October 26, 2016


Spooky Sightings in our neighborhood the week before Halloween.  And my kids are scared of anything remotely spooky, so by spooky I mean, not spooky at all.

We have been BOO'D!  Twice, which the boys were worried about, because we have a sign on our door but someone Boo'd us anyways!  Things are getting crazy around here I tell you!

A real live Narwhal!  We need some haircuts like whoa!  And yes Jackson is still a hair twirler.  

DATS YUCKY FISH MOMMY!  On Monday's Theo and I hang out, sometimes we put on clothes, but sometimes we don't.  He likes to do everything his brothers would be doing.  This Monday we 'fished' for pine straw.

My worker Nash.  The only one who liked my idea of painting our pumpkins before carving them.  We so crafty!

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