October 24, 2016


Jackson had his last fall machine-pitch baseball game this weekend.  They did not win (not many W's at all) but they all got sooo much better.  They had a really great coach I might add.  I don't know that Jackson has ever been on a team that didn't consistently win.  I wasn't really sure how he would react, but I should have known, he didn't care one bit.  Nash, on the other hand does, and likes to always ask the score.  I heard Jackson tell him, 'it's not just about winning, it's about having fun, even though it is more fun when you win of course.'  :)

Coach Charlie was unable to make the last game (dudes trip in an RV to the UNC vs. UVA football game) so we celebrated last week with some subs and treats after the game.  It was a really sweet group of boys.

 It is hard for Jackson to pay attention when in the field (like most 6 year olds) but he is all in when playing catcher.  

The 2 pitchers!

And he is off. Boy is not fast, we gotta work on that.

Dug out time.  Also a favorite time at the age of 6.

Coach Will, calling out the line-up.  My dad is still just living the dream whenever he can make it to a game.  

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