June 30, 2016

$1 movies!

Jackson has been at baseball camp this week so it was a perfect time for us to go to a movie.  Jackson does not like watching movies?!??  At some point in his life he watched the slightest scary G rated kids movie and now he refuses to watch them.  Any sort of scary music and he is over it.  On Wednesday mornings they have $1 movies at the fancy Silverspot Cinema.  We were late getting tickets so we had front row seats which I wasn't too excited about.  But, they are awesome.  Big lounge chairs to spread out in and room in front of us for Theo to walk around.  We saw Horton Hears A Who, and everyone really liked it.  Bonus, kids popcorn and drink is $2!

We went with friends, one of which has 4 boys, bless her!

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