June 26, 2016

When dad is away...

Mom goes cray!  I do not know how single parents do it or those whose spouses travel for work or those with more than one kid (me included) without going absolutely bonkers.  It is constant.  Constant talking and fighting and playing and snacking and always so loud.  We made it and had a good time and I didn't have to go to the ER.  Welcome home daddy, here are your chillins...

Lots of pool time.  Jackson is pretty good at swimming.  Nash knows his limits and Theo likes to JUMP, over and over and over.  We have sweet neighborhood friends that I send out a mass text to and they meet us at the pool and help out.  We were contemplating joining a bigger community pool behind our house, but I think we have one more year at our small neighborhood pool.  It is so easy to load up the wagon and walk right over.  

Nash.  He is his father's child.  

Fishing.  I hear this is supposed to be relaxing.  Fishing with 3 small boys and fishing hooks is not relaxing.

I had to put up the fishing poles.  I was tired of getting hooked and untangling lines and pulling fishing poles out of the water.  We pulled out the nets and caught tadpoles instead.  A much more friendly mom 'past time.'

Ice cream! I told them if they were good we could get ice cream.  They were not.  But I really wanted ice cream.  So I pretended they were.  That ice cream was good. 

Saturday morning at Kidzu!  I was afraid they would be busy and the place is kind of small but they were not at all.  All 3 can kind of roam around on their own and check things out.  

It was 'local artist' day and this guy was going screen prints!  Look out for 'my 3 sons' in your local paper.  Whoop whoop!  I said of course she could take pictures of them, me, not so much.  ;)  Jackson and Nash made some really cool prints and are planning to color them and hang up in their 'clubhouse' they want to build...?!

This guy should be able to help them out!

Grocery store donuts!!!  They couldn't eat the donuts in the store, so they waited till we got all the way to the parking lot!  Oh man I love these crazy dudes.  

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