June 6, 2016


We had us a nice and steamy weekend over here.  Highlights included pizza and pool, a reunion, helping with a move, pizza and pool, and the dreaded garage clean out.

Friday evening pool & pizza time with our neighbors.  And donuts, it was National Donut Day for crying out loud, as if we needed an excuse.

'I wan some mo ice ceamm!'  Some had Parker's BBQ, others went straight for the dessert.  No idea where they get it from.

Sweet Elaine who puts the reunion together always has toys for the kids to take when they leave.  Mine picked recorders.  They have already gone missing?!

Some super studs helping Aunt Nat and very soon to be Uncle Zack moves some stuff!

Sundays at the pool.  He had a big morning of baseball, church, lunch and then pool.  I was hoping he would crash out there but no such luck. 'i re-waxin.'

Yardsale.  Nope this was all in our garage, and most of it went right back in...  So much stufffff

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