins!

Beach life is hard ya'll.  

Monopoly!  After 3 days, I am not kidding, Jackson won.  Charlie has the patience of a saint and the desire to WIN when it comes to playing some games, as does his oldest son.

Boggy Gamers.

We headed to Morehead City for dinner and ICE CREAM one evening.

Like I said, beach life is hard ya'll.

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