October 22, 2016

Pumpkin Patching

This year Jackson and all of the 1st graders took a field trip to the Phillips Farm Pumpkin Patch.  They only let school field trips come during the week, so it was just Creekside students there.  This place was a perfect spot for running around activities, a hay ride, a cow-coaster, and (the smallest wimpiest ever - his words, not mine) pumpkin!  I loved spending the day with this guy and meeting some of his classmates.  
Tres Amigos.  Cal, Jackson and Winston.  

  That is a me face if I have ever seen one, kinda scary.

Ms. Poston's 1st graders!

Friday, was a pre-school teacher work day, so we decided to hit up the Ganyard Pumpkin patch with some friends.  We have been here before and it is always a hit... the corn box!
Growing boys.

A ginormous sandbox filled with corn.  It does feel pretty amazing.  And not kidding, I still find corn from last year in our laundry.

Worker Nash.  Boy does love his milk!

A tractor!  Doesn't get much cooler than that.

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